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Name: Dr William Hill Neel

Birth: 24 Jul 1836 Gallatin, Sumner, Tennessee, United States

Death: 31 Oct 1915 Mayfield, Sumner, Kansas, USA

Father: James Neel

Mother: Nancy A Neel

Name: Thomas Stephen Drew Neel

Birth: Dec 1833 Clark, Arkansas, USA

Death: 26 Apr 1917 Vernon, Wilbarger, Texas, USA

Father: John Thomas Neel

Mother: Luoma McDonald

Name: James Neel

Birth: 1751 Slate Ridge, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 28 Apr 1801 West Mifflin, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: JOHN Owen MacNeill

Mother: Dorcas Michael Mitchell

Name: Asberry S Neel

Birth: 18 Oct 1822 Ohio

Death: 20 Mar 1899 Birmingham, Guernsey, Ohio, United States

Father: William Neel

Mother: Mary Ann Sheridan

Name: Jay Edgar Neel

Birth: 3 DEC 1908 Flint, Delaware Co., Ok

Death: 30 Nov 1974 Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Father: Benjamin Calvin "Callie" NEEL

Mother: Willora Cleora Josephine Bee

Name: Dr. Albert Edward "Bert" Neel

Birth: 5 Jun 1868 Belleville, Republic, Kansas

Death: 15 Aug 1956 Bloomington, Fontana, San Bernardino, California, USA

Father: Edmond Thomas Neel

Mother: Nannie Neal

Name: William Neel

Birth: 9 apr 1776 Antrin, North Belfast, Northern, Ireland

Death: 4 APR 1842 Birmingham, Guernsey, OHIO, USA

Father: John O'Neale

Mother: Margaret THOMPSON

Name: John Jefferson Neel

Birth: 19 Sept 1843 Shelby, Missouri, USA

Death: 23 May 1919 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Father: John J Neel

Mother: Jerusha C. Hewitt

Name: Letha May Neel

Birth: 6 September 1891 Glady Creek, Marion Co, WV

Death: 9 December 1961 Linn Cemetery, Fairmont WV

Father: George Neel

Mother: Mary Jane Henderson

Name: Flora Viola Neel

Birth: 10 Oct 1890 Cisco, Eastland, Texas, USA

Death: 12 Feb 1984 Nyssa, Malheur, Oregon, USA

Father: James (Jim) Henry Neel

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Redfield

Name: William H. Neel

Birth: 21 April 1841 Georgia, USA

Death: 27 Nov 1904 Apalachicola, Franklin, Florida, USA

Father: William Mitchell Cox Neel

Mother: Martha Tomlin

Name: Alpha Rosetta Neel

Birth: 18 FEB 1920 Melbourne, AR (Izard Co

Death: 16 JAN 2006 Owasso, OK (Tulsa Co

Father: Jessie Leonard Neel

Mother: Vina Corabell Vannatter

Name: Samuel Stewart "Sam" Neel

Birth: 14 November 1896 Iredell County, USA

Death: 30 August 1944 Mooresville, Iredell County, USA

Father: William McCorkle "Will" Neel

Mother: Martha Lee Ola "Mattie" Johnston

Name: Thomas Wesley Neel

Birth: 23 Jan 1879 Bentley, Calhoun, Mississippi

Death: 5 Dec 1970 Marshall, Searcy, Arkansas, USA

Father: William Francis Neel

Mother: Mary Matilda Hodges

Name: Daniel Calhoun Neel

Birth: 11 Dec 1833 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States

Death: 23 Aug 1909 Anderson, Texas, USA

Father: Jesse Calhoun Neel

Mother: Amelia "Louisa" Lavenia Snider

Name: Thomas Franklin Neel

Birth: 27 January 1888 Mountain Grove, Wright County, Missouri, USA

Death: 19 DEC 1968 Redlands, California

Father: Thomas Edward Neel

Mother: Huldah Melissa Haney

Name: Benjamin Calvin "Callie" NEEL

Birth: 31 Mar 1889 Mountain View, Howell, Missouri, USA

Death: 16 Jul 1976 Tahlequah, Cherokee County, Oklahoma

Father: Charles Alexander Neel

Mother: Minerva Caroline Haney

Name: Charles Elsworth Neel

Birth: 7 JUN 1856 Macomb, McDonough, IL

Death: 6 May 1932 Hutchinson, Reno, Knss

Father: Tipton Smith Neel

Mother: Margaret L. Knowland (Noland)

Name: Ambrose Henry Sevier Neel

Birth: 1834 Caddo Township, Clark, Arkansas, United States

Death: 28 November 1864 Military Hospital, Wimberly, Hays, Texas, USA

Father: John Thomas Neel

Mother: Laomi "Oma" McDonald

Name: John Neel

Birth: 17 Sep 1810 Madison, Kentucky, United States

Death: 2 Jan 1894 Peoa, Summit, Utah, United States

Father: John Neel

Mother: Clarissa Rebecca Guess


Birth: 29 June 1825 Taylor County, West Virginia, USA

Death: 28 Dec 1893 Eugene, Vermillion, Indiana, United States

Father: Stephen C Neel

Mother: Sarah " Sally" Lake

Name: William Borland Neel

Birth: 4 Jan 1826 Mt, Pleasant, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 25 APR 1913 Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County, PA

Father: Samuel Neel

Mother: Rachel Moore Borland

Name: Martha Lucille Neel

Birth: 2 Jan 1869 Cove Creek, Tazewell County, Virginia, USA

Death: 31 Mar 1930 Cove Creek, Tazewell, Virginia

Father: Thomas Jefferson Neel


Name: William Lee Neel

Birth: 01 Feb 1901 Ringold, Montague, Texas, USA

Death: 28 June 1967 Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma, USA

Father: James Anderson Neel

Mother: Nancy Belle Snawder

Name: (Col.) Thomas Neel

Birth: 1730 Cape Fear, Chatham, North Carolina, United States

Death: 20 Jun 1779 Stono Ferry, South Carolina, United States

Father: Thomas Neel

Mother: Susannah Sarah Spratt

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