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Name: David Rae Newall

Birth: 7 Jun 1789 Dumfries, Scotland, Dumfries & Galloway

Death: 8 Dec 1874 Hillside, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Father: David Newall

Mother: Margaret Rae

Name: Phillip Newall

Birth: 14 Aug 1833 Isle of Corfu, Ionian Island, Greece

Death: 04/02/1922 13 Service St., Glebe, Tasmania

Father: Thomas Newall

Mother: Ann Malone

Name: Maud Mary Newall

Birth: Between:1901/00/00/1905/00/00 Rockdale, Sydney, NSW

Death: 1976/10/03 Botany, NSW, Australia

Father: James Edward Newall

Mother: Jessie Mary Clinton

Name: Albert Newall

Birth: 6th May 1872 Winsford, Cheshire, England

Death: Jun 1954 Northwich, Cheshire, England

Father: John Newall

Mother: Sarah Ellen Hulse

Name: Samuel Donald Albany Newall

Birth: 07 May 1890 Stornway, Ross-shire, Scotland

Death: 20 Jul 1967 Hamanavay, Uig, Lewis, Scotland

Father: Samuel Albany Newall

Mother: Jessie Flora MacKay

Name: Ruth Newall

Birth: 17 March 1911 Blyth, Northumberland, England

Death: 24 January 1996 Blyth, Northumberland, England

Father: James Newall

Mother: Mary Wallace

Name: Mary Rose 'Minnie' Newall

Birth: 30 Nov 1858 East Indies, Mhow, British subject

Death: 11 July 1882 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Father: William Edward Newall

Mother: Mary Watson

Name: Robert Charles Newall

Birth: 15 Jun 1942 Marnoo, Victoria, Australia

Death: 18 JAN 1986 Werribee, Victoria, Australia

Father: James Newall

Mother: Maud Evelyn Squire

Name: Homer Adrian Newall

Birth: 6 Oct. 1904 Algoma, Ontario, Canada

Death: May 21, 1962 Alton, Ontario, Canada

Father: Adna Goldwin Newall

Mother: Ethel Nellie May Porden

Name: Adna Goldwin Newall

Birth: Aug. 9 1886 York, Ontario, Canada

Death: 25 April 1950 Brampton, Peel, Ontario, Canada

Father: Robert Newall

Mother: Margaret Watson

Name: Michael Newall

Birth: 1842 Ireland

Death: 31 Jul 1917 Manhattan, New York, New York

Father: Andrew Newall

Mother: Mary Phillips

Name: Kenneth William Newall

Birth: 9 May 1931 Richland, Pulaski, Missouri, USA

Death: 12 Aug 1996 Columbia, Boone, Missouri, USA

Father: James Arthur Newell

Mother: Claudine Henson

Name: Robert Stirling Newall

Birth: 1812 Dundee, Scotland

Death: 21 Apr 1889 Durham, England

Father: Walter Newall

Mother: Janet (Jessie) HAIR

Name: Catharine Yelverton Newall

Birth: 7 November 1860 Liverpool Lancashire

Death: 1909 Liverpool Lancashire

Father: Robert Homer Newall

Mother: Ann Eliza Colgan

Name: Helen Ruth Newall

Birth: 1 Aug 1916 Upper Tyrone, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 26 Feb 1992 Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Charles Edward Newell

Mother: Blanche Elizabeth Hennessey

Name: Elizabeth Newall

Birth: 6 Jan 1883 Baildon, Yorkshire, England

Death: 1972 Baildon, Yorkshire, , England

Father: Albert Newall

Mother: Maria Blazey ADCOCK

Name: Ann Newall

Birth: 21 April 1820 London, Middlesex, England

Death: 19 Aug, 1907 Troubridge Point, South Australia, Australia

Father: Alexander Newell

Mother: Sarah Reed

Name: Charlotte Newall

Birth: 24 Jan 1869 Beaufort, Victoria, Australia

Death: 01 Sep 1958 Rupanyup, Victoria, Australia

Father: Charles Newall

Mother: Catherine Patience

Name: Elsie Newall

Birth: 1900 Manchester, Lancashire, England

Death: 26 Jun 1968 Basford, Nottinghamshire, England

Father: Richard Newall

Mother: Jane Neville

Name: Lillian May "Lillie" Newall

Birth: 17 May 1875 St Cloud, Minnesota

Death: 13 Nov 1947 Los Angeles California USA

Father: Robert Newall

Mother: Isabella Wilson

Name: Rebecca Newall

Birth: 25th December 1843 Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia

Death: 1st June 1884 Franklin, Tasmania, Australia

Father: Thomas Newall

Mother: Ann Malone

Name: Arthur Roland Middleton Newall

Birth: April 1879 Windhill, Shipley, West Yorkshire, England

Death: 11/08/1953 Windhill, Shipley, West Yorkshire, England

Father: Albert Newall

Mother: Martha Middleton Proctor

Name: William Edward Newall

Birth: 21 Jul 1834 The Friars, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales

Death: 31 July 1870 Crofton, All Saints, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England

Father: David Rae Newall

Mother: Mary W Prothero

Name: James Newall

Birth: 29/7/1905 Stawell Victoria

Death: 22 Feb 1997 Rupanyup, Victoria, Australia

Father: Thomas Henry Newall

Mother: Edith May Badcock

Name: Archibald Park Newall

Birth: 29 SEP 1880 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Death: 18 FEB 1950 Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland

Father: Thomas Newall

Mother: Martha Gilmour

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