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Name: Hattie F Newhall

Birth: 21 Feb 1904 Maine

Death: 6 Oct 1996 North Berwick, York, Maine, USA

Father: George P. Newhall

Mother: Myra Smith

Name: Benjamin Newhall

Birth: Nov 1859 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: Abt 1938 Colfax, Cal.

Father: Franklin Newhall

Mother: Emma L Whiting

Name: Addison Serella Newhall

Birth: 21 August 1862 New York, United States of America

Death: 12 December 1934 Grand Traverse County, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Robert S Newhall

Mother: Louisa Albertine Bowers

Name: Grace Helen Newhall

Birth: 1 Jun 1917 Somerville Ward 1, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 24 Jun 2005 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Walter Newhall

Mother: Katharine G Donnelly


Birth: 18 Feb 1838 Massachusetts

Death: 21 Nov 1895 Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Allen Newhall

Mother: Martha Webb Adams

Name: Daniel E. Newhall

Birth: Feb. 1829 Massachusetts, USA

Death: 30 Nov 1910 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Abner Newhall

Mother: Mary Ann Mead

Name: James Roswell NEWHALL

Birth: 24 September 1849 Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Death: 1932 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York

Father: James R Newhall

Mother: Olive Carey

Name: Hannah B. Newhall

Birth: 20 March 1845 Maine

Death: 18 May 1913 Maine, United States

Father: George W Bennett

Mother: Margaret Moody

Name: Joann Newhall

Birth: abt 1808 New Hampshire, USA

Death: 30 November 1884 Lyme Center, Grafton, New Hampshire, United States

Father: Joseph Newhall

Mother: Wealthy Strong

Name: Charles A NEWHALL

Birth: abt 1817 Saugus

Death: 25 Nov 1906 Lynn, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Jonathan A Newhall

Mother: Hannah E Oakman

Name: Lillian A Newhall

Birth: 8 Jun 1866 Kirby, Caledonia County, Vermont, United States of America

Death: 29 Jan 1925 Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, California, United States of America

Father: George Washington Newhall

Mother: Alice Cobleigh

Name: Sally Ann Newhall

Birth: 27 May 1923 Belmont, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 15 February 1991 Alton, Belknap, New Hampshire, USA

Father: Arthur Brock Newhall

Mother: Charlotte Alice Daniels

Name: Angeline L. Newhall

Birth: 11 JUL 1879 E. Derry,N.H.

Death: 8 Dec 1967 South Hampton, Wenham, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Frank Everell Newhall

Mother: Emily C Oliver

Name: Atinerisa V Newhall

Birth: 19 May 1865 Michigan, United States

Death: 18 Apr 1953 Napa, Napa, California, United States

Father: John W Newhall

Mother: Mary A Newhall

Name: Ellen Newhall

Birth: about 1847 Maine

Death: 10 Jan 1910 Newport, Orleans, Vermont, USA

Father: James Newhall

Mother: Rebecca Witherly -Newhall

Name: Mary Elizabeth Newhall

Birth: 23 Sep 1935 Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA

Death: n/a n/a

Father: Franklin Leslie Newhall

Mother: Inez Grace Roberts

Name: Emmer Elizabeth Newhall

Birth: 25 Mar 1845 Ohio

Death: 3 Jan 1923 Mifflin Twp, Franklin, Ohio

Father: John William Boyd

Mother: Sarah A Bookhout

Name: Rebecca Newhall

Birth: Jun 1882 Pennsylvania

Death: 22 Jun 1925 Lower Merion, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Allerton Newhall

Mother: Phoebe Barron Willing

Name: Charles Newhall

Birth: 1875 Pennsylvania

Death: 11 Mar 1942 Bethlehem, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Eddy Newhall

Mother: Isabella J Walter

Name: Stanley Newhall

Birth: abt 1893 Kentucky

Death: 9 Aug 1960 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

Father: William Harvey Newhall

Mother: Mary Ellen Harvey

Name: Sarah F Newhall

Birth: 26 Nov 1860 Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 21 July 1913 Lynn, Massachusetts, USA

Father: John Warren Newhall

Mother: Mary Skelton

Name: John A Newhall

Birth: 8 Feb 1913 Massachusetts

Death: 6 Jun 2002 Saugus, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Father: Arthur Aflex Newhall

Mother: Annie Katherine Oberlander

Name: Marjorie Mand Newhall

Birth: 19 May 1911 Philadelphia, PA

Death: 22 Jul 2009 Waverly Heights, Gladwyne, PA

Father: Cushman Newhall

Mother: Ellen Hollingshead Smith

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