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Name: Paul Arthur Newland

Birth: 7 Feb 1926 Washington Depot, Indiana

Death: 3 Nov 2004 Washington, Daviess, Indiana, USA

Father: Arthur Newland

Mother: Mary Ann Donahue

Name: Johnson Douglas Newland

Birth: October 1856 Abingdon, Berkshire

Death: 17 JUL 1917 57 Gwynne Road, Battersea, London

Father: Arthur Newland

Mother: Margaret 'Jane' Connor

Name: Joseph Wallace NEWLAND

Birth: 24 May 1861 Des Moines, Dallas, Iowa, USA

Death: 07 May 1939 Woodward, Dallas, Iowa, USA

Father: John Newland

Mother: Jane Wallace

Name: Charles Arthur Newland

Birth: 9 Jun 1919 San Bernardi

Death: 6/25/02 Santa Paula, San Buenaventura, CA, USA

Father: Fred Lee Newland

Mother: Lina Lucele Underwood

Name: Zina Newland

Birth: 14 January 1900 Stokes, Logan, Ohio, USA

Death: 22 August 1952 Stokes, Logan, Ohio, USA

Father: Naaman Dawson Newland

Mother: Alice Hurlburt

Name: Katherine Newland

Birth: 24 Aug 1873 PA

Death: 29 Nov 1955 Rural Shaler, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George John Noullet

Mother: Catherine Hoffman

Name: Francis Emmett Newland

Birth: 15 Dec 1876 Yatesville, Yates, New York, USA

Death: 25 FEB 1956 Penn Yan, Yates, New York, USA

Father: Hezekiah Hayes Newland

Mother: Marietta "Mammie" Haight

Name: Harriet Newland

Birth: 20 Dec 1877 Fayette, Indiana, USA

Death: 31 Oct 1954 Los Angeles

Father: Lewis E Newland

Mother: Martha Candice Stewart

Name: Edward John NEWLAND

Birth: 7 Aug 1845 Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England

Death: Jan 1907 Richmond, Surrey, United Kingdom

Father: Henry Newland

Mother: Mary Ann Gearing

Name: Jacob E Newland

Birth: 22 June 1856 Pennsylvania

Death: 9 Sep 1897 Tuppers Plains, Meigs, Ohio, USA

Father: Stephen Samuel Newland

Mother: Elizabeth Parker

Name: Rebecca Newland

Birth: abt 1826 Ohio

Death: 23 JAN 1913 Georgetown, OH

Father: Jacob Newland

Mother: Ruth Stallcup

Name: Maude Susie Newland

Birth: 28 Aug 1898 Lyria, Scioto, Ohio, USA

Death: 22 JUN 1992 Cass City, MI

Father: George Newland

Mother: Fanny Call

Name: Donald E. Newland

Birth: 17 January 1917 Washington Court House, Fayette County, Ohio, USA

Death: September 1995 Carmal, Highland County, Ohio

Father: William Riley Newland

Mother: Lydia Margaret Newlan

Name: Creston Osborn Newland

Birth: 5 Apr 1908 Tuppers Plains, Meigs, Ohio, United States

Death: 21 Jan 1986 Reedsville, Meigs Co, OH

Father: Elmer Elbridge Newland

Mother: Minnie Lee Osborn

Name: Mary (Adaline) Newland

Birth: 18 November 1837 Tennessee

Death: 12 November 1922 Arcadia, Sullivan Co. TN

Father: William H Newland

Mother: Margaret Pecktal

Name: Mary Ann Newland

Birth: Jul 1869 Ware, Hertfordshire, England

Death: 1944 Hitchen, Hertfordshire

Father: James Miller

Mother: Eliza Barker

Name: Jacob Newland

Birth: 20 December 1874 Fayette County, Ohio, United States of America

Death: 17 January 1955 Ohio

Father: Isaac Newland

Mother: Nancy Ann Newland

Name: John Abraham Newland

Birth: 28 Mar 1808 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England

Death: Apr 1884 Hackney, Middlesex

Father: John Newland

Mother: Ann Arnott

Name: N Aleta Newland

Birth: 6 Jun 1893 Colusa, Colusa County, California

Death: 9 Apr 1990 Glenn, California

Father: Alfred Morrow Newland

Mother: Lizzie Read

Name: John J Newland

Birth: 24 Oct 1931 Ohio, USA

Death: 10/31/2007 Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio

Father: John Delbert Newland

Mother: Georgia Brown

Name: John Benton Newland

Birth: 21 August 1821 Concord, Fayette County, Ohio, USA

Death: 4 Apr 1877 Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Nicholas Newland

Mother: Priscilla Margaret Murphy

Name: Emma Margaret Newland

Birth: 25 Feb 1883 Thayer, Neosho, Kansas, USA

Death: AUG 1966 Belgrade, Gallatin, Montana, USA

Father: Charles Edward Newland

Mother: Margaret "May" STEEVES

Name: James Earle Newland

Birth: 21 Jun 1883 Missouri

Death: 23 Aug 1966 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona

Father: George Anthony NEWLAND

Mother: Sarah Ann Bridges

Name: Joseph NEWLAND

Birth: Aug 1854 Texas, USA

Death: 25 Mar 1896 Missouri

Father: William H Newland

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Hamilton

Name: Loyal Harvey Newland

Birth: 16 Nov 1928 Colusa, California

Death: 27 May 1997 La Mirada, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Loyal Harvey Newland

Mother: Eleanor Lucille Wheeler

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