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Name: Hisao Omori

Birth: 09 Mar 1898 Okayama, Japan

Death: 08 Feb 1987 Santa Clara, California

Father: Kotaro Omori

Mother: Fude Ishihara

Name: Francis Sadao OMORI

Birth: 8 March 1927 Honolulu County, Hawaii, USA

Death: 7 July 1979 Waianae, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Father: Tadaki OMORI

Mother: yoshino Shioi

Name: Kame Omori

Birth: 18 Apr 1871 Kari no mura, futaba gun, fukushima ken, Japan

Death: 1965 Konuma, Tochigi, Japan

Father: Kiyomatsu Omori

Mother: Kiku Nakano

Name: Kenneth Hiroshi Omori

Birth: 25 June 1914 Laupahoehoe, Hawaii, USA

Death: 28 Mar 2006 Waimanalo, Hawaii

Father: Shikaturo Omori

Mother: Iwano Yamasaki

Name: Jirohei Omori

Birth: 09 Sep 1867 Okurandi, Akashi, Akashi-G, Hyogo, Japan

Death: 5 February 1939 Akashi-shi, Hyōgo-ken, Japan

Father: Zenpachi Omori

Mother: Nami Kishimoto

Name: Hiroshi (Tom) Omori

Birth: 20 Jul 1930 San Jose, CA

Death: 19 Mar 2015 Colorado, USA

Father: Hisao Omori

Mother: Hisaye Kajihara

Name: Yukiye Taketa Omori

Birth: 2 Feb 1916 Kumamoto, Japan

Death: 18 February 1994 Ogden, Weber County, Utah, USA

Father: Kurahachi Taketa

Mother: Kura Taketa

Name: Ji- Ichi Omori

Birth: 27 Feb 1890 Okurandi, Akashi, Akashi-G, Hyogo, Japan

Death: 11 Aug 1955

Father: Jirohei Omori

Mother: Saki Kishimoto

Name: Shikaturo Omori

Birth: 19 Apr 1875 Japan

Death: 14 May 1951

Father: Yoichi Omori

Mother: Oko Omori

Name: Chisato Ben Omori

Birth: 1 May 1921 Harrah, Washington, USA

Death: 19 Oct 2005 Moses Lake, Grant, Washington

Father: Kanejo or Kanezo Omori

Mother: Koto Omori (nee Uji)

Name: Richard Toshio Omori

Birth: 1 Oct 1919 Papaloa, Hawaii County, Hawaii, USA

Death: 18 Feb 2017 Fairfax County, Virginia, USA

Father: Shikaturo Omori

Mother: Iwano Yamasaki

Name: Sakae Omori

Birth: 01 SEP 1914 Kona, Hawaii

Death: Not Available

Father: Santaro Omori

Mother: Mumeno Kawahara

Name: Masumi Omori

Birth: 25Aug1897 Japan

Death: 10May1982 Oceanside, San Diego, CA, USA

Father: Totaro Onori

Mother: Hunuco Onori

Name: Laura Omori

Birth: 15 Dec 1922 San Bernardino, California

Death: 22 December 2011 Macomb, Michigan, USA

Father: Kakujiro Omori

Mother: Some Arimatsu

Name: Harry Toshio Omori

Birth: 15 OCT 1923 Tacoma,Pierce,Washington

Death: 01 JUL 1983 Hammond, Lake, Indiana, United States

Father: Ji- Ichi Omori

Mother: Ichi Takagi

Name: Isao Omori

Birth: 18 Mar 1904 Japan

Death: 2 May 1998 Vista, San Diego Co., CA

Father: Totaro Onori

Mother: Hunuco Onori

Name: John Takashi Omori

Birth: 14 Dec 1924 El Centre Im, California

Death: 13 Sep 1999 Oceanside, San Diego, California, USA

Father: Juro Omori

Mother: Towa Ogawara

Name: Ichiro Omori

Birth: 21 04 1910 Hawaii County, Hawaii, USA

Death: 9 September 2006 Simi Valley, Ventura, California, USA

Father: Inosuke Omori

Mother: Saki Oshiyama

Name: Haruko Omori

Birth: 27 Dec 1915 Seattle, King, Washington, United States

Death: 19 Apr 2002 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Ji- Ichi Omori

Mother: Ichi Takagi

Name: Ben Omori

Birth: 26 Jan 1921 San Bernardino, California

Death: 26 Feb 1997

Father: Kakujiro Omori

Mother: Some Arimatsu

Name: Delma Leilani OMORI

Birth: 25 December 1945 Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Death: 14 September 2016 Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

Father: Francis Sadao OMORI

Mother: Carrie Kalei KEALOHAPAUOLE

Name: Totaro Omori

Birth: abt 1887 Japan

Death: abt 1934 Seattle, King, Washington

Father: Nakaichi Omori

Mother: Private

Name: Kiku Omori

Birth: 1858 Japan

Death: 1909

Father: Ushizo Omori

Mother: Private

Name: Iyo Yamada Omori

Birth: 8 June 1892 Aichi, Japan

Death: 17 October 1961 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Private

Mother: Private

Name: Masae Omori

Birth: 30 Mar 1887 Fukushima, Japan

Death: 27 Feb 1988 Kula, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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