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Name: Minnie Patterson

Birth: abt 1872 Illinois

Death: 8 Feb 1958 Los Angeles

Father: Wiley Forrest Tincher

Mother: Sarah Anderson

Name: Earl Kenneth Patterson

Birth: 26 Jan 1904 New York

Death: 29 Jul 1975 Fort McCoy, Marion, Florida, United States of America

Father: Isaac Patterson

Mother: Elizabeth (Bessie)L Hansee

Name: Miranda Patterson

Birth: 07 Apr 1800 Brattleboro, Windham Co. Vermont

Death: 17 Dec 1879 Washington, Ohio, United States

Father: WILLIAM Patterson


Name: Perry A Patterson

Birth: 30 Sep 1906 Indian Territory, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 29 May 1999 Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas, USA

Father: Wesley A. Patterson

Mother: Sarah Ann Brock

Name: Martha Patterson

Birth: 29 Jul 1859 Rio Frio, Uvalde, Texas, United States

Death: 12 May 1959 South San Gabriel, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Judge Patterson

Mother: Lucy Ann Dollahite Patterson

Name: Sarah June Patterson

Birth: 14 Oct 1928 Timberidge, Virginia

Death: 28 Jun 2006 Harrisonburg, Harrisonburg City, Virginia

Father: Thomas Henry Patterson

Mother: Lelia Susan Renick

Name: Helene C Patterson

Birth: 16 Apr 1896 Beadle, South Dakota

Death: 19 Nov 1970 Ramsey, Minnesota

Father: Charles Dahl

Mother: Bertha Matter

Name: John D Patterson

Birth: Sep 1842 Pleasants Co., West Virginia

Death: 22 Jul 1919 Parkersburg, Wood Co., West Virginia

Father: Josiah Patterson

Mother: Emeline Gatwood

Name: James A Patterson

Birth: Jan 1864 Missouri

Death: 18 Dec 1933 Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington

Father: James A Patterson

Mother: Mary Ann Matlock

Name: Nancy A. Patterson

Birth: 20 September 1810 Ireland

Death: 10 March 1883 Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina, United States of America

Father: Joseph Patterson

Mother: Sarah Patterson

Name: Cornelius “Neil” Patterson

Birth: 1803 Sevier, Tennessee, United States

Death: 1875 Sevier, Tennessee, United States

Father: Samuel PATTERSON

Mother: Mary Patterson (Denison)

Name: Howell Patterson

Birth: 05 Nov 1889 Toms Creek, Perry, Tennessee, USA

Death: 01 Feb 1957 Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Father: James Washington Patterson

Mother: Margaret Kunkel

Name: Mary Patterson

Birth: 16 Nov 1920 Greenup, Greenup County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 13 Jul 2007 Greenup Co., KY, USA

Father: Robert Patterson

Mother: Sallie Louise Patrick

Name: James William Patterson

Birth: 6 Mar 1880 Forsyth, Georgia, United States

Death: 1951 Dawson County, Georgia, USA

Father: Enoch Hamby Patterson

Mother: Nancy Caroline Jones

Name: Mabel Louise Patterson

Birth: 7 Aug 1914 Linden Perry, Tennessee

Death: 16 Jul 2004 Linden, Perry, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: John Elmer Patterson

Mother: Mamie Jane Cotton

Name: Oscar Wilson Patterson

Birth: 22 July 1912 Surry, North Carolina

Death: 17 Aug 1997 Mount Airy, Surry, North Carolina

Father: Samuel Chambers Patterson, Sheriff

Mother: "Minnie" Riggs

Name: Catherine Patterson

Birth: 15 Feb 1833 Ohio, United States

Death: 10 Jun 1911 Ada, Hardin, Ohio, United States

Father: Samuel Patterson

Mother: Jane Davis

Name: Robert Patterson

Birth: Mar 1851 Maybole, ayrshire

Death: 28 Jan 1920 Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA

Father: Thomas Paterson

Mother: Margaret McLatchie

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