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Name: George Perman

Birth: 19 Jan 1875 Kassel, Ukraine

Death: 31 Jul 1949 Tripp, Hutchinson, South Dakota, United States

Father: Christoph Permann

Mother: Barbara Krein

Name: Sandra Perman

Birth: 18 September 1936 Crawford, Ohio, United States

Death: 18 Nov 2003 Private Residence

Father: Rolla Charles Perman

Mother: Grace Irene Miley

Name: Barbara Catharina Perman

Birth: 12 Oct 1869 Kassel, Glueckstal, South Russia

Death: 4 Aug 1936 Streeter, Stutsman, North Dakota, USA

Father: Georg Heinrich Permann

Mother: Magdalena Mittleider

Name: Charles Henry Perman

Birth: 23 Apr 1857 Johnsville, Morrow, Ohio, USA

Death: 13 Apr 1941 Crestline, Crawford, Ohio, USA

Father: Michael Perman

Mother: Anna Margeret Tisher

Name: Edward Allsop Perman

Birth: 14 May 1871 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, England

Death: 1952 Portage, Wisconsin, USA

Father: George Hayward Perman

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Allsop

Name: Carrie Perman

Birth: 14 April 1879 Huron, Indiana, USA

Death: 25 May 1962 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: William Riley Jones

Mother: Eliza Jane Parman

Name: Christoph Perman

Birth: 14 Jun 1838 Kassel, Ukraine

Death: 25 Mar 1918 Tripp, South Dakota, USA

Father: Christoph Permann

Mother: Eva Wahl

Name: John Holland Perman

Birth: 1828 Lambeth, Surrey, England

Death: Dec 1905 London, United Kingdom

Father: Robert Perman

Mother: Lucy (Louisa) Dobson

Name: Clark Leroy Perman

Birth: 21 Oct 1896 Crestline, Crawford, Ohio

Death: 26 Nov 1965 Crestline, Crawford, Ohio, USA

Father: Charles Henry Perman

Mother: Mary Perman

Name: John Perman

Birth: 1901 Austria

Death: Feb 1976 Gladstone, Delta, Michigan, USA

Father: Frank Perman

Mother: Mary Perman

Name: Gifford T Perman

Birth: 13 Jan 1937 Genoa City WI

Death: 29 Apr 2000 Eustis FL

Father: Tenney Perman

Mother: Nellie Gifford

Name: Robarte PERMAN

Birth: 08 Apr 1558 Weston, Hertfordshire, , England

Death: 07 Sep 1619 Ardeley, Hertfordshire, England

Father: Robert Perman

Mother: Christian Gregorie Perman

Name: Cora Perman

Birth: 13 OCT 1870 Pekin, Tazewell, IL

Death: 14 Feb 1952 Pekin, Tazewell, Illinois, USA

Father: John F Parman

Mother: Elizabeth H Woodson

Name: Mary M Perman

Birth: 17 Feb 1915 Richland, Ohio, USA

Death: 2 Sep 1993 Mansfield, Richland, Ohio, USA

Father: Arthur Perman

Mother: Anna Elizabeth Volz

Name: Posey Perman

Birth: 21 Sep 1895 North Carolina

Death: 03 Apr 1966 Gilmer Twnshp, Greensboro, NC (Cone Memorial Hospital)

Father: William Archibald Pearman

Mother: Polly Ann Tilley

Name: Glenna Perman

Birth: Jun 1894 Ohio

Death: 3 February 1975 Perrysburg, Wood County, Ohio, USA

Father: Charles Henry Perman

Mother: Mary Perman

Name: Eleanor L Perman

Birth: 10 Aug 1922 Livonia, Sherburne, Minnesota, USA

Death: 22 Apr 1975 Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan, USA

Father: Fritz Perman

Mother: Gertrude L Bargabos

Name: Martin Perman

Birth: 7 Nov 1888 Clear Lake, Minnesota

Death: 20 Jan 1968 Northfield, Minnesota

Father: Andrew (Anders) Perman

Mother: Ulrica Gustafsson (Perman or Pehrman)

Name: Myrtle D. Perman

Birth: 12 May 1914 Ohio

Death: 6 June 1972 Crestline Memorial Hospital, Chrestline, Crawford Co., Ohio, USA

Father: Elmer Charles Perman

Mother: Edith Bell Champion

Name: Herbert Milton Perman

Birth: 29 Aug 1923 Gettysburg SD

Death: 10/14/2000 Victorville, San Bernardino, California, United States of America

Father: Jacob Permann

Mother: Christina Huber

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