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Name: Calvin Gay Plimpton

Birth: 15 Feb 1815 Geneva, New York, United States

Death: 27 May 1874 Zanesville, Muskingum Co., Ohio, USA

Father: Timothy Plympton

Mother: Sarah Townsend

Name: Henry Clay Plimpton

Birth: May 1827 Wardsboro, Windham, Vermont

Death: 29 Aug 1909 Chester, Windsor, Vermont, USA

Father: Erasmus Plimpton

Mother: Charlotte Chamberlain

Name: Dwight Emerson Plimpton

Birth: 18 AUG 1839 Laporte County, Indiana

Death: 06 APR 1912 Indiana

Father: Dwight Plimpton

Mother: Pauline Martha Emerson

Name: Oliver Jabez Plimpton

Birth: 6 OCT 1830 of West Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts

Death: 18 Nov 1915 Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts

Father: Jabez Plympton

Mother: Eliza Bridges

Name: Lucy C Plimpton

Birth: abt 1831 Medfield

Death: 17 Feb 1921 Portland, Oregon, United States

Father: Wales Plympton

Mother: Lucy Morse

Name: William Wright PLIMPTON

Birth: 1854 Oregon

Death: 17 January 1936 Oregon

Father: Silas Bullard Plimpton

Mother: Lydia Pollard Wright

Name: Leroy A. Plimpton

Birth: 29 Aug 1895 Mt Hope, Grant, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 13 Sep 1980 Wisconsin, Grant

Father: William Fremont Plimpton

Mother: Anna Mariah Cadwell

Name: Louisa Adelaide Plimpton

Birth: 13 Feb 1843 Massachusetts, USA

Death: 27 January 1921 Massachusetts

Father: Lyman Plimpton

Mother: Louisa Capen


Birth: Abt. 1854 New York

Death: 19 November 1897 Haudy, Livingston County, Michigan

Father: Joel Plimpton

Mother: Aravilla M. Sanger

Name: Muriel Plimpton

Birth: abt 1907 Wisconsin

Death: 31 January 2001 Dousman, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Franklin William Jaka

Mother: Mabel Ethelin Roberts

Name: Hiland Abner Plimpton

Birth: 06 July 1849 New York, USA

Death: 27 November 1939 Avon, Livingston Co., New York, USA

Father: Aaron Plimpton

Mother: Louisa A. Hicks

Name: Frank B. PLIMPTON

Birth: 25 Aug 1854 Vermont

Death: 2 March 1934 Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, USA

Father: Holland Plimpton

Mother: Nancy L Bartlett

Name: William Plimpton

Birth: abt 1907 Portland, Oregon, USA

Death: 7 Nov 1959 Douglas, Oregon, United States

Father: William Melvin Plimpton

Mother: Annabelle Campbell

Name: Roe H Plimpton

Birth: 10 April 1890 Nashville, Tennessee

Death: May 1971 California, USA

Father: Harry Clay Plimpton

Mother: Lilian Calista Wagner

Name: George Arthur Plimpton

Birth: 13 Jul 1855 Walpole, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States

Death: 1 Jul 1936 New York, USA

Father: Calvin G Plympton

Mother: Priscilla Guild LEWIS

Name: Harry Gilbert Plimpton

Birth: 28 July 1918 Wisconsin

Death: 8 Sep 2015 Portland, Oregon

Father: Harry Arthur PLIMPTON

Mother: Minnie Anna Alderson

Name: Agnes May Plimpton

Birth: 07.09.1909 Deepwater, Henry, Missouri, USA

Death: 8/13/1998 Springfield, Greene, Missouri, USA

Father: Benjamin Franklin Plympton

Mother: Elizabeth Gertrude Ewalt

Name: Raymond G. Plimpton

Birth: 24 Apr 1895 Massachusetts

Death: 27 Mar 1935 Massachusetts, USA

Father: Arthur Penuel Plimpton

Mother: Claribel Adelaide Grover

Name: Frederica Plimpton

Birth: 4 Feb 1917 Hingham, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Death: 21 Apr 2007 Bedford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Harold Plimpton

Mother: Sophia Burr Opper

Name: Rodney F. Plimpton

Birth: May 16, 1937 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York, United States

Death: 16 May 1987 Columbus (Pt), Franklin, Ohio

Father: Rodney Fay Plimpton

Mother: Martha Nicholson

Name: Edwin B. Plimpton

Birth: 9 Jul 1900 Glenwood, Mills, Iowa, USA

Death: 21 Aug 1975 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA


Mother: Anna Laura BARTLETT

Name: Charles H Plimpton

Birth: 14 Apr 1924 Gilsum, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USA

Death: 18 Sep 2016 Laconia, Belknap County, New Hampshire, USA

Father: Carroll Charles Plimpton

Mother: Irena Alexander (Plimpton)

Name: Sylvalan Fred Plimpton

Birth: 14 Sep 1922 Lima, Livingston, New York, United States

Death: 18 Sep 2012 Scottsville, Monroe, New York, United States

Father: Ralph Decker Plimpton

Mother: Elva Harriett Lawrence

Name: Florus Beardsley Plimpton

Birth: 4 September 1830 Palmyra, Portage, Ohio, USA

Death: 23 April 1886 Hartford, Trumbull, Ohio, USA

Father: Billings Otis Plimpton

Mother: Eliza Merwin

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