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Name: Gabriella Pownall

Birth: 20 or 24 Jul 1901 Ansley, Mississippi

Death: 19 Nov 1986 Mobile, Mobile, Alabama, USA

Father: William Pownall

Mother: Mary Cooney

Name: Martha Ann Pownall

Birth: 26 Nov 1843 Adams, Ohio, USA

Death: 12 Feb 1923 Adams, Ohio, USA

Father: Joseph C. Pownall

Mother: Mary (Maile) McColm

Name: Minerva A. Pownall

Birth: 18 Oct 1849 Fulton County, Indiana, USA

Death: 5 March 1929 Fulton, Fulton, Indiana, United States

Father: William Pownall

Mother: Sophia W Chestnut

Name: Matthew Scott Pownall

Birth: 21 JUL 1841 Sprigg Twp, Adams, Ohio, United States

Death: 7 November 1907 Taloga, Dewey County, Oklahoma, USA

Father: George Curtis Pownall

Mother: Asenath Scott Pownall

Name: Sarah Ann Pownall

Birth: abt 1848 Indiana

Death: 08 Jan 1929 Indiana, USA

Father: Jacob David Pownall

Mother: Mary E Clawson

Name: Phebe Ann Pownall

Birth: July 1854 Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, England

Death: 23 Feb 1936 Warwickshire, England

Father: Peter Pownall


Name: Francis Pownall

Birth: September 1846 Derby

Death: December 1902 Nottingham

Father: John Jackie Pownall

Mother: Emma Carver

Name: Moses Pownall

Birth: 1860 Bolton, Lancashire, England

Death: 19 Sep 1917 Stockport, Cheshire, England

Father: John Pownall

Mother: Elizabeth Bailey

Name: Melinda C Pownall

Birth: 31 Dec 1832 West Virginia, USA

Death: 24 Dec 1926 Clark, Ohio, United States

Father: Reuben POWNELL

Mother: Maria PASKELL aka PASCHAL

Name: Mary K. Pownall

Birth: 19 Jan 1848 Pennsylvaina, USA

Death: 1932 Newtown, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Henry Pownall

Mother: Barbara Ann Roe

Name: Harold Elliot Pownall

Birth: 11 Feb 1872 Cedar, Iowa, United States

Death: 25 Feb 1956 Los Angeles

Father: Thomas Henderson Pownall

Mother: Priscilla M Moore*

Name: Thomas J Pownall

Birth: 1849 Indiana

Death: 10 Oct 1910 Fulton, Indiana

Father: Joshua Pownall

Mother: Nancy Carter

Name: Thomas Pownall

Birth: 25 DEC 1787 LIVERPOOL

Death: April 1869 West Derby, Lancashire

Father: Peter Pownall

Mother: Hannah Mecan

Name: Clara B. Pownall

Birth: November 18, 1866 Cass County, Indiana, USA

Death: 22 Aug 1922 Liberty, Fulton, Indiana, USA

Father: Absalom Nellans

Mother: Mahala Bowman


Birth: 7 March 1878 Fulton County, Indiana, USA

Death: 29 October 1969 Winamac, Pulaski County, Indiana, USA

Father: Levi Wesley Pownall

Mother: Barbara Hower

Name: James POWNALL

Birth: March 1817 Marple, Cheshire, England

Death: July 12th. 1902 Union Workhouse, Macclesfield

Father: Thomas Pownall

Mother: Elizabeth Linley

Name: Robert Bolger Pownall

Birth: abt 1838 Camberwell, Surrey, England

Death: 28th November 1912 'Hartington', Poole Road, Bournemouth, left 1,000 to brother Percy

Father: George Hall Pownall

Mother: Charlotte Cole

Name: Hannah Pownall

Birth: 4th.July 1790 Prestbury, Cheshire, England

Death: Dec.1873 Macclesfield, Cheshire, England

Father: Joseph Pownall

Mother: Mary Bannister

Name: Artie "Ray" Pownall

Birth: 22 AUG 1886 Fulton, Fulton, Indiana, USA

Death: 17 Feb 1972 Logansport, Cass, Indiana

Father: Job V. Pownall

Mother: Susannah Hower

Name: Letitia P Pownall

Birth: 21 Jun 1821 Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 20 Sep 1905 Brown, Miami, Ohio, United States


Mother: Elizabeth Hollinshead Anderson

Name: Virginia R Pownall

Birth: 21 Jan 1906 New York

Death: 18 Jul 1999 Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America

Father: Eugene Oscar Pownall

Mother: Annie McGarvey

Name: Joseph R Pownall

Birth: JAN 1839 Sprigg Township, Adams, Ohio, United States

Death: 18 JAN 1902 Neosho, Kansas, United States

Father: George Curtis Pownall

Mother: Asenath Scott Pownall

Name: Chester Henry Pownall

Birth: 26 Sep 1891 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Sep 1975 Quarryville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Henry Pownall

Mother: Louissa S Smedley

Name: Anne E. Pownall

Birth: 1876 Great Meols, Cheshire, England

Death: Sep 1947 Wirral, Cheshire, England

Father: Joseph Pownall

Mother: Ann Jones

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