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Results for "reaver"

Name: Adam Alfred Reaver

Birth: 15 Oct 1907 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States,

Death: 30 Apr 1994 Jackson, Ohio, USA

Father: Adam Taylor Reaver

Mother: Rose Dorothea Abele

Name: Lloyd Reck Reaver

Birth: Oct 1892 Mount Joy, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 03 Oct 1978 Littlestown, Pa

Father: Daniel Vincent Reaver

Mother: Rosa Belle Reck

Name: M E Reaver

Birth: 1852 Marion County, South Carolina, USA

Death: 1 Feb 1939 Calhoun Co., South Carolina

Father: George Washington Reaves

Mother: Elizabeth Watson 1823**++

Name: L.C. Reaver

Birth: 25 Feb 1855 Carroll County, MD, USA

Death: 07 Jul 1944 Portland, Ind

Father: George Washington Reaver

Mother: Rabecca Bowers

Name: Anna C Reaver

Birth: 3 Dec 1883 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA

Death: 01 Aug 1974 Marion, Oregon, USA

Father: August Roever

Mother: Anna Barber

Name: Daisy Reaver

Birth: abt 1904 Oklahoma

Death: 14 Sep 1978 Cushing, Payne, Oklahoma, United States

Father: John Harley Reaves

Mother: Allie Maud Divine

Name: Robert J. REAVER

Birth: 16 Feb 1914 Miami, Ohio, USA

Death: 26 Jan 1994 Sidney, Ohio, USA

Father: Jacob Wesley Reaver

Mother: Minnie Della Hornbeck

Name: Viola Reaver

Birth: 17 Sep 1881 Montgomery, Ohio, United States

Death: 04 AUG 1960 Clark Co., OH

Father: Jacob Reaver

Mother: Sarah Nolan

Name: Marvin Gunsalous Reaver

Birth: 25 April 1907 Ohio

Death: 14 Aug 1960 Reynoldsburg, Franklin, Ohio, United States

Father: Frank Gunsaulas Reaver

Mother: Grace Anderson

Name: James Lawrence Reaver

Birth: 2 Sept 1886 Hunterstown, Pa.

Death: 24 May 1968 , York, Pennsylvania

Father: George Anthony Reever

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Currens

Name: Emma Katharine Reaver

Birth: 31 Dec 1874 Carroll County Maryland

Death: 6 Aug 1930 Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Joseph Milton Reaver

Mother: Elizabeth Clingan

Name: Henry Tobias reaver

Birth: 15 Jun 1844 Maryland

Death: 14 Apr 1910 (Carroll) Maryland

Father: John Reaver (Rieber)

Mother: Ann Elizabeth Bowers

Name: abram Reynolds Reaver

Birth: 3 Feb 1887 Ohio

Death: 06 Apr 1958 Ohio, USA

Father: Abraham Reaver

Mother: Ella Alice Stanton

Name: Elsie Reaver

Birth: 16 Feb 1897 Maryland

Death: 17 Nov 1989 Westminster, Carroll, Maryland

Father: Henry Tobias Reaver

Mother: Lucinda Wolbert (Woolbert)

Name: Dorothy Odell Reaver

Birth: 07 Jun 1922 Mt Joy Twp., Adams County, Pa

Death: 19 Jun 1987 Hanover, York County, Pa

Father: Russell Bernard Reaver

Mother: Julia Mary Schildt

Name: Charles C Reaver

Birth: 20 Nov 1886 Adams, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 17 May 1959 Johns Hopkins Hosp

Father: Cameron Maurice Reaver

Mother: Ellanora Virginia Currens

Name: Malinda L. Reaver

Birth: 13 Sep 1905 Maryland

Death: Dec 1971 New Windsor, Carroll, Maryland, United States of America

Father: George Franklin Reaver

Mother: Leanna Long

Name: Octavia Reaver

Birth: 14 Nov 1898 Texas

Death: 24 Dec 1984 Weimar, Colorado County, Texas, USA

Father: Omar Archie Reaves

Mother: May Caroline Muckleroy

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