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Results for "ressel"

Name: Wilhelm "William Ressel

Birth: abt 1866 Austria

Death: 25, Jan.,1921 Petrolia, Clay, Texas, USA

Father: Johann Mathias Riessels

Mother: Anna Margaretha Ophoves

Name: Michael Ressel

Birth: 29 Oct 1888 Wisconsin

Death: 1962 Saint Peter and Paul Cemetery, Independence WI

Father: Frank Ressel

Mother: Elizabeth Prudlik

Name: Janes Ressel

Birth: 1844 Swanscombe, Kent, England

Death: Jul 1907 Orsett, Essex

Father: John Restell

Mother: Ruth Battel(l)

Name: Rose Ressel

Birth: Jul 1895 Wisconsin

Death: 1943 Wisconsin, USA

Father: Clementz Ressel

Mother: Katherine Reck

Name: Howard Elmer Ressel

Birth: 21 Jan 1897 Mount Pleasant, Henry, Iowa, USA

Death: 1945 Iowa, USA

Father: Howard Marshall Ressell

Mother: Viola Sarah Wells

Name: Herbert Ressel

Birth: 9 Dec, 1879 Kelso, Scott, Missouri

Death: 31 Jul 1950 Wichita, Texas

Father: Florian Ressel

Mother: Mary Morper Messmer Ressel

Name: Susan J Ressel

Birth: 15 Aug 1879 Quarryville, Pennsylvania

Death: 20 Sep 1931 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Aaron G. Ressel

Mother: Mary Rineer

Name: Anna Ressel

Birth: 26 Mar 1828 Lampeter, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 1888 West Earl, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel Ressel

Mother: Anna Kline Klein Ressel

Name: John Ressel

Birth: 31 Mar 1893 Kelso, Scott, Missouri, USA

Death: 30 Oct 1971 Kelso, Scott, Missouri, USA

Father: Florian Ressel

Mother: Mary Morper Messmer Ressel

Name: Howard Marshall Ressel

Birth: 04 APR 1874 Henry County, Iowa, USA

Death: 30 Oct 1942 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa, USA

Father: George William Ressel

Mother: Melissa Ada Turner

Name: Vera L RESSEL

Birth: Apr 1895 Nebraska

Death: 1/24/1957 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Phillip Andrew Ressell

Mother: Jessie V. Woodward

Name: Anna Theresa Ressel

Birth: 14 Oct 1828 Neustadt, Austria

Death: 22 Aug 1904 Halletsville, Lavaca County, Texas, USA

Father: Franz Ressel

Mother: Apolonia Mazel

Name: Curtus Ressel

Birth: 14 Aug 1881 Pacific Junction, Mills, Iowa, USA

Death: 1 Mar 1928 Twin Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho, USA

Father: Jefferson Alexander Russell

Mother: Mary Ann Jones

Name: Marian Ressel

Birth: 23 Jul 1923 Arcadia Trem, Wisconsin

Death: 30 SEP 2006 La Crosse County; La Crosse, Wisconsin

Father: Joseph Ressel

Mother: Florence Kowahl

Name: Annie Ressel

Birth: Jan 1858 Pennsylvania

Death: 1921 Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Benjamin Rissler

Mother: Susan Groff

Name: Arnold Charles Ressel

Birth: 23 Jan 1903 Kelso, Scott, MO

Death: 1986 Jan 16 Kelso, Scott, Missouri, USA

Father: Charles Ressel

Mother: Mary Katharine Essner

Name: Florian RESSEL

Birth: 04 May 1858 Poland Germany

Death: 1932 City Point, Jackson, Wisconsin, USA


Mother: Catharina Kasprzik

Name: Eliza A. Ressel

Birth: 19 Aug 1843 Conestoga Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Death: 10 Jul 1914 Martic Twp,Lancaster Co, Pa

Father: William Brooks

Mother: Mary McElhaney

Name: Clementine Ressel

Birth: 7 Mar 1890 Kelso, Scott, Missouri, USA

Death: 22 May 1944 Kelso, Scott, Missouri, USA

Father: Florian Ressel

Mother: Mary Morper Messmer Ressel

Name: Benjamin RESSEL

Birth: 17 Apr 1826 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 25 November 1900 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel Ressel

Mother: Anna Kline Klein Ressel

Name: Charles Louis Ressel

Birth: 29 Jul 1931 Benton, Scott, Missouri, USA

Death: 1 Dec 1978 San Francisco, California

Father: Moses Joseph Ressel

Mother: Iva Clara Pfefferkorn/Ressel

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