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Name: Evelyn Risk

Birth: 13 Mar 1941 Jefferson, Indiana

Death: 15 Jun 2006 Madison, Jefferson, Indiana, USA

Father: Frank D. Risk

Mother: Dorothy Lucille Rankin

Name: David E Risk

Birth: 8 Jul 1852 Indiana, USA

Death: March 16, 1925 Connersville, Fayette, Indiana, USA

Father: David Risk

Mother: Sarah Sherwood

Name: Lloyd Risk

Birth: 14 Oct 1919 Quincy, Houghton, Michigan, United States

Death: 21 Feb 1991 Jonesville, Hillsdale, Michigan, USA

Father: William Albert Risk**

Mother: Nellie Myrtle Jones

Name: John Risk

Birth: 24 Mar 1822 Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland

Death: 3 September 1907 Newport Illinois America

Father: John Rusk

Mother: Mary Armstrong

Name: Edwin Risk

Birth: 1 Feb 1906 Weston, Plate, Missouri, USA

Death: 29 Jun 1993 Elmhurst, Du Page, Illinois, USA

Father: David RISK

Mother: Ida May9 Shouse

Name: Melissa A. RISK

Birth: 10 Jan 1843 Brown, Ripley, Indiana, USA

Death: 8 Jul 1917 Ripley County, Indiana, USA

Father: Samuel Harrison Risk

Mother: Sarah Jane Strucker

Name: Samuel A. Risk

Birth: 13 Dec 1846 Ripley County, Indiana USA

Death: 1912 Canaan, Jefferson, Indiana, USA

Father: Samuel Harrison Risk

Mother: Sarah Jane Strucker

Name: Robert W Risk

Birth: abt 1878 Indiana

Death: 7 February 1943 South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana, USA

Father: James Madison Risk

Mother: Emma Dean Brooks

Name: Donald C Risk

Birth: 10 Apr 1923 Indiana

Death: 15 Dec 1996 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Cree Risk

Mother: Ethel L Burkett

Name: Lillian N Risk

Birth: abt 1887 Pennsylvania

Death: 13 Dec 1980 Hendersonville, Henderson, North Carolina, USA

Father: Benjamin Carter Needham

Mother: Mary Rebecca Pardee

Name: Mary E. Risk

Birth: 1869 Ohio

Death: 8//5//1955 Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, USA

Father: Jacob Sturr

Mother: Eva

Name: Cecil C. RISK

Birth: 1 Nov 1898 Henry, Indiana

Death: APR 1971 Anderson, Madison, Indiana, United States

Father: Walter Augustus Risk

Mother: Anise Mary Darling Risk Spangler Bolander

Name: Julia Alice RISK

Birth: 24 Feb 1912 Henry County, Indiana, USA

Death: 29 Jan 2008 Knightstown, Henry, Indiana

Father: Charley Branson Risk

Mother: Julia N. Allison

Name: Luther Albert Risk

Birth: 05 Oct 1893 Melville, Foster Co., ND

Death: 22 Nov 1965 West Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana, United States of America



Name: Howard Hamilton Risk

Birth: 27 Jan 1880 Iowa

Death: 15 February 1948 Oelwein, Fayette, Iowa

Father: Alexander Risk Jr.

Mother: Nancy Hamilton


Birth: 7 Mar 1831 Blooming Glover, Fayette, Indiana, USA

Death: 20 Sep 1921 Salt Creek Township, Decatur County, Indiana, USA

Father: John T Risk

Mother: Keron Hoppock Stubbs

Name: Janet Risk

Birth: 1760 Drymen, Stirlingshire

Death: 30 June 1829 Buchlyvie

Father: James Risk

Mother: Grizel Thomas

Name: Carrie Risk

Birth: 1880 Kentucky

Death: 15 Nov 1937 Frankfort, Franklin, KY, US

Father: Harrison Clay Prewitt

Mother: Sarah Mariah Stone

Name: Donald Alexander Risk

Birth: 22 Jan 1896 Fayette, Iowa, USA

Death: Jun 1985 Independence, Buchanan, Iowa, USA

Father: George Hamilton Risk

Mother: Blanche Jenks

Name: James Risk

Birth: 12 Mar 1882 Defiance, Defiance, Ohio, USA

Death: 6 Apr 1945 Ohio, USA

Father: Abner Risk

Mother: Elizabeth Rupert

Name: JULIA Sophie Risk

Birth: 5 May 1892 Wahoo, Saunders, Nebraska, USA

Death: 24 Jul 1982 Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Albert G Risk

Mother: Thea Hanson

Name: Betty Risk

Birth: 1903 Spiceland, Ind.

Death: 27 AUG 1960 Sacramento, Sacramento, California, United States

Father: Walter Augustus Risk

Mother: Anise Mary Darling Risk Spangler Bolander

Name: James R. Risk

Birth: 15 Nov 1926 Troy Mills, Iowa

Death: 26 Mar 2001 Marion, Linn, Iowa, USA

Father: James George Risk

Mother: Rose M Saunto

Name: Robert Risk

Birth: 27 Apr 1873 Scott,Ky.

Death: Nov 23, 1962 Fayette, Kentucky

Father: Robert HARVEY Risk

Mother: Permelia Fightmaster

Name: John W Risk

Birth: 21 Aug 1856 Indiana

Death: 10 March 1926 Sidney, Champaign, Illinois, USA

Father: Samuel Harrison Risk

Mother: Sarah Jane Strucker

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