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Name: Cuthbert Ritson

Birth: Q4 1877 Blyth, Northumberland

Death: 6 Jan 1954 Northumberland Central, Northumberland

Father: Anthony RITSON

Mother: Margaret Jane Hewitt

Name: Sara Ritson

Birth: abt 1903 Pennsylvania

Death: 3/22/1992 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: David Ballentine Ritson

Mother: Sarah Abigail Marshall

Name: Anthony Ritson

Birth: 1837 Cramlington, Northumberland, England

Death: Mar 1912 Northumberland, United Kingdom

Father: Anthony Ritson

Mother: Alice Todd

Name: William Ritson

Birth: abt 1708 Allendale

Death: abt 1799 Lonkley Head Allendale

Father: Francis Ritson

Mother: Elizabeth Carr

Name: Mary Ann Ritson

Birth: 12 Feb 1878 Acomb, Northumberland, England

Death: 7 Sep 1956 Afton, Lincoln, Wyoming, USA

Father: John Ritson

Mother: Barbara Ann Burns

Name: Margret Ritson

Birth: Sep 1864 England

Death: 1 APR 1931 Jackson, Michigan, United States,

Father: Daniel O'Day

Mother: Sarah Landers

Name: Ann (Annie) Ritson

Birth: January 1850 Pen-y-Darren, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales

Death: 11 Sep 1920 Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Father: William Ritson

Mother: Jane Alexander

Name: William H Ritson

Birth: 15 Sep 1859 North Hudson, Essex, New York

Death: 7 Feb 1937 Elizabethtown, Essex, New York

Father: James Ritson

Mother: Maria Nancy Graves

Name: Thomas Hughes Ritson

Birth: November, 1821 Cumberland, England

Death: 24th August, 1880 Karoi, Wellington, Otago, New Zealand

Father: Thomas Ritson

Mother: Mary HUGHES

Name: Anthony RITSON

Birth: 1 Jun 1809 Ouston, Durham, , England

Death: 14 Nov 1854 Cramlington, Northumberland, England


Mother: Margaret Robson

Name: Margaret D Ritson

Birth: 31 Dec 1891 Foster, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1964 Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Hugh Ritson

Mother: Jane Elizabeth Eales

Name: James RITSON

Birth: 6 Aug 1769 Hexham, Northumberland, , England

Death: 30 Jun 1858 Hetton Le Hole, Durham, England

Father: William Ritson

Mother: Elizabeth Vipond

Name: William H Ritson

Birth: 17 Aug 1901 Pennsylvania

Death: 5 Dec 1983 Claridge, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Hugh Ritson

Mother: Jane Elizabeth Eales

Name: THOMAS Ritson

Birth: Jan / Mar 1856 Cockermouth, Cumberland, England

Death: Sep 1934 Cockermouth registration district

Father: JOHN Ritson

Mother: Ann Watt

Name: Sarah Anne Ritson

Birth: 13 Jun 1857 Bowden Close, Durham, England

Death: 27 Jun 1936 Virginia, USA

Father: Joseph Ritson

Mother: Mary Garr Wells

Name: Dorothea Ritson

Birth: 03 Sep 1837 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England


Father: William RITSON

Mother: Mary Robson

Name: James Ritson

Birth: 01 Aug 1849 Bolton, Lancashire, England

Death: 23 Sep 1922 Brighton, Australia

Father: Jonathon Ritson

Mother: Margaret Kelbrick

Name: John Davison Ritson

Birth: Feb 1878 Hexham, Northumberland, England

Death: Jun 1941 Keighley, Yorkshire West Riding, England

Father: George Ritson

Mother: Jane Davison

Name: Thomas Ritson

Birth: abt 1829 Much Woolton, Lancashire, England

Death: 1912 Blackwood, Victoria

Father: Thomas Wynn Ritson

Mother: Mary Lynch

Name: Jane A Ritson

Birth: 1873 Hexham, Northumberland, England

Death: 4 March 1959 Victoria-British Columbia Canada

Father: Thomas Ritson

Mother: Frances Shield

Name: James Ritson

Birth: 05 Dec 1793 St. Bees, Cumberland, England

Death: 01 Dec 1843 BOLTON

Father: Robert Ritson

Mother: Ann Thornwaite aka Ritson

Name: Minnie Fhance Ritson

Birth: 4 Dec 1914 Ohio

Death: 12 November 2004 Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States

Father: William H. Ritson

Mother: Lydia A McPherson

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