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Name: Harry Burgess Roller

Birth: 1 April 1900 Virginia

Death: 28 January 1973 Staunton, Staunton City, Virginia, USA

Father: Edwin Callender Roller

Mother: Mosie Maude Zirkle

Name: George W Roller

Birth: 30 April 1817 Scott, Virginia, United States

Death: 1898 Scott, Virginia, USA

Father: Jacob Roller

Mother: Eve Zirkle

Name: Lois J Roller

Birth: abt 1900 Ohio, USA

Death: 29 May 1992 Westerville, Franklin, Ohio

Father: Thomas Hosick Cook

Mother: Mary Rebecca McGlade

Name: Benjamin Roller

Birth: 20 Feb 1842 Old Bridge, Middlesex, New Jersey

Death: 24 Jul 1921 Old Bridge, Middlesex, New Jersey USA

Father: Jacob Roller

Mother: Deborah Jolly

Name: George Snell Roller

Birth: 28 Sep 1914 Virginia

Death: October 04, 1998 Richmond, Henrico Co., Virginia

Father: Joseph Elmer Roller

Mother: Alpha Hannah Snell

Name: Mary Ann Roller

Birth: 23 Feb 1830 Germany

Death: 22 feb 1889 Loudoun County, Virginia, USA

Father: Leonard Frederick

Mother: Sabina

Name: Alice Roller

Birth: 9 Jan 1866 Sacramento Calimesa

Death: 17 Feb 1944 West Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana, USA

Father: William Henry Roller

Mother: Jemima Ann Scott

Name: Frank ROLLER

Birth: 14 Sep 1894 Nebraska

Death: JUL 1929 Palisade, HitchCock County, Nebraska

Father: John Milton Roller

Mother: Laura Pearson

Name: John Jacob Roller

Birth: 06 Aug 1853 Michigan, USA

Death: 1921 Unionville, MI

Father: Johann Jakob Roller

Mother: Anna Maria Gerlach

Name: Henry Roller

Birth: 3 Nov 1856 Barry County, Missouri

Death: 11 SEP 1939 ,,Arkansas, USA

Father: Joshua A. Roller

Mother: Nancy Pendergraft

Name: James Henry ROLLER

Birth: 27 OCT 1863 Douglas Co., MO

Death: 10 SEP 1936 Beehler, Texas, United States

Father: Enoch Roller

Mother: Margaret Johnson

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