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Results for "rossel"

Name: Frank Rossel

Birth: 13 Nov 1894 New Orleans, Louisiana

Death: July 15,1977 New Orleans , Louisiana

Father: Domenico "Dominick" Rosselli

Mother: Innocenzia Lorena Lorino

Name: Frank Peyton Rossel

Birth: 13 Jan 1925 Wisconsin, USA

Death: 8 Dec 1974 Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Father: Frank Albert Rossel

Mother: Lulu Murilla Knudson

Name: James P. Rossel

Birth: 6 Oct 1902 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Death: 12 Nov 1987 Westtown, Orange, New York, United States

Father: James Frederick Rossel

Mother: Annie Mayhood

Name: Mary C Rossel

Birth: 1869 New York

Death: 17 Dec 1952 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA

Father: Ransom W Barlow

Mother: Anna Neylon

Name: James Rossel

Birth: 23 Feb 1929 Martin, Minnesota, USA

Death: 2015 Minnesota, USA

Father: Frank Albert Rossel

Mother: Lulu Murilla Knudson

Name: Orville John Rossel

Birth: 6 Jun 1907 Grant County, Kansas

Death: 21 Jul 1982 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, United States

Father: John Edward Rosell

Mother: Alma E Davis (Rosell)

Name: William Leander Rossel

Birth: 2 May 1868 Shelby, Illinois, USA

Death: 02 Mar 1925 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas

Father: Jesse E Rossel

Mother: Elizabeth Frances Denton

Name: Susie Marie Rossel

Birth: 12 Aug 1904 Patterson, Harvey, Kansas

Death: 8 Feb 1974 Pittsburg, Crawford, Kansas, USA

Father: John Robert Wagner

Mother: Maud Eveline Gilstrap

Name: Charles Rossel

Birth: 1875 Ohio

Death: 14 Apr 1953 Columbus, Franklin Co, Oh

Father: George J. Rossel /Roesel (Rosel, Russel)

Mother: Marie Lisey (Leise)

Name: Monnie Foster Rossel

Birth: 4 Jul 1874 Grant County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 14 Nov 1921 Grant, Kentucky, USA

Father: Stephen Foster Rossel

Mother: Louisa P Beach

Name: Loyd Rossel

Birth: 1916 New Albany, Mississippi, USA

Death: 25 Jun 1989 Union Co Miss

Father: William Robert Rossell

Mother: Alma Dee Beard

Name: Louisa Rossel

Birth: 26 Jan 1879 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

Death: 11 Jul 1919 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

Father: Charles Braunbach

Mother: Frances Rauch

Name: Lula Rossel

Birth: Abt. 1898 Mississippi

Death: 12/31/1986 Oxford, Lafayette, Mississippi, United States of America

Father: Tolman Rossell

Mother: Nicey Cooper

Name: Lena Magnusdatter Rossel

Birth: 14 May 1873 Rodskil, Øvre Sæter, S-Sør-OdalNorway

Death: 24 February 1943 Lostwood, Mountrail, North Dakota, USA

Father: Magnus Nilsen

Mother: Inger Marie Andersdatter

Name: Tolman Matison Rossel

Birth: 16 Feb 1858 , Marshall, Mississippi, USA

Death: 8 Oct 1936 Myrtle, Union, Mississippi, USA

Father: John Matison Rossell

Mother: Victoria Webster

Name: Sylvester Rossel

Birth: 28 Apr 1907 New York, USA

Death: 10 July 1955 Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, United States of America

Father: Casper Rossel

Mother: Margaret Perith

Name: Jakob Rossel

Birth: 15 Nov 1829 Woerth, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France

Death: 19 Feb 1919 L 30 C 15 Carrick Twp, 1654290, Ontario, Canada

Father: Georg Rössel

Mother: Catherine Martin

Name: John William Rossel

Birth: abt 1848 New Jersey

Death: MAY 1912 Millville, New Jersey, USA

Father: Shepherd Roselle

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Fry

Name: Katharina Catherine Rossel

Birth: 09 November, 1817 Alsace Lorraine, France

Death: 14 Apr 1892 Carrick Township, 1654290, Ontario, Canada

Father: Georg Rössel

Mother: Catherine Martin

Name: Stephen W Rossel

Birth: 1798 Fayetteville, Lincoln, Tennessee

Death: 1825 Jackson, Alabama, United States

Father: Peter (Rossell) Rozell

Mother: Sarah Wright

Name: Annie Rossel

Birth: abt 1874 United States

Death: 20 Aug 1930 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States

Father: Charles Mayhood

Mother: Mary Jane Doherty

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