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Name: William Russel

Birth: abt 1873 Hulme, Lancashire, England

Death: 28 November 1929 South Manchester, Lancashire, England

Father: Thomas Russell

Mother: Elizabeth Alice Merry

Name: Flora Russel

Birth: May 19 1879 Hamilton Tp, Ontario, Canada

Death: Sep 1976 Lemon Grove, San Diego, California, USA

Father: Alexander Russell

Mother: Nancy Ann Brown

Name: Bid Russel

Birth: 29 Jun 1912 Texas

Death: 16/11/2004 Newcastle, Young, Texas, USA

Father: Thomas A. Russell

Mother: Nettie Ola Green

Name: Mary A. Russel

Birth: Mar 1858 Connecticut

Death: 05 Mar 1932 Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Father: Warren McIntyre

Mother: Mary Jane HOWLETT


Birth: 1715 Crail, Fife, Scotland

Death: 5 Aug 1754 Crail, Fife, Scotland

Father: James Russell

Mother: Prescilla

Name: William F Russel

Birth: 17 JUN 1885 Arlington, Tarant County, Texas, USA

Death: 29 Apr 1965 Gainesville, Cooke, Texas

Father: Cyrus Andrew Russell

Mother: Mary Jane Kizer

Name: Ethel Russel

Birth: 14 January 1890 Texas

Death: 14 MAY 1970 Lamb Co, TX

Father: Cordie G Russell

Mother: Margaret BAYS

Name: Richard Howell Russel

Birth: 19 Apr 1914 Pennsylvania

Death: 10 Jan 2003 Bloomington, McLean Co, IL

Father: George M RUSSELL

Mother: Aileen Rossella Cotton

Name: Emeline Russel

Birth: 1810 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 30 Jan 1887 Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John C Russell

Mother: Hannah Turner

Name: Esther Russel

Birth: Sep 1893 Minnesota

Death: 20 May 1965 Meeker, Minnesota, USA

Father: Martin Larson Russell

Mother: Mary Christine Flink

Name: Charles Kenneth Russel

Birth: 6 July 1904 Lake Geneva, Walworth, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 10 Apr 1977 Chula Vista, San Diego, California, USA

Father: David Palmer Russell

Mother: Jennie Louise Valley

Name: Lula Russel

Birth: 15 Dec 1909 Kershaw CO, South Carolina

Death: 1 Nov 1995 Camden, Kershaw, South Carolina, USA

Father: David William Russell

Mother: Cora Maud Jerome

Name: Herod Russel

Birth: 9 Feb 1872 Orangeburg, South Carolina

Death: 23 August 1963 Richland County, South Carolina, United States of America

Father: Levy Russel

Mother: Susannha Pye

Name: Elizabeth Gordon Russel

Birth: 1 Sep 1835 eliz city, North Carolina, United States

Death: 8 Aug 1918 Eliz City, Pasquotank, North Carolina

Father: Malachi Russell

Mother: Penelope Leary Russell

Name: George Russel

Birth: abt 1832 Carluke, Lanarkshire

Death: 1915 Carluke, Lanarkshire

Father: David Russell

Mother: Jean Rodger

Name: Gilbert Russel

Birth: 1820 Tarbert, Argyll, Scotland

Death: 1 December 1890 Glasgow Plantation, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Father: William Russell

Mother: Katherine Taylor

Name: Delbert Clinton Russel

Birth: Oct 1897 Missouri

Death: Mar 1982 Stewartsville, De Kalb, Missouri, USA

Father: Albert Venable Russell

Mother: Lydia Blanche Perrin

Name: William B. Russel

Birth: 1873 North Carolina

Death: 19 Aug 1951 North Carolina, United States

Father: William D Anderson

Mother: Jane Polly Russel

Name: Hazel C Russel

Birth: 1885 Ohio

Death: 1966 Delaware, Delaware, Ohio, USA

Father: Renaldo Decatur Russell

Mother: Carrie Bell Colvin

Name: George Russel

Birth: January 1843 Ross, Herefordshire

Death: Jun 1903 Ross, Herefordshire

Father: William Russell

Mother: Mary Norris

Name: John Russel

Birth: 12 Sep 1871 Ohio, USA

Death: 12 April 1928 Waverly, Pike County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: Cornelius Russell

Mother: Martha Jane Pack

Name: Carvin Russel

Birth: Apr 1883 Texas

Death: 13 Aug 1979 Harris, Texas

Father: Nathan Russell

Mother: Lydia Littie Hunter

Name: Lois Laverne Russel

Birth: 27 Feb 1906 Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio

Death: 9 Mar 1989 Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio

Father: Bertram Winfred Russell

Mother: Electa May Kincaid

Name: Carrie R. Russel

Birth: 1856 Pleasant Hill, Cass, Missouri, USA

Death: 9 October 1927 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA

Father: Richard Russel

Mother: Elizabeth Southworth Williams

Name: Sarah Sheftall Russel

Birth: 05 Apr 1818 Savannah, Georgia, USA

Death: 31 DEC 1912 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pa.

Father: Isaac Russell

Mother: Perla Sheftall

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