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Name: William C Satterlee

Birth: 10 November 1804 Berlin, Rensselaer County, New York, USA

Death: 9 March 1873 Berlin, Rensselaer County, New York, USA

Father: William B. Satterlee

Mother: Mehitable Moon

Name: Stanley G. Satterlee

Birth: 9 Oct 1861 Buchanan, Iowa, United States

Death: 29 Jan. 1914 Los Angeles, California

Father: George L. Satterlee

Mother: Ann Bridget Bradstreet

Name: Margery Alice Satterlee

Birth: 1923 Nebraska

Death: 26 Nov 2005 Jerome, Jerome, Idaho, USA

Father: William COOK

Mother: Myrtle Edna Hann Cook Williams

Name: Jane Satterlee

Birth: 9 May 1836 Blooming Valley, Crawford, PA

Death: 25 Jan 1918 Hayfield, Crawford, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Wilson Price, Civil War Union Soldier, Fought in the 157th Regiment of the PA Infantry (Private)

Mother: Mary Nodine

Name: Ruth Satterlee

Birth: 3 Mar 1923 Missouri, United States of America

Death: August 7, 2005 Euless, Tarrant, Texas, USA

Father: James Lake Satterlee

Mother: Polly Ann Brakebill

Name: Ruth Satterlee

Birth: 3 Mar 1923 Missouri, United States of America

Death: August 7, 2005 Euless, Tarrant, Texas, USA

Father: James Lake Satterlee

Mother: Polly Ann Brakebill

Name: Rebecka M. Satterlee

Birth: 28 Oct 1827 Catharine, Tioga then Chemung then Schuyler County, N.Y.

Death: 18 May 1915 West Bingham, Potter, Co., PA

Father: Ephraim Satterly/Satterlee

Mother: Christiana (KeziahKissy) Seely/Seeley/Satterlee/Satterly

Name: William Irving Satterlee

Birth: 6 May 1859 Shandaken, Ulster County, New York, USA

Death: 8 Oct 1925 Kingston, Ulster County, New York, USA

Father: William Satterlee

Mother: Anna Maria Myers

Name: Rowena E Satterlee

Birth: 24 Sep 1905 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana, USA

Death: 30 Oct 1990 Crothersville, Jackson Co., In.

Father: Willis Almon Satterlee

Mother: Jessie Mae Foltz

Name: Frank S Satterlee

Birth: 14 JUN 1865 Blackman, Jackson, MI

Death: 13 Mar 1931 Chester, Eaton, MI

Father: Isaac L Satterly

Mother: Julia Ann Croft

Name: George Satterlee

Birth: 03 Jul 1833 New York, USA

Death: 14 February 1914 Geauga, Ohio, United States

Father: Samuel Satterlee

Mother: Rachel Warner

Name: Mable Hannah Satterlee

Birth: 02 Jun 1898 North East Twp Erie County PA

Death: 21 May 1942 Edinboro, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Byron Alpheus Satterlee

Mother: Lillian May Moore

Name: Lucy Satterlee

Birth: 19 Jun 1921 Oregon

Death: 17 Apr 1997 Forest Grove, Oregon, USA

Father: Arthur Ulyses Satterlee

Mother: Viola Hall

Name: Gertrude Marie Satterlee

Birth: 10 Feb 1896 Illinois

Death: 02 May 1949 St. Elmo, Fayette Co., IL

Father: John F Domhoff

Mother: Augusta Broeggelmeyer

Name: Norman Edward Satterlee

Birth: 5 July1873 Big Indian, Schoolcraft, Michigan

Death: 1958 Michigan

Father: Edward Saterlee

Mother: Mary E. Young

Name: Edna Satterlee

Birth: 10 June 1891 Dade, Missouri USA

Death: May 16 1964 Everton Dade Missouri USA

Father: James Marion Hoover

Mother: Malissa Bradshaw

Name: Carl Berton Satterlee

Birth: 6 DEC 1908 Warsaw Township, Jefferson County, PA

Death: 28 APR 1983 Brockville, Jefferson County, PA

Father: James Morrow Satterlee

Mother: Nettie Alvira McManigle

Name: Alberta Ada Satterlee

Birth: 23 Aug 1917 Falls Creek, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 28 Mar 1964 Freehold, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA

Father: Floyd William Murray

Mother: Ada C Waterhouse

Name: Henry Satterlee

Birth: 3/14/1820 New York

Death: 16 March 1897 Greenville, Montcalm County, Michigan

Father: Eathen Grant Satterlee

Mother: Anna Luce

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