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Name: Blanche Catherine Schiffer

Birth: 20 Apr 1904 Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia, USA

Death: 20 March 1938 Martins Ferry, Belmont County, Ohio, USA

Father: Anthony John Schiffer

Mother: Louisa Matilda Mitsch

Name: Kathryn Veronica Schiffer

Birth: 30 Jul 1887 Remus, Mecosta, Michigan, United States

Death: 29 Nov 1938 Washington, DC

Father: Herman Schiffer

Mother: Veronika Hartmann

Name: John Schiffer

Birth: 16 Nov 1827 Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany

Death: abt 1901 Michigan, United States

Father: Theodore John SCHAFFER

Mother: Anna Katharina Thelen

Name: Walter Abraham Schiffer

Birth: Feb 1858 New York, USA

Death: 1 Jun 1907 Long Branch, New Jersey, United States

Father: Jacob Schiffer

Mother: Ada Moss

Name: Johannes Schiffer

Birth: 1722 Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: 8 September, 1794 Upper Milford, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Michael Schiffer

Mother: Catharina Abermann

Name: Anthony John Schiffer

Birth: Dec 28, 1864 Baltimore, Maryland

Death: 28 Jun 1937 Ohio, West Virginia, United States

Father: Johann Schaefer

Mother: Mary Anna Fleck

Name: Margaret T Schiffer

Birth: 15 NOV 1888 wisconsin

Death: 12 DEC 1974 La Crosse City, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Father: Joseph Schiffer

Mother: Sybilla Sabilla Toeller

Name: Conrad S Schiffer

Birth: 6 Mar 1827 Plains, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 14 Jan 1905

Father: Henry Schiffer

Mother: Elizabeth Frey

Name: Henry Schiffer

Birth: 21 February 1783 Plainfield, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 30 Jun 1867 Plains, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Conrad SHIFFER

Mother: Regina Rachel Ward Schiffer

Name: Alexander/Sandor Schiffer

Birth: 22 OCT 1890 Szoled, Hungary

Death: 12 Aug 1952 New York

Father: Adolph Schiffer

Mother: Lena Schiffer

Name: Reinhold Carl Wilhelm Schiffer

Birth: 4 Mai 1894 Neukirch, Kreis Breslau, Schlesien, Deutschland

Death: 16 Jan 1971 Friedrichshafen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Father: Ernst Schiffer

Mother: Auguste Conrad

Name: Francis Frank C Schiffer

Birth: 10 JUL 1861 Decatur, Adams, Indiana, United States

Death: 21 Jun 1933 Shelby, Richland, Ohio, United States

Father: Francis C Franz Schiffer

Mother: Elisabetha Aulbach

Name: Adam Schiffer

Birth: 2 Mar 1877 Rochendorf, Austria

Death: 25 Aug 1919 Oil City, Venango, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Mil... Schiffer

Mother: Rosie Anderson Schiffer

Name: Edward Adam Schiffer

Birth: 1 Sep 1871 Poland, Austria, Germany

Death: 1920 Michigan, USA

Father: Konrad Heinrich Schaffer

Mother: Anna Marie "Mary Ann" Heuser

Name: Margaret Schiffer

Birth: 2 Dec 1907 Quincy, Adams, Illinois, USA

Death: 29 Dec 1995 St Louis, St Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: John H Schiffer

Mother: Lena Neuhause

Name: Charlotte Dorothea Schiffer

Birth: 09.11.1919 Breslau-Neukirch, Schlesien, Deutschland

Death: 03.12.1995 Griesheim, Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen, Germany

Father: Reinhold Carl Wilhelm Schiffer

Mother: Anna Helene Lenz

Name: Franklin Everett Schiffer

Birth: 29 Nov 1857 Pittston, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 09 Sep 1934 Overfield, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Jeremiah Blanchard Shiffer

Mother: Almeda Benedict Lance

Name: Richard Garnet Schiffer

Birth: 15 Feb 1935 Tacoma, WA, USA

Death: March 19, 1995 San Pablo, California, USA

Father: Walter Floyd Schiffer

Mother: Elva Margaret Thorne (Thorn)

Name: John Schiffer

Birth: 20 Feb 1742 Oley, Berks, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 17 Oct 1812 Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Henry Shiffer

Mother: Anna Maria Lerch

Name: Conrad Schiffer

Birth: 09 Nov 1778 Northampton, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 29 Jan 1824 Monroe Co. Pennsylvania

Father: Conrad SHIFFER

Mother: Regina Rachel Ward Schiffer

Name: Franz Schiffer

Birth: 14 JAN 1904 Grevenbroich-Laach

Death: 11 DEC 1944 Grevenbroich Neuenhausen

Father: Jacob Schiffer

Mother: Maria Sophia Becker

Name: Katie Schiffer

Birth: 6 May 1870 Germany

Death: 16 AUG 1962 Morrilton, AR

Father: Jacob Schiffer

Mother: Hubertina "Bertha" Macherey

Name: Wilhelemina "Minnie" Schiffer

Birth: May 1880 Vernon Rockville, Tolland, Connecticut, USA

Death: 11 Mar 1954 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Father: John F. Schiffer

Mother: Sophia L Scheiffer

Name: Stella L. Schiffer

Birth: June 2, 1922 Oil City, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Oct. 3, 2010 Schnecksville, Lehigh, Pennsylvania

Father: John Joseph Schiffer

Mother: Mary Catherine Maziarz

Name: Mary Magdalena Schiffer

Birth: 23 Dec 1862 Buesbach, Reinland, Germany

Death: 16 Oct 1942 Westmoreland Co., PA

Father: Peter Wilhelm Schyffer, Schiffer

Mother: Private

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