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Name: John Scrivener

Birth: 1780 Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA

Death: 27 Aug 1849 Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Father: Francis Scrivener

Mother: [Possibly] Elizabeth Simmons

Name: Lily Scrivener

Birth: 28 th Oct 1889 Staxton, Parish of Willerby,County of York, England

Death: Apr/May/Jun 1962 Reg at Scarborough,Yorkshire,England

Father: William Scrivener

Mother: Jane Crawford

Name: Lillian Eliza Scrivener

Birth: 18 Jun 1869 Rose Valley, Anne Arundel, Maryland, United States

Death: 19 DEC 1948 Prince Frederick, Calvert Co., MD

Father: William Boswell Scrivener

Mother: Sarah Jane Barber

Name: Eugene Tyron Scrivener

Birth: 9 Feb 1887 Pittsboro, Calhoun, Mississippi, USA

Death: 29 Sep 1947 Prichard, Mobile, Alabama

Father: William Jasper Scrivener

Mother: Martha "Mattie" Jane Goodson

Name: Frank Philip Scrivener

Birth: 27 Aug 1900 Baltimore, Maryland

Death: 24 Aug 1980 Baltimore, Maryland

Father: Frank Philip Scrivener

Mother: Louise Carmelite Keene Gwynn Scrivener

Name: Frank Philip Scrivener

Birth: 04 Jan 1865 Rose Valley, Friendship, Anne Arundel County MD

Death: 30 May 1939 Upper Marlboro, Prince George's, Maryland, United States

Father: William Boswell Scrivener

Mother: Sarah Jane Barber

Name: William Boswell Scrivener

Birth: 31 Oct 1828 FRIENDSHIP, AA, MD, USA

Death: 08 Jul 1895 Friendhip, Anne Arundel County MD

Father: John Scrivener

Mother: Eliza Smith Boswell

Name: Emily Virginia "Jennie" Scrivener

Birth: 1857 Frederick Co, VA

Death: 6 March 1924 White Pine Ridge, VA

Father: Vinscent Storm Scrivener

Mother: Eliza A Elliott

Name: Walter Ashby Scrivener

Birth: 9 Jul 1886 Gore, Frederick, Virginia, USA

Death: 27 Aug 1956 Stonewall, Frederick County, Virginia

Father: Turner Ashby Scrivener

Mother: Emma Bell Lockhart

Name: Vinscent Storm Scrivener

Birth: 16 Apr 1828 Gore, Frederick, Virginia, USA

Death: 18 Feb 1911 Frederick, Virginia, USA

Father: William Scrivener

Mother: Elizabeth Coe

Name: Francis Marion SCRIVENER

Birth: 06 Feb 1858 Oregon City, Clackamas, Oregon, USA

Death: 10 Apr 1924 Echo, Umatilla, Oregon, USA

Father: James Elston Scrivner

Mother: Parthena Jane Barger

Name: Robert Watson Scrivener

Birth: 10 Jun 1842 Beverley, Yorkshire, England

Death: 21 Dec 1916 Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, (Central), West Riding of Yorkshire

Father: John Kay Scrivener

Mother: Ann Watson

Name: Joseph John Scrivener

Birth: April 1876 Bicester, Oxfordshire, England

Death: Dec 1961 Hastings, Sussex, England

Father: Thomas Arthur Scrivener

Mother: Caroline Harris Foster

Name: Thomas Scrivener

Birth: 1808 Maryland

Death: 11 May 1891 Washington, DC

Father: John Scrivener

Mother: Mary Ann "Polly" Scrivener

Name: Ernest (Ernie) Scrivener

Birth: 2 January 1884 Hackney, London, England

Death: 18 Feb 1952 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Father: William Scrivener

Mother: Julia Elizabeth Gwatkin

Name: James Henry Scrivener

Birth: 16 Jun 1847 Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Death: 10 Mar 1906 Washington, District of Columbia , USA

Father: Louis Henry Scrivener

Mother: Amanda A. Deremer

Name: Charles Robert Scrivener

Birth: 2 Nov 1855 Windsor, NSW, Australia

Death: 26 Sep 1923 Killara, NSW, Australia

Father: Charles Ambrose SCRIVENER

Mother: Jane Passfield

Name: Edith Mary Scrivener

Birth: 26 Sep 1896 Bradwell on Sea, Essex, England

Death: 23 Nov 1966 University College Hospital, St Pancras

Father: John Scrivener

Mother: Mary Ann Quy

Name: Harry Scrivener

Birth: DEC 1881 New Bradwell, Buckinghamshire, England

Death: 16 Aug 1952 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Father: Thomas Scrivener

Mother: Mary Ann Smith

Name: Caroline Hope Scrivener

Birth: 1./9./1915 Jarrahdale Perth Western Australia

Death: 18.4.1989 Bruce Rock, Western Australia, Australia

Father: Joseph Henry Scrivener

Mother: Clara Evelyn Smith

Name: Mary Emily Scrivener

Birth: 16 Jul 1871 Bicester, Oxfordshire, England

Death: 06 Jul 1970 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England

Father: Thomas Arthur Scrivener

Mother: Caroline Harris Foster

Name: Peter Scrivener

Birth: Dec 1864. Parish of Reighton,County of Bridlington, Yorkshire, England

Death: 25 th May 1944 Queensland, Australia

Father: John Scrivener

Mother: Elizabeth Jameson

Name: William Scrivener

Birth: Jul 1881 Buln Buln ,(Jindivick) Victoria, Australia

Death: 21 October 1908 Jarrahdale Registration District, WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Father: Walter Scrivener

Mother: Eliza Ann Harris

Name: James Edward Scrivener

Birth: ABT 1811 Fredericksburg, King George County VA

Death: 27 Jan 1884 1310 35th Street NW, Georgetown, Washington DC

Father: James Scrivener

Mother: Ann Smallwood

Name: Eva May Scrivener

Birth: 25 Nov 1892 Buln Buln, (Jindivick) Victoria, Australia

Death: 26 Feb 1947 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

Father: Walter Scrivener

Mother: Eliza Ann Harris

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