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Name: Edward Seddon

Birth: abt 1838 Manchester, Lancashire, England

Death: 18 Jul 1917 Camden, Camden, New Jersey

Father: Peter Seddon

Mother: Ann Flitcroft

Name: John C Seddon

Birth: abt 1908 Utah

Death: 9 SEP 1987 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

Father: Samuel Seddon

Mother: Hattie Mildred Capson

Name: Edward Seddon

Birth: 10 May 1836 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Death: JAN 1892 Manchester, Lancashire, England

Father: Edward Seddon

Mother: Elizabeth Holland

Name: Shiela S Seddon

Birth: 02 Sep 1908 Mystic, Iowa, USA

Death: 13 Jan 2001 North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska, USA

Father: Chester Arthur* Seddon

Mother: Catherine Young

Name: William Harold Seddon

Birth: 1 Nov 1901 Mystic, Appanoose, Iowa

Death: 23 June 1984 Roselle, Du Page, Illinois, USA

Father: William Armstrong Seddon

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Smith

Name: Elizabeth Seddon

Birth: 29 Dec 1858 Moor Flat, St Helens

Death: 18 Feb 1952 81 Ruskin Drive, St Helens

Father: John Seddon

Mother: Emma Dennett

Name: ELIZABETH (Betty) Seddon

Birth: 1736 Haigh, Lancashire, England

Death: 1813 Aspull, Lancashire, England

Father: Wiiliam Seddon

Mother: Elizabth Hodskinson

Name: James Seddon

Birth: 1825 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Death: 25 Feb 1884 Belleville, St Clair, Illinois, United States

Father: Henry Seddon

Mother: Mary Cheetham

Name: Eunice Seddon

Birth: 22 Oct 1699 Prestwich, Lancashire, England

Death: Mar 1771 Little Lever, Lancashire, England

Father: Peter Seddon

Mother: Elizabeth Kay / Greenup / Seddon

Name: Mary Seddon

Birth: abt 1868 Haigh, Lancashire, England

Death: 1949 Aspull, Lancashire, England

Father: William SEDDON


Name: James Seddon

Birth: abt 1871 Hindley Green, Lancashire, England

Death: 17 Feb 1940 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Joseph Seddon

Mother: Ellen Tootle

Name: Alfred H Seddon

Birth: abt 1897 Watertown township

Death: 19 OCT 1982 Goodrich, Genesee, Michigan, USA

Father: Henry Seddon

Mother: Martha Ann Gill

Name: George Seddon

Birth: 24 July 1763 Lathom, Lancashire, England

Death: Sept 1815 London, England

Father: John Seddon

Mother: Elizabeth Park

Name: Margaret Sylvia Seddon

Birth: 28 Nov 1926 36 Rumford Street, Manchester

Death: 31st July 2018 Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: Henry Seddon

Mother: Vera Hancock

Name: Margaret SEDDON

Birth: 1 Sep 1839 Middleton, Westmorland, England

Death: 13 Oct 1925 Vicarage Lane,Hawkshead

Father: Brian Seddon

Mother: Hannah Cowperthwaite

Name: Edalyna A SEDDON

Birth: 21 Dec 1932 SS Centerville, Iowa

Death: 10 Jan 2009 Davenport, Scott, Iowa

Father: Irvin Thomas Seddon

Mother: Gertrude Elizabeth Bradley

Name: James Seddon

Birth: 1806 Eccles, Lancashire, England

Death: Jul 1869 Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire

Father: Parr Seddon

Mother: Mary Bennett

Name: John Seddon

Birth: 1827 Woodside, Cheshire, England

Death: Jul 1894 Kent, United Kingdom

Father: James Seddon

Mother: Harriet jones

Name: William Henry Seddon

Birth: 10 Jan 1876 Aspull, Lancashire, England

Death: 24 May 1947 Manchester, Lancashire, England

Father: William Seddon

Mother: Mary Baxter

Name: William Garth Seddon

Birth: Mar 9 1918 Coal Camp, Marion County, Iowa

Death: 26 Nov 1975 Oskaloosa, Iowa

Father: Thomas Seddon

Mother: Emily Florence Moses

Name: William SEDDON

Birth: Sep 1797 Sutton, Lancashire, England,

Death: 16 Jul 1885 Lancashire, England

Father: William Seddon

Mother: Ellen Orford


Birth: 8 July 1820 Haigh, Lancashire, England

Death: 24 Jan 1884 Aspull, Lancashire, England

Father: William SEDDON

Mother: Jane (Jinney) BARROW

Name: Ruth May SEDDON

Birth: 09 Jul 1903 Walnut Tp, Mystic, Appanoose, Iowa

Death: Jan 1973 Moline, Rock Island, Illinois

Father: Peter Henry SEDDON

Mother: Rosa Belle LYNCH

Name: Mae SEDDON

Birth: 1905 Mysric, Iowa

Death: 13 Apr 1998 Mystic, Appanoose, Iowa, USA

Father: James Samuel SEDDON

Mother: Annie G Wools

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