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Results for "smitha"

Name: Hickman New Smitha

Birth: abt 1828 Indiana

Death: 07 Nov 1897 Columbus, Bartholomew, Indiana, USA

Father: John Bluford Smitha

Mother: Mary TAYLOR

Name: Elizabeth Smitha

Birth: 8 Oct 1838 Jefferson, Indiana, USA

Death: 18 Aug 1887 Bryantsburg, Jefferson, Indiana, USA

Father: Granville Taylor SMITHA

Mother: Eliza E Robbins

Name: Paul Frederick Smitha

Birth: 26 Jul 1935 Culver City, Los Angeles, CA US

Death: 15 Jan 2006 Los Angeles, CA US

Father: Carl Francis Smitha

Mother: Margaret Barbara Troeller

Name: Rebecca Smitha

Birth: 24 Nov 1842 Jefferson, Indiana, USA

Death: 22 Dec 1923 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: John Henry Fewell


Name: George Smitha

Birth: 25 May 1859 , , Indiana, USA

Death: Abt. 1930 Disappeared in Chicago and never found

Father: Hickman New SMITHA

Mother: Mary Jane Miles-Smitha

Name: Pearl N Smitha

Birth: Jul 1887 Wilmington, Kansas, USA

Death: 15 Feb 1974 Oakland, Alameda, California, United States

Father: Benjamin B Smitha

Mother: Luella Jarvis

Name: William Frank Smitha

Birth: abt 1879 Kentucky

Death: 6 October 1923 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Granville Reuben Smitha

Mother: Anna ** BUTTS

Name: Homer Gilbert Smitha

Birth: 31 Jul 1921 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Death: 16 Jan 1982 Lee, Florida, United States

Father: Homer Gilbert Smitha

Mother: Georgia Osthimer

Name: Luvisa "Lulu" Smitha

Birth: Abt 1875 Alert, Indiana

Death: October 1955 Columbus, Barth, Indiana, USA

Father: James T Smitha

Mother: Sarah Belle Boman

Name: Philip Henry Smitha

Birth: 18 Nov 1881 Edmonson, Kentucky, USA

Death: 5 May 1933 Shelby County, Kentucky, USA

Father: John J Smitha

Mother: Elizabeth Snider

Name: Susan Ann Smitha

Birth: 11 May 1846 Indiana

Death: 12 Jul 1914 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Granville Taylor SMITHA

Mother: Eliza E Robbins

Name: Leslie L Smitha

Birth: 23 Sep 1892 Kentucky

Death: 1980 Carrollton, Carroll, Kentucky, USA

Father: William H Smitha

Mother: Frances Berkshire

Name: Oscar Fewell Smitha

Birth: 2 Apr 1880 Clark, Indiana, USA

Death: 23 May 1956 Nursing Home, Plainfield, Indiana, USA

Father: Alexander Washer Smitha

Mother: Rebecca Fewell

Name: Earl Durand Smitha

Birth: 14 Jun 1918 Trimble County, Kentucky

Death: 24 Oct 2015 Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona, USA

Father: John Jesse Smitha

Mother: Zula Mae Smith

Name: Huggins Smitha

Birth: 31 Jul 1896 Tennessee

Death: 30 Jul 1927 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee

Father: William Armistead Smitha / Smithy

Mother: Georgia Owens

Name: Robert Carl Smitha

Birth: 8 Aug 1923 Union City H, New Jersey

Death: 01/06/1997 Rochester Hills, Oakland, Michigan, USA

Father: Carl Thomas Smitha

Mother: Marie Alerine

Name: Steven J Smitha

Birth: 27 Mar 1955 Indiana

Death: 13 Oct 2007 Clovis, Fresno, California, United States of America

Father: James Warren Smitha

Mother: Ruth Fisher


Birth: 1814 Kentucky, United States of America

Death: After 1880 Barbour County, Alabama, United States of America

Father: Richard Smithey "Smith"

Mother: Nancy Dejarnette

Name: William R. Smitha

Birth: abt 1833 Indiana

Death: 13 Aug 1889 ,Johnson,Indiana

Father: Granville Taylor SMITHA

Mother: Eliza E Robbins

Name: Virginia Boone Smitha

Birth: 20 Nov 1922 Cedartown Po, Georgia

Death: 31 Dec 1998 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Levi Boone

Mother: Servilla Stenson

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