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Results for "smitley"

Name: Robert L Smitley

Birth: abt 1882 Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Death: 22 Sep 1964 Englewood Cliffs, Bergen, New Jersey, USA

Father: Joseph Whitmore Smitley*

Mother: Ida Phillips*

Name: Kenneth M Smitley

Birth: 23 Nov 1904 Muskingum, Ohio, USA

Death: 21 Dec 1989 Cameron, Texas, USA

Father: Charles E SMITLEY

Mother: Nellie Foster

Name: Lewis Smitley

Birth: 1884 MD

Death: 8 Jan 1957 Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Lewis L Smitley

Mother: Sarah C. (Winebrenner) Smitley

Name: Laura Smitley

Birth: 28 Feb 1877 Ohio, USA

Death: 1942 New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, USA

Father: David Jesse Smitley

Mother: Mary Margaret Reneker

Name: Charlotta Smitley

Birth: 12 Feb 1827 Pennsylvania

Death: 19 Jun 1906 Dunbar, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Henry Lowery

Mother: Catherine Engel

Name: Nora E. Smitley

Birth: 23 Apr 1890 New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas, Ohio, USA

Death: 29 Mar 1978 Hialeah, Miami-Dade, Florida, USA

Father: Dennis Smitley

Mother: Henrietta "Etta" Korts

Name: Michael Mitchell Smitley

Birth: 4 Jul 1863 Dunbar, Pennsylvania

Death: 24 Aug 1937 Dunbar, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel M Smitley

Mother: Rebecca Fee

Name: Lizzie Smitley

Birth: 24 October 1877 Muskingum County, Ohio, USA

Death: 1 Apr 1962 Muskingum County, Ohio, USA

Father: Daniel Smitley

Mother: Rosalee Forsythe

Name: Mordecai T Smitley

Birth: 1849 Rich Hill, Muskingum, Ohio, United States

Death: 13 May 1930 Rich Hill, Muskingum, Ohio, USA

Father: Mathias Daniel Smitley

Mother: Martha Maria McComas

Name: Kenneth W Smitley

Birth: September 15 1915 Fort Wayne Allen Co., IIndiana

Death: 28 Dec 2014 Hicksville, Defiance, Ohio, USA

Father: William Porter Smitley

Mother: Minta Mae NEWTON

Name: Clara Smitley

Birth: 15 Feb 1878 Chillicothe, Ross, Ohio

Death: 9 Sep 1956 Adams, Indiana, United States

Father: John Smitley

Mother: Mellissa

Name: Rose Smitley

Birth: 9 Jun 1902 Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

Death: 24 Feb 1980 Mt Pleasant,Westmoreland,Pennsylvania,USA

Father: William Edward Smitley

Mother: Anna T. Schachte

Name: Irene Alice Smitley

Birth: 12 Sep 1924 Ohio, United States

Death: 1 Mar 2007 Ashtabula, Ohio, USA

Father: Ira Smitley

Mother: Caroline A Chaney

Name: David J Smitley

Birth: Mar 1850 Goshen Township, Tuscarawas, Ohio, USA

Death: 5 Apr 1932 Tuscarawas, Ohio, USA

Father: David Jacob Smitley

Mother: Lydia Surber Badgley Smittle

Name: Peter C Smitley

Birth: abt 1894 Pennsylvania

Death: 07 Aug 1967 Dunbar, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Lincoln Smittey

Mother: Marjorie McKirdie Smitley

Name: Violet F Smitley

Birth: 28 Jan 1913 Ohio

Death: 29 Jul 1998 Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Father: John Wesley Smitley

Mother: Nellie A Bear

Name: Geraldine L Smitley

Birth: 28 Jul 1918 Indiana, USA

Death: Mar 1992 Vicksburg, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Father: Lewis Franklin Smitley

Mother: Olive Ruth Riggle

Name: John Smitley

Birth: 1833 Ohio, USA

Death: 1865 Ohio, USA

Father: Jacob Smittle

Mother: Lydia Surber Badgley Smittle

Name: Florence Smitley

Birth: 17 Aug 1911 Dunbar, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 14 Mar 1974 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, United States

Father: Jacob Smithley

Mother: Barbara Kirk

Name: Agnes J Smitley

Birth: 13 April 1923 Pennsylvania

Death: 28 Oct 2005 Dunbar, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Peter Charles Smitley

Mother: Jane Reed Smitley

Name: Louis Smitley

Birth: May 1866 Pennsylvania

Death: 2 Aug 1955 Springhill, Fayette, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Samuel M Smitley

Mother: Rebecca Fee

Name: George Smitley

Birth: 23 Aug 1838 Ohio

Death: 2 April 1922 Allen Cy, Indiana(Hoagland)

Father: Jonathan M Smitley

Mother: Anna Smith

Name: William Manuel Smitley

Birth: 1871 Ohio

Death: 14 May 1954 Centerville, St Joseph, Michigan, United States

Father: John Smitley

Mother: Mellissa

Name: Albert Smitley

Birth: 28 May 1914 Ind

Death: 16 February 1982 Branchville, Perry County, Indiana, USA

Father: Ernest Albert Smitley

Mother: Effie Arabelle Johnson

Name: Anna M Smitley

Birth: Nov 1848 Ohio

Death: 16 Jun 1919 Williams Co.,OH

Father: Jacob Smitley

Mother: Sarah Anna Cook

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