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Name: Laura Caroline Marie Sophie Stade

Birth: 6 Dec 1903 Maine, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 17 March 1991 Arlington Heights, Cook County, Illinois, USA

Father: Hermann Carl Stade

Mother: Emma Brulin Stade

Name: Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie) Stade

Birth: 3 Jul 1888 Hanover, Bentinck Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

Death: 3 FEB 1975 Hanover, Bentinck Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada


Mother: Lucia (Lucy) J. Becker

Name: Gilbert Richley Stade

Birth: 14 Dec 1906 North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

Death: 10 Apr 2000 North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

Father: Daniel Stade

Mother: Caroline (Carrie) Dankert

Name: William Stade

Birth: 1872/09/09 Breechen bei Gützkow, Pommern, Germany

Death: 1924/05/10 Palatine, Cook County, Illinois

Father: Christian Carl Friedrich Stade

Mother: Carolina Frederica Maria Schult

Name: Arlene Luella Stade

Birth: 10 Jun 1924 Kenesaw Kear, Nebraska

Death: 11 Sep 1990

Father: John Henry Wilhelm Stade

Mother: Selma Lambrecht

Name: Frederick (Fritz) Stade

Birth: 10 Jan 1877 Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany

Death: 1959 South Porcupine, Ontario

Father: John Christian Stade

Mother: Wilhelmine Friederike Marie Sophie Peters

Name: Albert Henry Stade

Birth: 22 Jun 1894 Haven, Reno, Kansas, USA

Death: 27 Aug 1970 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Johann "John" Carl Frederick Stade

Mother: Anna L Gosch

Name: Friedrich Christoph (Chris) Johann Stade

Birth: 4 July 1828 Dassow, Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Death: 20 Jun 1903 Nelson, New Zealand

Father: Johann Christian Stade

Mother: Christiana Elizabeth Jarchow

Name: Antonia Stade

Birth: Feb 1871 La Crosse, La Crosse Co., Wisconsin

Death: 28 May 1938 Brainerd, Crow Wing Co., Minnesota

Father: Charles Bernard Stade

Mother: Laura Putsche

Name: Johann Joachim Christof Stade

Birth: 21 Aug 1825 Rosenhagen (Dassow), Nordmecklenburgischer Landkreis, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Death: 16 December 1903 Hope, Tasman District, Tasman, New Zealand

Father: Johann Christian Stade

Mother: Christiana Elizabeth Jarchow

Name: Johann Heinrich Joachim STADE

Birth: 11 Apr 1813 Buckow, Germany

Death: 6 Sep 1886 Grunthal South Australia

Father: Stade

Mother: Sophia Warnick

Name: Dorothea Maria Sophia Christine Stade

Birth: 19/Sept/1843 Jörnstorff, Bad Doberan, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Death: 07/Jan/1929 Manannah, Meeker, Minnesota, USA

Father: Friedrich Christian Heinrich Stade

Mother: Sophia Katharina Friederike Mundt

Name: Rudolf Frederick Stade

Birth: 9 Jan 1890 Dashwood, Huron, Ontario, Canada

Death: 18 Jul 1981 Zurich, Hay, Huron, Ontario, Canada

Father: Christian Stade

Mother: Catherine Kraft

Name: Daniel Stade

Birth: 24 Jan 1874 Elmwood, Ontario, Canada

Death: 1961

Father: Friederich Johann Christian Stade

Mother: Annie Appler

Name: John Henry Patrick Stade

Birth: 27 Dec 1883 Wilson, South Australia

Death: 04 Jun1965 North Perth, Western Australia

Father: Herman William Julius Stade

Mother: Bridget Clara Theresa Hoare

Name: Minnie Florence Stade

Birth: 27 Jun 1880 Tranmere Farm, Palmer's Creek North, near Hawker, South Australia

Death: 07 Aug 1950 Ardrossan, South Australia, Australia

Father: Herman William Julius Stade

Mother: Bridget Clara Theresa Hoare

Name: Sophia Stade

Birth: 10 Jun 1873 Illinois

Death: 19 May 1905

Father: Johann Joachim Friederich Stade

Mother: Caroline Bartels

Name: Caroline(Lena) Stade

Birth: 18 July 1876 Rich Township Cook Il

Death: 20 Oct 1972 Matteson, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Johann Stade

Mother: Caroline (Lena) Gieseke

Name: Dorothea Maria Amelia Stade

Birth: 19 Mar 1870 Upper Moutere, Nelson, New Zealand

Death: 22 Oct 1905 Havelock, Nelson, New Zealand

Father: Friedrich Christoph (Chris) Johann Stade

Mother: Catherine Maria Sophia Amelia ROSE

Name: Frederick (Henrich) Max Stade

Birth: 22 JUN 1850 Wittekind, Halle, Germany

Death: 05 AUG 1905 NY

Father: Heinrich Ernst Gustav Stade

Mother: Rosalie Wilhelmine Bertha STEIKNER

Name: Maria Christine Johanna Stade

Birth: 1868/06/15 Hinrichshagen Hof, Kreiß Greifswald, Pommern

Death: 10 May 1952 Warrenville, DuPage County, Illinois, USA

Father: Christian Carl Friedrich Stade

Mother: Carolina Frederica Maria Schult

Name: Charles John Stade

Birth: 21 October 1882 Brant Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

Death: 2 June 1957 Toronto Ontario Canada

Father: Carl Johann Friedrich Christoph "Charles" Stade

Mother: Sophia Maria Christina Dorothea Hamann-Schuknecht

Name: Selina D. Stade

Birth: 17 Aug 1898 Des Plaines, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 19 Aug 1945 Wheeling Township, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: William Stade

Mother: Sophia Gewecke

Name: Wilhelmine Friederike Henriette Stade

Birth: 14 May 1848 Thurow, Parchim, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Death: 20 Oct 1926 Humboldt, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, USA

Father: Johann Joachim Martin "John" Stade

Mother: Maria Friederike Carolina GUMSTOW

Name: Sophia Friederica Stade

Birth: 9 Aug 1824 Groß Siemen, Bad Doberan, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Death: 27 May 1904 Brant Twp., Bruce Co., Ontario, Canada

Father: Johann Friederich Elias Stade

Mother: Catharina Wilhelmina Margaretha Elisabeth Rieck

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