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Name: Arnold Stein

Birth: 12 Dec 1929 Asbury Park, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA

Death: 18 Aug 2010 Augusta, Richmond, Georgia, USA

Father: Martin Stein

Mother: Hilda Lipsitz

Name: Violet N Stein

Birth: abt 1902 West Virginia, United States

Death: 1 Jan 1985 Warren, Trumbull, Ohio, United States

Father: John Stein

Mother: Laura Pearl Starner

Name: John H Stein

Birth: 30 Jun 1928 Kenosha, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Death: 24 Oct 2011 South Kingstown, Washington County, Rhode Island, United States of America

Father: Clarence R Stein

Mother: Emma H Hildebrandt

Name: Albert Stein

Birth: 11 Apr 1886 Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 28 Aug 1960 Jeannette, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Francis Stein

Mother: Elizabeth (Shearer) Stein

Name: John Ritchie Stein

Birth: 7 November 1898 Missouri

Death: 10 Oct 1953 Carnation, King Co., WA

Father: John Ritchie Stein

Mother: Anita Anthony Allen

Name: Jacob H Stein

Birth: 8 March 1859 Hagor, Berrien County, Michigan, USA

Death: 21 Sep 1938 Berrien, Berrien, Michigan

Father: Crisbat Steine

Mother: Mary Haverstright

Name: Arthur Leon Stein

Birth: 28 Dec 1928 Brooklyn, N.Y

Death: 30 Sept 2010 Northfield Ma.

Father: Arthur Leon Stein

Mother: Dorothea Hodgson

Name: Emil James Stein

Birth: 1890 Illinois, USA

Death: 15 MAY 1967 Illinois

Father: Markus Morris Stein

Mother: Marie Hyebach

Name: Elizabeth Stein

Birth: abt 1898 Brooklyn, New York

Death: 6 June 1964 Port Jefferson Station, NY

Father: Charles Stein

Mother: Alberta Meck

Name: Ben Stein

Birth: May 20, 1902 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 29 Dec 1979 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Max Stein

Mother: Lizzie Raffel

Name: Edith Lavern Stein

Birth: Sep 14, 1919 Lilbert, Nacodoches County, Texas, USA

Death: 11 SEP 2001 Baytown, Harris Co., TX, USA

Father: John Henry Stein

Mother: Lola Ursala Whitaker

Name: Frederick George Stein

Birth: 28 NOV 1901 Pennsylvania

Death: 4/09/1992 Meadville, Crawford, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Jacob F. Stein

Mother: Elizabeth Catherine Yocum

Name: Edward G. Stein

Birth: 9 May 1898 Tonawanda, Erie, New York, USA

Death: 1957 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

Father: Frank Stein

Mother: Caroline Lindemann

Name: Frank Stein

Birth: 06 June 1872 Macomb County, Michigan, USA

Death: 21 Jun 1950 Waterford Township, Oakland, Michigan, USA

Father: August Stein

Mother: Carolina Kleamann

Name: John August Stein

Birth: 31 Oct 1887 Monitor, Bay, MI

Death: Feb 1923 Bay City, Bay, Michigan, USA

Father: Joseph Stein

Mother: Josephine Johanna Zynowa

Name: Mary F Stein

Birth: abt 1885 Newfoundland

Death: Jan 1975 Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States of America

Father: Joseph Morarity

Mother: johanna dobbin

Name: Charles Philip Stein

Birth: Apr 1872 Ohio, United States

Death: 20 December 1948 Wapakoneta, Auglaize, Ohio, USA

Father: Johann Georg Stein

Mother: Wilhelmena Nagel

Name: John Christian Stein

Birth: 20 Jan 1894 Spokane, Washington

Death: 21 May 1990 Wallowa, Oregon

Father: Adolph Robert Stein

Mother: Anna Barbara Fretus Stein

Name: Herman Stein

Birth: 11 Dec 1890 Francesville, Pulaski County, Indiana, USA

Death: 21 Jul 1974 Island City, Union, Oregon, USA

Father: Johann Stein

Mother: Maria Krüger

Name: Henry STEIN

Birth: 27 MAY 1860 LaSalle, Monroe, Michigan

Death: 26 Dec 1940 Monroe, Michigan

Father: Andrew Stein

Mother: Margaret Madeline Lafountain

Name: William Arthur Stein

Birth: 23 Jul 1895 Ohio

Death: 1 April 1967 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Father: Fredrick John Stein

Mother: Helene A Siemer

Name: Stella Stein

Birth: 18 Jul 1903 Minnesota

Death: 12 Dec 1996 Stearns County, Minnesota

Father: Anton Stein

Mother: Ida G Lysher

Name: Joseph N Stein

Birth: Nov 1853 Indiana

Death: 30 Mar 1938 Seymour, Jackson, Indiana, USA

Father: Sebastian STEIN

Mother: Catharine Kirch

Name: Cora Stein

Birth: 12 Jul 1888 Tremont, Schuykill,Penna

Death: 1977 Tremont, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Jonathan Franklin Stein

Mother: Clara Wilhelmina Yust

Name: Peter J Stein

Birth: 16 Oct 1858 Austria

Death: 23 July 1947 "Little House"Cavalier, North Dakota

Father: Jurg (George) Stein

Mother: Margaretha Dorothea Bausmer

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