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Name: Minnie Stephens

Birth: 8 Oct 1906 Oneida, Scott, Tennessee

Death: 20 August 1978 Delaware County, Indiana

Father: George Washington Stephens

Mother: Eliza Jane Stanley

Name: Bessie Ada Stephens

Birth: 08 MAR 1887 Algerville Pan Cake Hollow New York

Death: 10 FEB 1983 Agawam Mass

Father: Jonas William Stephens

Mother: Amelia Terhune

Name: Clarenda Alice Stephens

Birth: 1 Jan 1864 Randolph Co., Alabama

Death: 29 DEC 1953 Wedowee, , Randolph, Alabama, USA

Father: Henry Harris Stephens

Mother: Eliza Catherine Ann Smith

Name: Ann Stephens

Birth: abt 1810 Isle of Man, Isle of Man

Death: July 1865 West Derby, Lancashire

Father: William Stephen

Mother: Catherine Kelly

Name: Carrie Ann Stephens

Birth: 1 Jun 1880 Texas

Death: 25 May 1937 Paris, Lamar County, Texas

Father: Stephen Macon Stephens

Mother: Caroline McCrary

Name: Frederick Richard Stephens

Birth: 11 MAY 1888 Ludlow, Champagne, Illinois, USA

Death: 06 Apr 1942 Ottawa, Miami Co., KS

Father: Michael Stephens

Mother: Sarah Ann TALL

Name: Mary Rosella Stephens

Birth: 15 May 1861 Stephenville, Erath, Texas, USA

Death: 14 Oct 1942 Erath Co., TX

Father: James Madison R Stephen

Mother: Martha Virginia Greaves

Name: Fielden Stephens

Birth: 15 Jan 1836 North Carolina

Death: 16 Apr 1906 Douglas Co., Illinois

Father: Henry S. Stephens

Mother: Dicey Thomas

Name: Rachel Ann Stephens

Birth: 24 Oct 1854 Whitley County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 7 Jul 1916 Scott County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Deipen Burrell King

Mother: Margaret "Margie" "Maggie" Foster

Name: Martha Ann Stephens

Birth: 1828/08/26 Madison, MO

Death: 1900/08/28 Brownsville, Linn, OR, USA

Father: Thomas Vardamus Stephens

Mother: Ann Shannon Stephens

Name: Benjamin Franklin Stephens

Birth: May 1853 Bedford County, Tennessee, United States

Death: 05 Feb 1919 Sebastian, Arkansas

Father: Allen Benjamin Stephens

Mother: Eliza Ann Rodden

Name: Joseph Goodlow Stephens

Birth: 19 Apr 1802 Edgefield City, SC

Death: May 13, 1864 Chickasaw, Mississippi, United States

Father: Josiah Stephens

Mother: Nancy Vann

Name: Curran P Stephens

Birth: 1835 Henry County, Georgia

Death: 1888 Clayton,Georgia, USA

Father: Moab Stephens

Mother: Tranquilla Hood

Name: James Stephens

Birth: 1 Mar 1877 Shipham, Somerset, England

Death: 11 July 1961 3 Ryland Place, Folkstone, Kent then Ashford Hospital, Ashford , Kent

Father: Lot Stephens

Mother: Ann Kerton

Name: Annie E. Stephens

Birth: 22 Mar 1882 Mississippi, USA

Death: 19 Oct 1955 Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee

Father: John W Stephens

Mother: Elizabeth Georgian Griffin

Name: Daniel Jefferson Stephens

Birth: 27 Feb 1878 Barry, Missouri

Death: 4 Sep 1955 Washburn, Barry, Missouri, USA

Father: Lovet Aaron Stephens

Mother: Martha Ann Mahurin

Name: Shirley Ann Stephens

Birth: 28 Jun 1936 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 8 Nov 2016 Oroville, Butte County, California, USA

Father: Ernest Melville Stephens

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Johnson

Name: Frank G Stephens

Birth: May 1860 Greenwood, Steuben Co, NY

Death: 3 Oct 1920 Greenwood, Steuben Co, NY

Father: Charles Curtis Stephens

Mother: Alice Alzina Harding

Name: Austin Vuin Stephens

Birth: 8/5/1905 Georgia, USA

Death: 5/18/1966 Lawrence County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Luther Alexander Stephens

Mother: Myrtie Alena Owons

Name: Ethel Stephens

Birth: 05 Jan 1898 Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Death: 12 Jan 1935 Minot, Ward, North Dakota, USA

Father: Johnathon S. Stephens

Mother: Mary (Maria) Schmidt

Name: Alma Alene Stephens

Birth: 17 Jun 1932 Woodruff County, Arkansas, USA

Death: june 12,2002 Conway, Faulkner, Arkansas, USA

Father: Robert Edward Stephens

Mother: Martha Mae "Mattie" Campbell

Name: Simeon Stephens

Birth: 8 July 1826 Georgia, USA

Death: 9 May 1904 Gordon, Georgia, USA

Father: John Stephens

Mother: Sarah Stewart

Name: Annie Stephens

Birth: 3 Feb 1875 Spring Cottage, Station Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Death: 7 Sep 1934 Toodyay, Western Australia, Australia

Father: John Isaac Stephens

Mother: Mary Dinan

Name: Sussannah Ellen Stephens

Birth: 07 Dec 1836 Macon, Bibb, GA, USA

Death: 18 Dec 1890 Byron, Peach County, Georgia, USA

Father: Allen Rogers Stephens

Mother: Sarah Wimbish

Name: Greenberry Stephens

Birth: 1794 Mecklenburg County, Virginia, USA

Death: 20 Jan 1878 Noble, Ohio, United States

Father: John Stevens


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