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Name: Walter Streng

Birth: 22 Feb 1924 Vienna, Austria

Death: 20 May 1981 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: Otto Streng

Mother: Elsa Chiger Streng

Name: Elizabeth S Streng

Birth: 30 Apr 1907 Columbus, Ohio, United States

Death: 1998 Saint Charles, St. Charles County, Missouri, USA

Father: Leonard J Streng

Mother: Sarah Schell

Name: Gertrude E Streng

Birth: 12 Sep 1890 Luzerne Co., PA

Death: 10 Mar 1987 Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Father: Charles Bauer Streng

Mother: Anna Lucretia Ackley

Name: George J Streng

Birth: Abt. 1873 Indiana, USA

Death: 16 February 1955 Greenfield, Hamilton, Indiana, USA

Father: Michael Streng

Mother: Catharine Kuhn

Name: Leroy J Streng

Birth: abt 1906 Ohio

Death: 10 Feb 1967 Union County, Union, Ohio, United States

Father: Lewis William Streng

Mother: Elizabeth Scheiderer

Name: Theodore George Streng

Birth: 9 Jan 1892 Darby, Union, Ohio, United States

Death: 7 Mar 1959 Union City, Union, Ohio, United States

Father: Adam Streng

Mother: Catherine Bischoff

Name: George Streng

Birth: 8 Feb 1859 Wisconsin, USA

Death: 2 Apr 1934 Wisconsin, USA

Father: Johann Georg Streng

Mother: Katharina Goegelein

Name: Amelia Streng

Birth: 21 Mar 1888 Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 30 Apr 1982 Jefferson County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Ludwig Streng

Mother: Carrie Glassel or Menzel

Name: Joh. Streng

Birth: 05 Dec 1756 Germany

Death: 15 Oct 1836 Hechelein, Schwabisch Hall, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Father: Johann Leonard Streng

Mother: Margaretha Gackstatter

Name: William Streng

Birth: May 1863 Germany

Death: 24 September 1944 Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio, United States of America

Father: Andrew Streng

Mother: Elizabeth Schippel

Name: Adolf Streng

Birth: 7 May 1921 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Death: 21 Jan 1997 Itasca, Du Page, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Karl Streng

Mother: Caroline Keck

Name: Carl H Streng

Birth: 22 Sep 1902 Ohio

Death: aug 1984 Norwalk, Ohio, USA

Father: Gustavus Leander Streng

Mother: Elizabeth Rudolph

Name: Richard Henry Streng

Birth: 1892 Wisconsin, USA

Death: 21 JAN 1939 Green Valley, Wisconsin

Father: "Adam" Streng

Mother: "Caroline" Karolina Ebert

Name: Henry STRENG

Birth: 11 Sep 1836 Lembach, Freyung-Grafenau, Bayern, Germany

Death: 29 Jun 1917 Bascom, Seneca, Ohio, USA

Father: Michael Streng

Mother: Elizabeth Gasinger

Name: gustavus streng

Birth: 1868 Germany

Death: 12/24/1942 Richland County, Ohio, USA

Father: Andrew Streng

Mother: Elizabeth Schippel

Name: George Wendall Streng

Birth: abt 1835 Württemberg / Wurttemberg

Death: 28 November 1899 Michigan, USA

Father: Georg Balthasar Streng

Mother: Dorothea Barbara Naser

Name: George J Streng

Birth: Nov 1882 Ohio

Death: 27 Nov 1938 Marysville, Union, Ohio, USA

Father: Adam Streng

Mother: Catherine Bischoff

Name: Catherine Streng

Birth: 10 Mar 1886 Cascade, Dubuque, Iowa, USA

Death: 10 Nov 1965 Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa, USA

Father: John Peter Streng

Mother: Margaret C. Sauser

Name: Elisabetha Streng

Birth: 27 Mai 1832 Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Death: 2 August 1926 Ohio, USA

Father: Johann Frederich Salzgeber

Mother: Elisabethe Ziegler

Name: Joseph H Streng

Birth: 02/28/1910 Burton, McHenry, Illinois, Usa

Death: 23 Dec 2003 Burlington, Racine, Wisconsin, USA

Father: William Henry Streng

Mother: Ada Josephine Richardson

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