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Results for "sumption"

Name: Gwendolyn Irene Sumption

Birth: 25 Jun 1921 Warrener County, South Dakota, USA

Death: 26 Aug 2003 Duluth, Minnesota

Father: John Frederick Sumption

Mother: Edith Yarrington

Name: Harriett Justina Sumption

Birth: Jun 1848 Indiana

Death: 14 January 1922 St. Joseph County, Indiana, USA

Father: Charles Sumption

Mother: Mary G Hoover (Bainter)(Sumption)

Name: Julia Alberta Sumption

Birth: 21 Dec 1890 Indiana

Death: 8 July 1979 Kokomo, Howard, Indiana, USA

Father: John H Sumption

Mother: Julia Cora Cady

Name: Helen Marian Sumption

Birth: 1844 St. Joseph County, Indiana

Death: 18 Mar 1888 Indiana

Father: Charles Sumption

Mother: Mary G Hoover (Bainter)(Sumption)

Name: George W. Sumption

Birth: 15 Aug 1792 Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, USA

Death: 17 Aug 1847 Sumption Prairie, St Joseph, Indiana, USA

Father: Charles Sumption

Mother: Martha Cain

Name: Mary Sumption

Birth: Abt 27 May 1733 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England

Death: 22.08.1800 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England

Father: William Sumption

Mother: Sarah Fox

Name: Diana SUMPTION

Birth: 09 Nov 1839 Sidmouth, Devon, England

Death: 23 Sep 1921 Worth County, Iowa, USA

Father: John Sumption

Mother: Sarah Maria Ware

Name: Beda Linea Sumption

Birth: 1 Nov 1911 Bimidji, Minnesota

Death: 24 Apr 1986 Aurora, CO

Father: Olof Olausson Borg


Name: Carl B Sumption

Birth: Jul 1891 Kansas, USA

Death: 27 May 1940 Oakland, Alameda, California, USA

Father: Bion E Sumption

Mother: Jennie E. Singer

Name: Lavina Sumption

Birth: July 1865 Otterford, Somerset, England

Death: Dec 1940 Bath, Somerset, England

Father: William John Sumption

Mother: Mary Ann Vincent

Name: Myrna A. Sumption

Birth: 6 Nov 1906 Gahanna, Franklin, Ohio, United States

Death: 12 Jan 2006 Ohio, USA

Father: Newton Lind Sumption

Mother: Ada Elva Shull

Name: Willard Russel Sumption

Birth: abt 1914 Minnesota

Death: 6 May 1986 Ruthton, Pipestone, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: Charles Andrew Sumption

Mother: Anna Bertha Swanson

Name: William E Sumption

Birth: 02 Jan 1921 Richland County, Ohio

Death: 7 May 1993 Mansfield, Richland, Ohio, USA

Father: George Wilfred Sumption

Mother: Beulah Irene Baker Sumption

Name: Ross Eckley Sumption

Birth: Abt. 1897 Jerusalem, Ohio

Death: 19 Feb 1944 Michigan, USA

Father: Joseph A. Sumption

Mother: Martha Jane Love

Name: Lillian Belle Sumption

Birth: 03 APR 1878 NE

Death: 2 JUL 1964 Colorado, USA

Father: James E. GRIFFIN

Mother: Amanda Shafer

Name: Mary I Sumption

Birth: 29 Mar 1912 Huntington, West Virginia

Death: 8 December 2000 Fort White, Columbia, Florida, USA

Father: Newton Lind Sumption

Mother: Ada Elva Shull

Name: Margery Ellen Sumption

Birth: 30 November 1907 Jerusalem, Ohio

Death: 18 JUL 1996 Canton, Stark, Ohio, United States of America

Father: Forrest Hunter Pennell

Mother: Bessie Arminta Carle

Name: Mary Ann Sumption

Birth: Dec 1844 Otterford Somerset

Death: 20 Mar 1935 Buckland Farm, West Buckland, Wellington, Somerset

Father: John Vincent

Mother: Harriett Shire

Name: John G Sumption

Birth: 8 Dec 1877 Worth, Iowa, USA

Death: 20 Nov 1943 Brown, South Dakota

Father: George Sumption

Mother: Jane Blackmore

Name: Edrie Eunice SUMPTION

Birth: 08 Jun 1927 Alaska

Death: 16 Jun 1995 1995

Father: George Edward SUMPTION

Mother: Florence Mae Blake

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