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Name: Robert Lee Szanto

Birth: 9 July 1936 Speegleville, McLennan County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 7 November 2008 Waco, McLennan County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Robert Lee Szanto

Mother: Rita Marie Jones

Name: andrew Szanto

Birth: 1919 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Death: 2 June 2003 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States

Father: Andrew (András) Szántó

Mother: Juliánna Kovács

Name: Paul Bernhard Szanto

Birth: 4 Oct 1904 Budapest, Hungary

Death: 6 Feb 1989 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Leonard Szanto

Mother: Maria Berger

Name: Bella Szanto

Birth: abt 1885 Hungary

Death: 10 Nov 1959 New York, New York, USA

Father: William Fried

Mother: Johanna Hertzman

Name: Matyas Szanto

Birth: abt 1891 Petervasar, HevesMegye, Hungary

Death: 1963 Flemington, Hunterdon, New Jersey, USA

Father: Istvan Szanto

Mother: Johanka Ivady

Name: Terrence Duane Szanto

Birth: 19 May Lorain, Lorain, Ohio, USA

Death: 30 Aug 2016 Westlake, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Father: Joseph Szanto

Mother: Ann Szanto

Name: Imre Szanto

Birth: January 8, 1908 Nagybakonak, Zala, Magyar-Hungary

Death: May 26, 1986 Nagykanizsa, Zala, Magyar-Hungary

Father: Istvan Szanto

Mother: Teresz Horvath

Name: Jeno Szanto

Birth: 25 Aug 1874 Kisber, Komarom-Esztergom, Hungary

Death: 1944 Budapest, Hungary

Father: Karoly SCHLESINGER

Mother: Stefania (Fani) EISLITZER

Name: Anna Szanto

Birth: About 1910 Ohio

Death: 13 JUN 1998 North Ridgeville, Ohio

Father: Joseph Frank Rupnik

Mother: Rose Blocker

Name: Erzsebet Szanto

Birth: 12 January 1920 Körmend, Körmendi járás, Vas, Hungary

Death: 1999 Körmend, Körmendi járás, Vas, Hungary

Father: Lajos Szanto

Mother: Iren Marton

Name: Martha Szanto

Birth: 19 May 1920 Budapest, Hungary

Death: 13 Feb 1997

Father: Istvan Schwartz Szanto

Mother: Margit Vadasz

Name: Pal Szanto

Birth: 01 Oct 1866 Békés Hungary

Death: 24 Oct 1916 Budapest, Hungary

Father: Emanuel Schwartz

Mother: Rosa Bohm Schwartz

Name: Gary Michael Szanto

Birth: 8 Dec 1944 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Death: 28 Jun 2018 Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

Father: Steve Andrew Szanto

Mother: Corrine Catherine Uhrig

Name: Lloyd C Szanto

Birth: 26 April 1915 Plainview, Hale, Texas, USA

Death: 20 July 1961 Waco, McLennan County, Texas, USA

Father: John Szanto

Mother: Elizabeth Faudi

Name: Elisabeth Szanto

Birth: 21 Mar 1822 Fertoszentmiklós, Gyor-Moson-Sopron, Hungary

Death: 25 December 1889 Fertőszentmiklós,​ Sopron,​ Hungary

Father: István Szántó

Mother: Catharina Kata Horvath

Name: Ella Szanto

Birth: 14 Aug 1925 Cleveland, Ohio

Death: 18 Aug 1988

Father: Charles Gabriel Szanto

Mother: Julia Sandor

Name: Julie Ann Szanto

Birth: abt 1884 Hungary

Death: Abt 1942

Father: George Szanto

Mother: Marie

Name: Zoltan Lajos Szanto

Birth: 25 Aug 1919 Subotica, Serbian Republic, Bosnia/ Hungary

Death: 16 May 1999 San Leandro, Alameda, California, United States of America

Father: Ferenc Szanto

Mother: Julia Kovacs

Name: Hannah/Chanika Szanto

Birth: Feb 1891 Nyirthass, Szabolcs, Hungary

Death: 7 Jan 1944 Auschwitz, Poland

Father: Joszef Szanto

Mother: Sara (Zali) Weinberger (Veinberger)

Name: Paul Szanto

Birth: abt 1927 Ohio

Death: 24 Jul 1996 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States

Father: Andrew (András) Szántó

Mother: Juliánna Kovács

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