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Results for "szuba"

Name: Magdalena SZUBA

Birth: 4 May 1891 Lemkivshohyna, Poland

Death: 12 October 1951 Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Stanislawa Szuba

Mother: Julia Malarz

Name: Martin Peter Szuba

Birth: Sept 1958 Detrioit, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Death: 3 Oct, 2002 Haddonfield, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Father: Anthony Stanley Szuba

Mother: Mary Maher

Name: Gregory Szuba

Birth: 9 May 1921 Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania

Death: 19 Oct 1983 Emporium, Cameron, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Michael Szuba

Mother: Katarin Malanowska Maloney

Name: Helen Szuba

Birth: abt 1883 Poland

Death: 7 March 1962 Monessen, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Jakub Szuba

Mother: Anna Sczpelak

Name: John Szuba

Birth: 17 May 1892 Poland, Germany

Death: 21 JAN 1969 South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana, USA

Father: Wojciech "Albert" Szuba

Mother: Anna Kowalczyk

Name: Isabel Marie Szuba

Birth: 5 Dec 1913 Michigan

Death: 24 Dec 1998 Cortland, Trumbull, Ohio

Father: Lawrence Joseph (Szuba) SCHUBA

Mother: helen (steinberg) schuba/szuba

Name: John Frank Szuba

Birth: 21 Dec 1925 Massachusetts

Death: Apr 1978 Binghamton, Broome, New York, USA

Father: Jan Szuba

Mother: Anna Batroch

Name: Sophia D SZUBA

Birth: 8 Jun 1923 New Jersey

Death: 10 Feb 2010 Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey, USA

Father: John James SZUBA

Mother: Josephine WTOYKA

Name: Lawrence J Szuba

Birth: 1 Aug 1884 Poland/ Germany

Death: 28 Dec 1945 Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA

Father: Wojciech "Albert" Szuba

Mother: Anna Kowalczyk

Name: John George Szuba

Birth: 17 Feb 1921 Niagra Falls, New York, USA

Death: 12 Mar 2018 Huntington Beach, California

Father: Wojciech Szuba

Mother: Victoria Lipinska

Name: Andrzej Szuba

Birth: 23 Nov 1916 Czerniejewo, Poland

Death: 25 June 1993 Saint Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida, United States of America

Father: Ignacy Szuba

Mother: Katarzyna Hartwich

Name: Myron Szuba

Birth: 9//5//1921 New York

Death: Aug 1985 Sterling, Cayuga, New York, USA

Father: Jan Szuba

Mother: Anna Batroch

Name: Edward Szuba

Birth: 23 OCT 1916 Pennsylvania

Death: JAN 1987 Homestead, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Father: Stanley A Szuba

Mother: Marianna Mach

Name: Jan Henrik Szuba

Birth: 6 Apr 1925 Rudnick, Poland

Death: 2 Dec 1988 Sugar Tree, Decatur, Tennessee, United States of America

Father: Jozef Szuba

Mother: Julianny Chmielowski

Name: Bernard Robert Szuba

Birth: 17 December 1923 Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 31 August 2006 Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Barney M. Szuba

Mother: Mary Shenshook

Name: David Szuba

Birth: 1 Mar 1944 Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 10 Nov 2011 Erie County, New York, USA

Father: Harry Szuba

Mother: Marie R. Wiler

Name: Edward Szuba

Birth: 12 Sep 1920 Elizabeth, Mr

Death: 2004

Father: Ludwig "louis" Szuba

Mother: Nelly Amelia Gozennyeck

Name: Walter Ignatius Szuba

Birth: 07/JUL/1903 Krakow Poland

Death: 02/AUG/1965 Detroit, MI Gross Point Bon Sccure Hospital

Father: Albert Szuba

Mother: Catherine Gdula

Name: Adam Szuba

Birth: 24 Dec 1892 Dunaj, Mazowieckie, Poland

Death: 6 Dec 1937 Hancock, West Virginia, United States

Father: Adam Szuba

Mother: Rozalia Hibit

Name: Bronislaw Szuba

Birth: 21 Aug 1927 Lackawanna, Erie, New York

Death: 28 Jan 2010 Hamburg, Erie, New York

Father: John Szuba

Mother: Apolonia Pauline Strycharz

Name: Stella Szuba

Birth: 24 Dec 1920 New York

Death: 17 NOV 2000 Buffalo, New York, USA

Father: John Szuba

Mother: Apolonia Pauline Strycharz

Name: Victoria Frances Szuba

Birth: 17 April 1925 East Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, USA

Death: 27 July 1994 Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York, USA

Father: Jan Szuba

Mother: Anna Batroch

Name: Tomasz Szuba

Birth: 11 Nov 1888 Pustelnik, Mazowieckie, Poland

Death: 10 Sep 1968 Minsk Mazowiecki, Mazowieckie, Poland

Father: Franciszek Ksawery Szuba

Mother: Katarzyna Jerzak

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