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Name: Sylvia Thoma

Birth: 21 Jun 1907 Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa, USA

Death: 28 May 1999 East Dubuque, Jo Daviess, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Nicholas J Thoma

Mother: Henrietta Koempel

Name: John Thoma

Birth: 1925/03/23 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Death: 2012/02/03 Knox Community Hospital, Ohio, USA

Father: John Thoma

Mother: Ethel Edna Praither

Name: Jesse E Thoma

Birth: 10 Jul 1909 Blackwater, Cooper, Missouri, USA

Death: 24 Mar 1989 Cuba, Crawford, Missouri, USA

Father: George Edward Thoma

Mother: Nancy Prince

Name: Nora Thoma

Birth: 12 Jan 1900 Indiana, United States

Death: 12 Jan 1989 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States

Father: William Henry Thoma

Mother: Ota El SOWERS

Name: edward george thoma

Birth: 20 Dec 1862 Boonville, Cooper, Missouri, United States

Death: 31 Dec 1924 Boonville, Cooper, Missouri, United States

Father: Lorenz George Thoma

Mother: Margarethe Barbara Walther

Name: Erasmus Thoma

Birth: 26 Apr 1830 Baden

Death: 31 Jul 1909 Venice, Seneca, Ohio

Father: Joseph Thoma

Mother: Josepha Mangold

Name: Paul Thoma

Birth: 11.01.1843 Inzlingen, Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland

Death: 4 Apr 1927 West Bend, Washington, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Anselm THOMA

Mother: Juliana Gruny

Name: Herbert Arthur THOMA

Birth: 15 May 1928 Michigan

Death: 07 OCT 2012 Monroe, Michigan, USA

Father: Carl Philip Thoma

Mother: Ada Odessa SUNDAY

Name: Severin Thoma

Birth: 16 Sep 1827 Biengen, Germany

Death: 12 Nov 1899 136 Boerum St., Kings County, New York, USA

Father: Servin Thoma

Mother: Franziska THOMA

Name: Eugene P Thoma

Birth: 11 Nov 1911 Wisconsin

Death: 01 Sep 2000 Appleton, Calumet, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Henry John Thoma

Mother: Catherine Elizabeth Bauer

Name: Julianna Thoma

Birth: 15 Feb 1870 Aschaffenburg, Bayern, Germany

Death: 28 Aug 1950 Varina, Pocahontas, Iowa, USA

Father: John Conrad Thoma

Mother: Katharine Hackman(Herkmann)

Name: Arthur Henry Thoma

Birth: 19 Feb 1895 Weston, Dunn Co., Wisconsin

Death: 26 July 1977 Farmington, Waupaca County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Wilhelm Thoma

Mother: Bertha Scheel

Name: Carl James Thoma

Birth: 8 Apr 1918 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Death: 15 Jun 1996 Zephyrhills, Pasco, Florida, USA

Father: Stephen Thoma

Mother: Maria Kuhn

Name: Barbara Thoma

Birth: abt 1804 Baden

Death: 6 Jan 1892 Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States

Father: Johann Baptist Thoma

Mother: Maria Anna Kuess

Name: Barbara Thoma

Birth: 1803 Baden, GERMANY

Death: 21 April, 1879 Orange, NJ

Father: Joseph Thoma

Mother: Maria Josepha Bleile

Name: Charles E. Thoma

Birth: abt 1886 Pennsylvania

Death: 23 Feb 1959 Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Thoma

Mother: Alvaretta Whipple

Name: Carl Joseph Thoma

Birth: 03 Oct 1894 Ohio;United States of America

Death: 6 Nov 1964 Lorain, Lorain, Ohio, USA

Father: Charles J Thoma

Mother: Elizabeth Watson

Name: Marcella Thoma

Birth: 1910 Clyman, Dodge, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 6 AUG 1948 Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Mathias (Matt) Thoma

Mother: Mary Motl

Name: Paul Thoma

Birth: 26 Jun 1845 Germany

Death: 8 Mar 1922 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Christopher "Christoph" Thoma

Mother: Margaretta Arg

Name: Francis Alice Thoma

Birth: 11 Dec 1915 Ripon, San Joaquin, California, USA

Death: 4 Nov 1979 Lake Isabella, Kern, California, United States of America

Father: William Thoma

Mother: Emma Louise Buermele

Name: Jacob George Thoma

Birth: 1794 Pennsylvania, Somerset County, Pennsylvania

Death: 12 Sep 1883 Paris, Stark County, Ohio

Father: George Thoma


Name: Joseph Thoma

Birth: Dec 1887 Iowa

Death: 11 Oct 1939 Sioux City, Woodbury, Iowa, USA

Father: Anthony A Thoma

Mother: Anna Hoffman

Name: Caroline "Carrie" Thoma

Birth: 16 Dec 1899 Frenchtown T, Michigan

Death: 24 Apr 1992 Wyandotte, Wayne, Michigan

Father: Phillip J Thoma

Mother: Caroline J SCHEICH

Name: Bessie R Thoma

Birth: 10 Jul 1909 Blackwater, Cooper, Missouri, USA

Death: 03 Jan 1997 St. Louis County, Missouri, USA

Father: George Edward Thoma

Mother: Nancy Prince

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