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Name: Nicholas Anton' Trester

Birth: 17 January 1867 Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 18 May 1897 Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Carl Joseph Trester

Mother: Magdalena Reinwand

Name: Irma A Trester

Birth: Oct. 18, 1895 Wisconsin, USA

Death: 3 Oct 1992 Wisconsin, Sheboygan

Father: Adam Trester

Mother: Martha Mosel

Name: Alexander M Trester

Birth: 3 Sep 1890 Wisconsin

Death: 22 Jan 1958 Oroville, Butte County, California, United States of America

Father: Hubert (1867-1935) Trester

Mother: Maria Burkart (Trester)

Name: Edmund Trester

Birth: 12 Mar 1873 Madison, Iowa, United States

Death: 22 JAN 1957 Iowa

Father: James Martin Trester

Mother: Matilda Ann Yahne

Name: Mary Trester

Birth: 14 May 1861 Owens, Indiana, USA

Death: 1947 Putnam, Indiana, USA

Father: Phillip Neese

Mother: Mary Myers

Name: Fern Trester

Birth: abt 1904 Indiana

Death: July 1982 Mooresville, Morgan, Indiana, USA

Father: Frank S. Trester

Mother: Effie M Edwards

Name: Elmer Morton Trester

Birth: 24 Jan 1862 Marion Co, IN, USA

Death: 5 Jul 1940 OLD AUGUSTA, Marion, Indiana, United States

Father: Walter Briddle Trester

Mother: Eunice P Cole

Name: George W Trester

Birth: 1835 Indiana, United States

Death: 6 Jun 1910 Dearborn County, Indiana, USA

Father: Samuel William Trester

Mother: Sophia Briddle

Name: Edward Trester

Birth: 1880 Aurora, Indiana

Death: 18 Oct 1917 Butler County, Ohio

Father: George W. Trester

Mother: Mary Theis

Name: Asa Trester

Birth: 1901 Kentucky

Death: 2 Aug 1964 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

Father: Asa Trester

Mother: Minnie B Massia

Name: Jesse Les Trester

Birth: Oct 1854 Ohio, Indiana, United States

Death: Aft. 1930 Indiana

Father: Jesse Trester

Mother: Lavina Turner

Name: Jacob Trester

Birth: 1823 Indiana

Death: 22 September 1930 Des Moines County, Iowa, USA

Father: Michael Trester

Mother: Sarah Sally Henderson

Name: Hugo Fredrick Trester

Birth: 2 Aug 1890 Winona, Winona, MN

Death: 16 Nov 1970 Winona, Winona County, Minnesota

Father: Gustav Johann Trester

Mother: Anna Katherine Vick

Name: Alfred TRESTER

Birth: 4 Feb 1820 Washington, Dearborn County, Indiana, USA

Death: 1855 Anamosa, Jones, Iowa, United States

Father: Michael Trester

Mother: Sarah Sally Henderson

Name: Rhoda Ann Trester

Birth: 18 May 1864 Indiana, USA

Death: 02 Feb 1954 Aurora, Dearborn Co, Indiana

Father: Jesse Trester

Mother: Lavina Turner

Name: Martin Luther TRESTER

Birth: 1863 Indiana, United States

Death: 18 Dec 1943 Hendricks County, Indiana, USA

Father: William David Trester

Mother: Christina Roberts

Name: Harvey Trester

Birth: abt 1856 Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana, USA

Death: 16 Apr 1917 Marion County, Indiana

Father: Samuel William Trester

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Ball

Name: Carl Trester

Birth: 19 February 1835 Ehrenbreitstein, Koblenzer Stadtkreis, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Death: 22 December 1920 Sheboygan, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Hubert Franz Trester

Mother: Barbara Christina Basche

Name: Silas Spencer Trester

Birth: 3 Jun 1830 Dearborn County, Indiana

Death: 24 Sep 1902 Putnamville, Putnam, Indiana, United States

Father: David Spencer Trester

Mother: Elizabeth Marie Briddle

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