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Results for "venable"

Name: Mable Clare Venable

Birth: 4 Dec 1894 Nevada, Collin, Texas, USA

Death: 23 Jul 1971 Collin, Texas

Father: Walter Raleigh Venable

Mother: Florence Lee Frizzell

Name: William Venable

Birth: 07 DEC 1837 Virginia

Death: 30 APR 1926 Grover Township, Wayne, Illinois

Father: William S. Venable

Mother: Sarah W. Eades

Name: James David Venable

Birth: 9 Sep 1944 McDowell, West Virginia

Death: 10 Mar 2003 Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma

Father: James Elmer Venable

Mother: Evelyn Lawless

Name: Edgar Bonson Venable

Birth: 3 Apr 1907 Sweetwater, Nolan, Texas, USA

Death: 8 November 1986 Hooker, Texas, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Edgar Ed Venable

Mother: Julia Coetta Combs

Name: Joseph Atle Venable

Birth: 12 August 1896 Pleasant Hill, Pike, Illinois, United States

Death: 17 January 1971 St Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: Albert Venable

Mother: Katherine Yokem

Name: Lee Venable

Birth: 7 Jan 1887 Marlin, Falls, Texas, United States

Death: 15 Jan 1968 Hobart, Kiowa, Oklahoma, USA

Father: George Washington Green

Mother: Lutesia Baines (Green)

Name: Norman Venable

Birth: 25 Nov 1913 Miles City, Custer, Montana, USA

Death: 1996 Montana, USA

Father: Milton Venable

Mother: Cora A EIS

Name: John Wesley Venable

Birth: 25 Oct 1920 Eldora, Surry, North Carolina, USA

Death: 1/16/2004 Durham, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Father: John Venable

Mother: Minnie Louella Simpson

Name: Opal Vivian VENABLE

Birth: 21 Mar 1919 Clinchburg, Washington Co., VA

Death: 20 Jul 2003 Meadowview, Washington County, Virginia, USA

Father: Robert Thomas Venable

Mother: Lucy Ann Castle

Name: George W. Venable

Birth: 1870 Georgia

Death: 17 Jun 1927 Sanford, Seminole, Florida, USA

Father: Daniel Clower Venable

Mother: Roan Veal

Name: Vellmer P Venable

Birth: Dec 1886 Mississippi

Death: 18 Mar 1973 Hattiesburg, Forrest, Mississippi, United States of America

Father: Thomas Lafayette Venable

Mother: Corinne Reynolds

Name: Joseph Ezekiel VENABLE

Birth: 12 May 1833 AL, Jackson, Tennessee, United States

Death: 26 Feb 1908 Yell, Arkansas, United States,

Father: William Abner Venable

Mother: Mary Polly Dudley

Name: Cornelius Venable

Birth: 25 April 1871 Polk County, Georgia, USA

Death: 23 Oct 1950 Cedartown, Polk County, Georgia, USA

Father: William Jasper Venable

Mother: Sarah Jane Henderson

Name: Albert Lemuel Venable

Birth: 9/29/1886 Missouri

Death: 6/14/1950 St. Clair, Missouri

Father: Robert Venable

Mother: Rispa Ann Gamblin

Name: Joseph W. Venable

Birth: 05 Jan 1864 Livingston County, Missouri

Death: 7 Mar 1899 Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri, United States

Father: John Shepard Venable

Mother: Eliza J Crews

Name: Norris Venable

Birth: 29 April 1928 Church Point, Acadia, Louisiana

Death: 30 April 2014 (buried Our Lady of Sacred Heart Cemetery) Church Point, Acadia, Louisiana

Father: Armond Venable

Mother: Amyntha Lavergne

Name: Ralph T. Venable

Birth: 24 Sep 1914 Scott Co, VA

Death: 10 Jan 1995 Holston Valley Medical Center, Kingsport, Sullivan Co, TN

Father: Walter Edgar Venable

Mother: Effie E Herd

Name: Charles Venable

Birth: 08 jun 1908 Virginia

Death: 02Feb1985 libertytown, Worcester County, Maryland, USA

Father: Charles Patton Venable

Mother: Edna Earl Massey

Name: George Lyle Venable

Birth: 23 NOV 1891 Mercer Co, IL

Death: 6 Jun 1963 Wabash, Wabash, Indiana, USA

Father: Frederick Lyle Venable

Mother: Elizabeth Penson

Name: Stella Venable

Birth: 20 March 1911 Clinchburg, Washington, Virginia, USA

Death: 11 Feb 1983 Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., NC

Father: Robert Thomas Venable

Mother: Lucy Ann Castle

Name: Jasper H Venable

Birth: 9 Sept 1911 Texas, USA

Death: 3 Jan 1984 Westmorland, Imperial, California, USA

Father: Marcus A Venable

Mother: Martha J Henry

Name: Oscar Turner Venable

Birth: 21 Jan1877 Calaway County, Kentucky

Death: 24 SEP 1942 Calloway Co., KY

Father: James Marion Venable

Mother: Felecia Ann Bogard

Name: Sterling Andrew Venable

Birth: 30 September 1867 Smith County, Texas, USA

Death: Aug 28 1935 Ennis, Ellis, Texas, USA

Father: Hugh Venable

Mother: Sarah Alice Price Venable

Name: Edgar Monroe Venable

Birth: 5 Dec 1904 , Texas, Missouri

Death: 21 Oct 1965 Slater Saline County MO

Father: William L. Venable

Mother: Ida Isabelle Harper

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