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Name: John Vroonland

Birth: abt 1860 Netherlands

Death: 21 MAR 1939 Grand Rapids, Mich.

Father: Jan Vroonland

Mother: Jacomina Jasperse

Name: Bastiaan Vroonland

Birth: 20 NOV 1826 Nisse, Borsele, Zeeland, Netherlands

Death: 5 FEB 1901 Nisse, Borsele, Zeeland, Netherlands

Father: Marinus Vroonland

Mother: Elizabeth Knuijt

Name: Elisabeth Leijnse Vroonland

Birth: 6 Oct 1728 Goes, Zeeland, Netherlands

Death: 24 Apr 1812 Nieuwland, Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands

Father: Leijn Pieters Vroonland

Mother: Jacoba Dingemanse Kasteleijn

Name: Christiaan Marinusse Vroonland

Birth: Abt. 1699 's-Heerenshoek

Death: Abt. Dec 1770 Baarsdorp

Father: *Marinus Pieterse Vroonland

Mother: *Catharina Christiaanse Pover

Name: Mary Lou Vroonland

Birth: 3 Oct 1937 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA

Death: 20 Jan 2006 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA

Father: Gerrit Vroonland

Mother: Ferne Ten Brink

Name: Janna Vroonland

Birth: 4 OCT 1820 Colijnsplaat

Death: 26 JUL 1895 Kortgene

Father: Leendert Vroonland

Mother: Willemina van Neuren (Neuzen)

Name: Pieter Vroonland

Birth: 30 Jun 1876 Leimuiden (Kaag en Braassem), Zuid-Holland, Nederland

Death: 15 Jul 1952 Leimuiden (Kaag en Braassem), Zuid-Holland, Nederland

Father: Eduard Pieter Vroonland

Mother: Maria Westerhuizen

Name: Petrus Marinusse Vroonland

Birth: 12 APR 1708 's-Heerenhoek, Z

Death: 23 FEB 1747 's-Heerenhoek, Z

Father: Marinus Pieterse Vroonland

Mother: Catharina Christiaanse Pover

Name: Johanna Vroonland

Birth: 1902 Heinkenszand,ZE,NLD

Death: 23 JUN 1947 Goes,ZE,NLD

Father: Cornelis Vroonland

Mother: Apolonia Everaard

Name: Pieter (Vroiland) Vroonland

Birth: 1 MAY 1767 Colijnsplaat

Death: BEF 1811 Kats

Father: Pieter (Vroiland) Vroonland

Mother: Maria Klaasdr Goeding

Name: Pieter Marinus Vroonland

Birth: Abt 1640 Kapelle, Zeeland, Nederland

Death: 21 May 1713 's-Heerenhoek, Zeeland, Nederland

Father: Marinus Huybregtse Vroonland

Mother: Neeltje Huybregts

Name: Matthias Marinusse Vroonland

Birth: 22 NOV 1783 Hoedekenskerke,ZL,The Netherlands

Death: 19 MAR 1847 Hoedekenskerke,ZL,The Netherlands

Father: Marinus Vroonland

Mother: Jacomina Matthijsse Strobbaerts

Name: Clasina Vroonland

Birth: Abt. Dec 1739 's-Heerenshoek

Death: Abt. 1783 Ovezande

Father: Petrus Marinusse Vroonland

Mother: Cornelia Bartelse Bos

Name: Pieter Vroonland

Birth: 8 OCT 1776 Kloetinge

Death: 14 FEB 1820 Kloetinge

Father: Hubrecht Vroonland

Mother: Cornelia Verburg

Name: Hubrecht Pieterse Vroonland

Birth: 19 November 1742 Hoedekenskerke Z

Death: 22 February 1828 Hoedekenskerke Z

Father: Petrus Marinusse Vroonland

Mother: Cornelia Bartelse Bos

Name: Johannes Pieters Vroonland

Birth: 31 May 1693 's Heerenhoek

Death: 1730 Colijnsplaat, Noord-Beveland, Zeeland, Netherlands

Father: Pieter Marinusz Vroonland

Mother: Adriaentjen Joris

Name: Cornelia Vroonland

Birth: 01aug1814 Baarland, Borsele, Zeeland, Netherlands

Death: 23 DEC 1857 Nisse

Father: Matthias Marinusse Vroonland

Mother: Francina Rijk

Name: Willemina Lena Vroonland

Birth: 5 APR 1876 Wissekerke

Death: 15 Sep 1966 Wissenkerke,Zeeland,Netherlands

Father: Pieter Vroonland

Mother: Wilhelmina Koets

Name: Anthonia Vroonland

Birth: 2 Feb 1872 Opijnen, , Gelderland, Netherlands

Death: 28 JAN 1939 Hoensbroek

Father: Johannes Loef Vroonland

Mother: Maria van Belkum

Name: Matthijs Vroonland

Birth: 25 FEB 1857 's-Heerenshoek

Death: 4 JAN 1937 Vlissingen

Father: Marinus Vroonland

Mother: Catharina Moisson

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