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Name: Alfred Underwood Weberg

Birth: 31 Jul 1883 R.M. of Rockwood, Manitoba, Canada

Death: 1975 Glendale, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Father: Godfred Magnus Weberg

Mother: Martha Underwood

Name: Clara Weberg

Birth: Jan 1860 Morrisania, Westchester, New York, United States

Death: 26 Mar 1916 New York City, New York, USA

Father: John Anderson Weberg

Mother: Ann Elizabeth Hunter

Name: Sofia Weberg

Birth: 19 Nov 1887 Puttom, Finland

Death: 1940 Ensign, Delta, Michigan, USA

Father: Isaac Sebeck

Mother: Sophia Söderman

Name: Clifton Weberg

Birth: 4 Feb 1917 Breedsville, Van Buren, Michigan, USA

Death: 10 Jan 1990 St Joseph, Berrien, Michigan

Father: Johan Adolf Johansson (Weberg)

Mother: Emma Albertina Johnson

Name: Martin Weberg

Birth: 08 NOV 1870 Vinäs, Mora, Dalarna, Sweden

Death: 04 APR 1953 Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, Minnesota, USA

Father: Kånåhols Anders Andersson

Mother: Kufver Maja Persdotter

Name: Jacob Weberg

Birth: Feb 1854 New York City, Manhattan, NY, USA

Death: 1913 New York, United States

Father: John Anderson Weberg

Mother: Ann Elizabeth Hunter

Name: Wallace Winfred Weberg

Birth: 29 Dec 1922 Goodhue, Minnesota

Death: 12 Oct 1992 Goodhue, Minnesota

Father: Titus Winfred Weberg

Mother: Rosie Sophia Swanson

Name: Mary Ellen Weberg

Birth: 1924 Mendon, Michigan

Death: 6 March 2011 Lake County, Florida, United States of America

Father: Elwin Victor Weberg

Mother: Mildred Marie TOMLINSON

Name: Ervin A Weberg

Birth: 09/Jan/1926 Polk County, Minnesota, USA

Death: 18 January 1998 Trail, Polk, Minnesota, USA

Father: Elias Arthur Weberg

Mother: Emma Theodora Tollefson

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