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Results for "weldon"

Name: James B. Weldon

Birth: abt 1863 Daviess, Missouri, United States

Death: 1908 California, United States

Father: Ebenezer E WELDON

Mother: Elizabeth JENNINGS

Name: Sally Belle Weldon

Birth: 20 Sep 1906 Kentucky

Death: 10 August 1975 McCreary, Kentucky

Father: William Alexander Weldon

Mother: Mattie Lee French

Name: Ebenezer Weldon

Birth: Sep 22, 1835 Daviess County, Missouri, USA

Death: Oct 16, 1909 Wagoner County, Oklahoma

Father: Benedict Weldon

Mother: Charity Ann Best/Weldon

Name: Charles E Weldon

Birth: 21 Aug 1902 New Britain

Death: 14 Jun 2001 Old Saybrook, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Father: Harry Buckley WELDON

Mother: Nellie Nile

Name: Pearl B Weldon

Birth: 19 Sep 1902 Dover Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Death: 31 Dec 1997 Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio

Father: Silas John Weldon

Mother: Nela Putt

Name: Maudie Mae Weldon

Birth: 27 July 1907 Pitkin, Vernon Parish, Louisiana, USA

Death: 28 March 2007 Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA

Father: Gilbert Weldon

Mother: Ida Hill

Name: Reddie Weldon

Birth: 11 February 1900 Bell County, Texas, USA

Death: 8 Jun 1939 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Jasper Weldon

Mother: Mary Ann Sisco

Name: William Weldon

Birth: 06 Jun 1921 Vance, North Carolina, USA

Death: 19 Jul 1997 James City Co, Virginia

Father: Roy Thomas Weldon

Mother: Lucy Plummer Winn

Name: Leah Jane Weldon

Birth: Sep 1864 Bangor, Wisconsin

Death: January 3, 1920 Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa, USA

Father: Richard Wheldon

Mother: **Sarah Ann Oakes

Name: James Alfred Weldon

Birth: 4 Jan 1905 Bristol, Ellis, Texas, United States

Death: 13 Nov 1961 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, USA

Father: James Thomas Weldon

Mother: Alice Obedience Beckham


Birth: 25 Nov 1895 Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma, United States of America

Death: 31 Dec 1974 Lane County, Oregon, USA

Father: Albert G. Welden

Mother: Louisa Caroline Jeffries

Name: Emma Lou Weldon

Birth: 15 June 1871 Shady Grove, Upshur County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 10 April 1935 Texas, United States of America

Father: William Green Weldon

Mother: Sarah Jane Myhand

Name: Margaret "Lelia" Weldon

Birth: 9 Sep 1885 Spring Hill, Sumter, South Carolina, USA

Death: 12 May 1978 Lithia Springs, Douglas, Georgia, USA

Father: John Wesley Weldon

Mother: Sarah Weldon

Name: Amanda Missouri Weldon

Birth: 13 Aug 1876 Ga

Death: 7 July 1950 Colquitt, Georgia, USA

Father: John Jackson Weldon

Mother: Rebecca Tucker

Name: Ernest Weldon

Birth: 18 Jan 1885* N S, Parsborough

Death: 12 Sep 1951* Milton, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA*

Father: Bamford James Weldon

Mother: Margaret Ann Killam

Name: John Allen Weldon

Birth: 22 AUG 1929 Dallas, TX, USA

Death: 14 June 1982 Houston, TX, USA

Father: James Alfred Weldon

Mother: Martha Prisalla Conway

Name: Caroline Weldon

Birth: December 23, 1836 Ormstown, Quebec, Canada

Death: December 9, 1919 Kentland, Newton, Indiana, USA

Father: Hugh McNown

Mother: Margaret Stewart

Name: Martha A. Weldon

Birth: 19 Mar 1882 Winnsboro, Louisiana

Death: 14 February 1922 Pitkin, Vernon Parish, Louisiana, USA

Father: John Jacob Weldon

Mother: Amanda Jordan

Name: John Leonard Weldon

Birth: 5 Nov 1882 Jefferson, Alabama, USA

Death: 30 Dec 1947 Garland, Arkansas, USA

Father: Elbert Henry Weldon

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Wideman

Name: Thomas B Weldon

Birth: 22 Oct 1886 , Warren, North Carolina, USA

Death: 17 Aug 1962 Warren, North Carolina, USA

Father: Nathaniel Buchanan Weldon

Mother: Julia Brickle

Name: Marian Eileen Weldon

Birth: 13 Apr 1919 Toledo, Ohio

Death: 25 May 2002 Multnomah, Oregon, United States

Father: Howard Louis Weldon

Mother: Marian U Rollins

Name: Patrick WELDON

Birth: 16 Sep 1873 McDonald, Washington, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 17 March 1925 Hickory, Mercer, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Owen Weldon

Mother: Hannah Christie

Name: Rittie Weldon

Birth: 25 Feb 1874 Sheridan, Crittenden, Kentucky, USA

Death: 19 January 1941 Crittenden County, Kentucky, United States of America

Father: William E. Welden

Mother: Elizabeth Jane Clark (Weldon)(Gibbs)

Name: Benjamin H. Weldon

Birth: Dec 1889 texas

Death: 16 Nov 1960 VA Hospital, Bonham, Fannin, Texas, USA

Father: Frances Weldon

Mother: Francis H Crum

Name: Sattie Catherine Weldon

Birth: Sep 1861 Georgia

Death: 07 May 1941 Crisp County Georgia

Father: William Jesse Weldon

Mother: Catherine Belethia Warren

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