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Results for "wells"

Name: Rachael Wells

Birth: Apr 1890 Michigan

Death: 19 Oct 1936 Frederic, Crawford, Michigan, USA

Father: John D. Wells

Mother: ANNA Amelia Pratt

Name: Dewy Wells

Birth: 15 May 1903 Kentucky

Death: 23 April 1975 Nicholasville, Jessamine, Kentucky, USA

Father: Henry Clay Wells

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Botts_Wells

Name: Susanna Rachel Wells

Birth: 23 Mar 1813 Milnersville, Guernsey, OH, USA

Death: 18 Feb 1896 West Chester, Tuscarawas, OH, USA

Father: Moses Wells

Mother: Betsy Stuart

Name: Washington Wells

Birth: Mar 17, 1839 Fulton County, Illinois

Death: 18 Jul 1927 West Fork, Washington, Arkansas, USA

Father: Daniel -1802 Wells =John

Mother: Joanna Roberts

Name: Ida M Wells

Birth: 3/18/1867 Jordan Township, Green County, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 19 Dec 1954 Monroe, Green Co., WI

Father: Addison Phillip Wells

Mother: Sarah E. Divan

Name: Thomas Alfred wells

Birth: 28 Aug 1848 Warwick, Warwickshire, England

Death: 28 Nov 1921 Paradise Place |Peckham

Father: Thomas Wells

Mother: Mary Bailey

Name: William Francis Wells

Birth: 8 Sep 1860 , Green, Wisconsin

Death: 31 Jan 1925 Chicago, Cook, Illinois

Father: Thomas L Wells

Mother: Mary NIFFENEGGER Wells

Name: Andrew Wells

Birth: 1861 Georgia, United States

Death: 16 Jan 1953 Fort Steilacoom, Pierce, Washington

Father: Hiram Philips Wells

Mother: Susannah Pence

Name: John Humphrey Wells

Birth: 10 JUL 1826 ALABAMA

Death: 20 August 1889 Chunky, Newton, Mississippi, United States

Father: Thomas W Wells

Mother: Lydia Beckham Mosley Wells

Name: Mildred Wells

Birth: 18 Jun 1874 Atlanta, Macon Co., Missouri

Death: 21 Feb 1953 Atlanta, Macon Co., Missouri.

Father: John Riley Wells

Mother: Amy Batterton

Name: Julia Wells

Birth: 8 May 1866 Vermont USA

Death: 1954 Oklahoma, USA

Father: Orsamus M Wells

Mother: Orissa C. Wells

Name: Phebe Wells

Birth: 27 Feb 1839 Rhode Island

Death: 16 Mar 1907 Connecticut

Father: Joshua Wells

Mother: Susanna Matteson

Name: Frank Hermann Wells

Birth: abt 1873 Ontario

Death: 30 JUN 1933 York, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Wells

Mother: Hannah Lavina Briggs

Name: Selina wells

Birth: April 1850 Lewisham, London

Death: Oct 1932 Chelsea, London, England

Father: Thomas Wells

Mother: Sarah Rebecca Coltman

Name: Daniel Wells

Birth: abt 1793 Slaugham, Sussex, England

Death: July 1871 Lewes, Sussex

Father: Daniel Wells

Mother: Mary Stone

Name: Mary Wells

Birth: 1860 Sileby, Leicestershire, England

Death: 5 Jun 1946 Huntsville, 1654318, Ontario, Canada

Father: William Wells

Mother: Harriett Holland

Name: Hannah "Alice" WELLS

Birth: 30 July 1848 Huntington, OH

Death: 2 Mar 1888 Linwood, Portage, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Allen Clinton Wells

Mother: Hannah Olivia Eggleston

Name: James WELLS

Birth: about 1815 York, Yorkshire, England

Death: Jul 1892 Yorkshire East Riding, United Kingdom

Father: George Wells

Mother: Mary "Ann" Reed

Name: Joseph E. Wells

Birth: January 1846 Atglen, Chester Co, Pennsylvania

Death: Abt. 1935 New Jersey, USA

Father: George M Wells

Mother: Mary Maria

Name: Howard George Wells

Birth: 1 Oct 1905 Colorado, USA

Death: 28 May 1972 Woodland, Yolo, California, USA

Father: Nelson Drue Wells

Mother: Lula Alice Pratt

Name: Roxie L Wells

Birth: 30 Jul 1893 Ohio

Death: 21 Sept 1953 Springfield, Williams, Ohio, USA

Father: Alonzo Wells

Mother: Eva E Goodwin

Name: Mary Alice WELLS

Birth: 22 Feb 1880 Luling, Caldwell, Texas, USA

Death: 8//5//1956 Austin, Travis, Texas

Father: William Wells

Mother: Martha French

Name: William Speed Wells

Birth: Aug 1838 Kentucky

Death: 1910 Kentucky, United States

Father: Abraham WELLS

Mother: Caroline SHARP WELLS

Name: Homer L Wells

Birth: 4 oct 1884 Indiana, USA

Death: 2 JAN 1928 Hendricksville, Greene, Indiana

Father: Levi H Wells

Mother: Lydia LANG

Name: Elizabeth Montgomery Wells

Birth: 3/1829 Williamson County, Tennessee, USA

Death: after 1910 Maury County, Tennessee, USA

Father: Thomas Lea Wells/Wills

Mother: Mary Polly Staggs

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