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Name: Benjamin Lawton Willingham

Birth: April 21, 1829 South Carolina

Death: 17 FEB 1898 Macon, Ga

Father: Thomas Willingham

Mother: Phoebe Sarah Lawton

Name: Harvey M Willingham

Birth: 08Jan1894 Georgia

Death: 24 October 1950 Richmond, Georgia

Father: Benjamin Hughes Willingham

Mother: Elizabeth Garrard (Willingham)

Name: James Leon Willingham

Birth: 31 January 1936 Shamrock, Wheeler, Texas, USA

Death: 28 Aug 2016 Odessa, Ector County, Texas

Father: Allan Basil Willingham

Mother: Bonnie LaDell Galbreath

Name: Anna Louise Willingham

Birth: 19 Aug 1864 Georgia, USA

Death: 16 Feb 1955 Riverside County, California, USA

Father: Edward George Willingham

Mother: Anna Cornelia Kirk

Name: Henry T. Willingham

Birth: 6 Jul 1913 Kentucky, USA

Death: 17 Jun 1973 Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA

Father: Henry Taylor Willingham

Mother: Daisy Jane Keach

Name: Anna Willingham

Birth: 12 May 1908 Henderson, Kentucky, USA

Death: 11 Apr 1983 Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA

Father: Jarrett Ovid Willingham

Mother: Maggie J. (Mays)Willingham

Name: William Glen Willingham

Birth: 07 Feb 1899 Illinois

Death: 16 Jul 1985 Flower Hospital

Father: William Edward Willingham

Mother: Nancy Myers

Name: Arthur C Willingham

Birth: 15 May 1890 Texas, United States of America

Death: 05 Feb 1965 Jasper, Texas, USA

Father: John W Willingham

Mother: Mary DRENNAN

Name: Maggie Willingham

Birth: abt 1873 Georgia

Death: 4 January 1945 Upson County, Georgia, United States of America

Father: Thomas Jeff Willingham

Mother: Margaret Ann ALEXANDER

Name: Violet Cleo WILLINGHAM

Birth: 20 Apr 1906 Delta, Clay Co., Alabama

Death: 1987 Clay County, Alabama, USA

Father: Henry Cortez Willingham

Mother: Nancy Cook

Name: Elizabeth Willingham

Birth: 27 NOV 1593 Habrough, Lincolnshire, England

Death: abt 1662 Stallingborough, Lincolnshire, England

Father: Thomas Willingham

Mother: Elezabeath Smyth

Name: Betty Marie WILLINGHAM

Birth: 1928/03/06 Houston County, Texas

Death: 2006/04/16 Crockett, Houston County, Texas

Father: Charles WILLINGHAM

Mother: Edna Mae EAVES

Name: Richard Harrison Willingham

Birth: 17 Apr 1875 Wolfe City, Hunt, Texas, United States

Death: 20 Sep 1937 Laurel Land Memorial, Dallas, Texas, United States

Father: George William Willingham

Mother: Harriett Cobb

Name: Parker Willingham

Birth: abt 1903 Texas

Death: Feb 1987 Denton, Denton, TX

Father: Arnold Pleasant Willingham

Mother: Josephine Sophrona Sims

Name: Nancy Willingham

Birth: 12 Aug 1831 Alabama, United States

Death: 24 May 1919 Grandview, Johnson, Texas, USA

Father: Reuben C Willingham

Mother: Elizabeth Owen HUDSON

Name: Bernard Eugene Willingham

Birth: 7 September 1908 Cleburne, Johnson County, Texas, United States of America

Death: 20 May 1972 Woodson, Throckmorton, Texas, United States

Father: Thomas Willingham

Mother: Florence Idella Wolfe

Name: Charles H Willingham

Birth: May 1868 Bealeton, Fauquier County, Virginia, USA

Death: 1935 Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Father: Alexander "Alex" Willingham

Mother: Eliza E McConchie

Name: Charles J. WILLINGHAM

Birth: Aug 1865 , , Georgia

Death: 21 Aug 1927 , Jasper, Georgia

Father: Theophilus Willingham

Mother: Susan Hatcher


Birth: 29 JUN 1878 Texas

Death: 27 NOV 1940 Dallas County, TX

Father: Lewis Fountain Willingham

Mother: Missouri Antoinette Moore

Name: Jerry DeWitt Willingham

Birth: 12 Oct 1938 Mississippi

Death: 8 Nov 2011 Alabama

Father: Dewitt Talmadge Willingham

Mother: Golden Jesse Fanning

Name: John Daniel Willingham

Birth: 1 May 1868 Alabama

Death: 2 December 1946 Waco, McLennan County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Alfred Willingham

Mother: Mary Jane Watson

Name: Doris Lee Willingham

Birth: 1935 Belmont Mississippi US

Death: 22 APR 2004 Golden, Mississippi

Father: William F Willingham

Mother: Winnie Mae Foster

Name: Harry Eugene WILLINGHAM

Birth: 27 Oct 1895 South Carolina, USA

Death: 22 May 1974 Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, United States of America

Father: Theodore Boinest Willingham

Mother: Katerine Christmas

Name: John H. Willingham

Birth: 17 Jul 1869 Washington, Texas, USA

Death: 17 Jun 1929 Brenham, Washington County, Texas, USA

Father: Alfred Jackson Willingham

Mother: Martha O'NEAL

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