Other Notable Black Canadians:

  • Willie O’Ree was born October 15, 1935 in Fredericton, New Brunswick and his claim to fame was being the first Black NHL player. He played for the Boston Bruins. Willie received the Order of New Brunswick in 2005 and the Order of Canada in 2008 for "his pioneering contributions to the development of professional hockey and for his tireless dedication to promoting the sport to minority youth in Canada and the Untied States."

  • Marie-Joseph Angélique, a Portuguese-born black slave, died on June 21, 1734. She was convicted of burning her owner’s home down, and within three days, conviceted of burning forty-six buildings in the merchant sector of Rue Saint-Paul, a hospital, and a convent in what’s now Old Montreal. In a controversial case with no proof of guilt or innocence Marie-Joseph was tortured and hung at the gallows and her dead body thrown into a fire. The transcripts are available at CanadianMysteries.ca.

  • The first appointed Black Judge in Quebec, Juanita Westmoreland-Traore, born in Verdun 1942, also holds the distinction of being the first black dean of a law school at the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Law. Westmoreland-Traore was the Commissioner for the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

  • The first Canadian born Black Olympic medalist, Raymond Gray Lewis. Rapid Ray was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1910 (October 8, 1910 – November 15, 2003) and was a track and field athlete who suffered racism at Hamilton's Central Collegiate. For 22 years he worked as a porter for the Canadian Pacific Railway and was allegedly seen running alongside the trains at stopovers. Lewis won a bronze medal as part of the 4x400 metre relay team at the 1932 summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California. He received the Order of Canada in 2001.

  • Also see African American History including information and historical records about Denzel Washington, Rosa Parks, William Carney, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Slave Narratives.


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