Using Ancestry Community

Accessing Ancestry Community

To access the Ancestry Community section, simply select the Ancestry Community tab on the main navigation bar.

ancestry community section

You’ll find a host of different topics and Message Boards. Unlike some other “family history” websites our comprehensive Message Boards are all FREE to use, so you can easily post and receiving messages even if you’re not a currently paying Ancestry Member.


Connecting with Other Ancestry Members with Common Ancestors

If you’re trying to connect with other Ancestry Members searching for common ancestors, then “Member Connections” is a great place to start. Simply click the “View all connections now” link to start searching and connecting with other members.

ancestry member connections

Alternatively, take some time to browse through the different Message Boards options open to you to locate the Message Board you wish to view or post a message to.

You can also easily search Surname Message Boards by locating the “Find a Board” option and entering the surname details of the ancestor you’re researching.

ancestry message boards


Posting a Message Board request

Once you’ve located a Message Board or Message Boards of interest to you, you’re more than likely want to post a message or information request. What’s more, given the size of our active Community base you shouldn’t have to wait long before you start to receive responses.

You’ll find these all under the “Ancestry Community” tab on the primary navigation bar.

ancestry message board search

You can easily add a new posting or request for assistance at any time, by selecting the “Begin New Thread” option located towards the top of the relevant Message Board for the surname you’re researching for.

ancestry begin new thread


Creating & Editing your Community (Public) Profile

ancestry setting member profile

Creating as comprehensive a Member Profile as possible will ensure you give yourself the best opportunity to engage with other Ancestry members to not only discover more about your ancestors’ past but also gain insights and tips into researching, using the Ancestry.co.uk site and more.

You can easily create and update your Community Profile at any time by selecting the “My Public Profile” link on the Ancestry Community homepage.

ancestry my public profile

Since all information sits within your account details, you have complete control over what your chose to enter and display. No other members will be able to access and amend your profile.

Your Community Profile is waiting for you, why not create or edit it here now?

Finally, keep a look out for too for our regular Ancestry Member and Visitor polls on the Ancestry Community Homepage. This is your chance to give us your thoughts and feedback on a range of different topics from new record collections, to the website, family tree-building features and more.

ancestry community polls


Further Help & Links

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