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Heritage Day Celebration

In honour of Heritage Day, Ancestry.ca is offering three days of free access to the entire worldwide collection, including records from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and more. Sign up before the end of February to enjoy your unlimited 3 days access and reflect on the people that have contributed to your personal heritage. Sign up now.

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Coming Soon to Ancestry.ca: Drouin Collection
This collection of records, acquired from the Drouin Institute in Canada with cooperation from the University of Montreal, is considered to be the best genealogical resource for French-Canadian research. It contains the names of 37 million people collected on church records in Quebec, Ontario, and other U.S. French regions from the late 1600s to the 1940s. Churches, not the government, were the main record keepers during this period.

Improved Hints on Member Trees
You know the shaking green leaf icons on your Member Tree? The ones that signal Ancestry.ca has found a possible matching record for you on its site? Ancestry.ca has reworked the hints so they are more effective than ever. Besides being able to find even more matching records, our ability to filter out non-matching records has improved 400 percent. Read more about the improved hints and other new Member Tree features.

Tracing Your African American Roots
Think researching your African American roots is impossible? Think again. In honor of Black History Month, Ancestry.ca is releasing a new census filter tool to help you locate your African American ancestors. Plus, a new page combines all our resources for researching your African American heritage on one page. Learn more about the largest collection of online African American records.

The Generations Network, Inc. Gets a Name Changes
The Generations Network, Inc., parent company of Ancestry.ca, recently changed its name to The Generations Network, Inc. The Generations Network, Inc. owns MyFamily.com, Ancestry.ca, Ancestry.co.uk, Ancestry.ca, Ancestry.com.au, Ancestry.de, Rootsweb.com, and Genealogy.com. Its mission remains the same: To connect families across distance and time. Read a full press release.

Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850–1934
5 million people from Germany and Central and Eastern Europe passed through the port at Hamburg, Germany, between 1850 and 1934. More than 2 million of those names have already been indexed and are now available at Ancestry.ca, with more to come. Search the lists for your immigrant ancestors now.

Check out 24/7 Family History Circle, an online forum where you can see what people are saying about family history topics and voice your own opinion.

View a list of all the new and updated databases.


Chapel of Love

Take a break from your hard core family history research and have some fun. Search the Nevada Marriage and Divorce Indexes for celebrities, friends—and OK, admit it, past loves—who tied the knot in Vegas. Or check out our love predictor to find out how often someone with your name marries someone with your honey’s in Nevada.

Learn more about the Nevada Marriage and Divorce Indexes.

Ancestry 101

A New Search for
an Old Name

You know the adage: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again. The great thing about Ancestry.ca is that it’s dynamic! Search features improve and new content is continually added. This month, try searching again for a name that has eluded you in the past. This may be your lucky search.


Learn More

Advanced Searching on Ancestry.ca

Member Tree Updates—Exporting GEDCOM Files and Migrating OneWorldTree Information


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