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Ancestry and the Calgary Stampede

If you missed out on this year's Calgary Stampede you can still catch up on its history. Using census records, World War I draft registration cards, and New York passenger lists, we were able to learn more about the history of its founders and famous rodeo kings. Read more about the connection between Ancestry and the Calgary Rodeo.

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New at Ancestry.ca
Indian Census Schedules, 1885–1940
Personalized Learning
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Toilets and TVs
New at Ancestry.ca

Italian and French Sites
Ancestry is extending its reach even farther. New sites for Italy and France—www.ancestry.it and www.ancestry.fr —have just arrived. Read more.

Indian Census Schedules, 1885–1940
Searching for your ancestry sometimes seems difficult. Searching for your Native American ancestry sometimes seems impossible. If you’re searching for American Indian branches on your family tree, check out the new Indian census schedules available on Ancestry. Taken every year after 1885 by superintendents of Indian reservations, they are some of the best records available for Native American research. Learn more about the Indian census schedules, now available on Ancestry. Learn more about the Indian census schedules, now available on Ancestry.

Coming Soon to Ancestry.ca:

DNA Testing
Ancestry recently announced a partnership with DNA research firm Sorenson Genomics. Look for more announcements in the future about new DNA testing options. In the meantime, read a press release on the partnership.

Australian Convicts List, 1788–1868
The names of almost 200,000 convicts sent from the British Isles to Australia will soon be available. These lists comprise the largest collection of convict transportation registers available online.

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Personalized Learning
Want to know more about your Swedish ancestors? How to locate a marriage certificate? This month’s ten minute mission is to use the Ancestry Learning Centre to find an article on a topic that interests you. Simply click the Learning Centre tab on the homepage and search for a topic.


Ancestry.ca wants to hear from you!

Have you discovered a surprising find in the Ontario vital records? Secret marriages? Illegitimate children? Shocking death details? If you have a success story you'd be willing to share, we want to hear from you! Please email your story to AMUeditor@ancestry.com.

Interesting Finds

Toilets and TVs
The 1960 U.S. census has not been released, but I found a website with all the questions asked that year. Two interesting ones—“Is there a flush toilet in this house or building?” and “Do you have any television sets?” Go here to see the complete list of 1960 U.S. census questions.

-- Anonymous

Send in your fun and interesting finds. Include links to records if available.

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New at Ancestry: Military Records Collection.

Learning to Attach Audio to Your Family Tree

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