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Summer is finally here! And to brighten up your day, we’ve got our latest newsletter loaded with terrific summer reading. Inside you’ll find highlights of Canadian collections, news on our recent releases, a captivating article on how we restore historical records from around the world, and much more. So get out of the sun, grab a cool drink and enjoy the read!

FEATURE STORY: Canadian Collections
Canada Celebrates its 142nd Birthday!
Ancestry.ca may be a global resource for finding your family story but, in celebration of Canada’s 142nd Birthday, what better time than the present to search your Canadian roots. Over the years, we’ve added a wealth of Canadian records to our site; The Drouin Collection, The Canadian Passenger Lists Collection, the Historical Canadian Census Collection and countless more.  You can even reach out to other Ancestry members via our online community - whether you’re looking for a relative in Canada or around the world we’ve got the resources to make your search easier. Check out some of our more popular Canadian Collections.

Census of Canada Collection:
1901, 190619111916.

1800s: 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891.

Quebec Vital & Church Records: Over 300 years of records in the Drouin Collection, the best resource for French-Canadians.

Birth, Marriage & Death Records:
Vital records provide rich details and form the backbone of your story.

Canadian Passenger Lists:
Find your immigrant ancestor. Discover 7 million names, 40 years and 4000 ships.

Search all Ancestry records

In This Issue

Honolulu Passenger Lists, 1900–1955
Lodi, Lombardia, Italy: Civil Registration Records,
Criminal Registers, England and Wales, 1805–1892

The OGS Conference, mentioned in our June newsletter, was held at Sheridan College not Seneca. Sorry for the confusion.

New Technology Saves Records
Ancestry is committed to helping you discover your family story. That's why we spend billions of hours each year scanning and indexing historical documents. Occasionally, this commitment also requires creative solutions.

Such was the case when Ancestry employee Jack Reese came across the 1851 Manchester, England Census, which had been rendered illegible by floodwater and mold. Determined to save this record as well as the information and stories it held from being lost forever, he built a highly specialized camera that could make the faded names visible. The result? More than 200,000 names will remain a part of history for generations to come.

Feedback:Do your roots reach all the way back to Germany or France?
Let us know all about it by:
1. Sending us a full account of the ancestor you discovered and their story.
2. Sending us your ancestor’s full name and all key vital dates available – birth, marriage (when, where and to whom), children, occupation, etc.
3. Including any historical records you’ve found through your search – birth records, marriage records, military records, etc.
4. Including any additional mementos you’ve discovered along the way – photos, medals, awards, etc.

And lastly, don’t forget to include your name, where you’re from and your contact details including phone number and email address.

NEW COLLECTIONS: Available for Canadian Deluxe Members
Canada Obituary Collection
Obituaries can be a veritable goldmine of genealogical information – names, dates, places of birth and death, spouses, family relations and so much more! Our collection is constantly being updated with obituaries published in Canadian newspapers and collected from online sources. It’s a great place to go looking for those hard-to-find ancestors.

Maple Leaves: Canadian History
Published in 1873, this collection features a broad range of sketches that were gathered from popular magazines of the time. From early Canadian heroes and heroines to a study of our country’s birds to an article on the evolution of surnames in Canada, this book offers fascinating insight into the early years of our great nation. Plus, for everyone who’s researching their Canadian roots, there’s an in-depth look at the regions of Canada and where their settlers emigrated from as well as a list of British Officers who married in Canada. Check out this incredible find!

NEW COLLECTIONS: Available for Canadian Deluxe and World Deluxe Members

Oise, France, Birth, Marriage, and Death Records,

If you have French ancestry, you may be interested in these wide-ranging indexes, which contain names extracted from church and government birth, marriage, and death records for the Oise department. The indexes contain locations, dates, names of relatives and witnesses, and other information depending on the record type. You may also find records from a few other departments mingled into these indexes.

Lübeck, Germany, Civil Registration Records,

This collection of civil registration records for Lübeck includes birth records, marriage banns, and death records. You can view the original images for the birth and death records now; indexes will follow. This marriage banns, however, transcribed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors, so these indexes are currently available on the site.


US Yearbook Collection - Updated

Wonder what your grandparents were wearing when they were in high school? Or how your parents did their hair? Find out in our popular yearbook collection, with thousands of elementary school through university yearbooks from across the United States. We’ve added 2,000 more yearbooks this month. The new yearbooks span from the 1930s through to the 1970s and cover a wide variety of locations. To find out if a yearbook is available for one of your family members, click on the relevant state on the Search page, then the city. You’ll see a list of all the yearbooks available for that town.


“I am an even prouder Canadian after discovering my family helped found this country.”

I have always been a proud Canadian and a proud veteran of our armed forces, but my pride was enhanced when I learned that my 6th-great grandfather, Michel Penin, was one of the founding members of this country – a fact I discovered through my family history research!   
I have been researching my family tree for 25 years now. Before I began using ancestry.ca, my research involved touring city halls, archives and graveyards - all with limited success.  It wasn't until I began using ancestry.ca, and in particularly the Drouin Collection, that my research world opened wide! With ancestry.ca’s vast collection of historical records, I was able to find birth, marriage and death information on several of my ancestors, including Michel Penin. In fact, I was thrilled to discover that he was married in Montreal, in 1704, to my 6th-great-grandmother - Marie Meunier.

Thanks to ancestry.ca, I was able to get a better understanding of the life of my ancestor, one of Canada’s first settlers. I truly am proud of this discovery.

- Paul Lafontaine, LaSalle, ON.

New Site Features
Now Your Family Tree Has a New Look- And More Speed
We’ve done some work to improve how your tree looks - and performs. Now, when you visit your family tree you’ll see your pedigree chart first instead of the “overview” tab with your recent updates. You’ll find these updates - plus your photos, records, stories and more - organized under new, easy-to-recognize tabs. You’ll also have easier access to other common tree activities: sharing your tree with family, exporting your tree or changing your privacy settings. Plus, the cleaner look and improved navigation extend to the individual pages for each person on your tree.

One more update: we’ve done some behind-the-scenes work to make all your tree pages load faster.

Enhanced Image Page-See the Census in a Whole New Way
See census images and indexes on the same page and find your ancestors faster with our enhanced image page, coming soon. Also, if you don’t think the transcription is correct, you can add alternate information for names, years, and places. You can even discover who else saved this record (a long-lost cousin or someone with more information on the family?) and what they had to say about it.


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