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May 2010
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Just Launched on Ancestry.ca
NEW COLLECTION   |   Available to World Deluxe Members
Queensland, Australia, Passenger Lists, 1848–1912
More than 320,000 records of immigrants arriving in Queensland, Australia, are included in this new passenger list index at Ancestry.ca. You’ll find details including an immigrant’s name, age, ship, date of arrival, port of arrival, and departure.
NEW COLLECTION   |   Available to World Deluxe Members
U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules,
Have a farmer in the family? In the recently updated collection of U.S. Federal Census Non–Population Schedules, you’ll find details about plenty of farmers as well as businesses, the recently departed, and more. Non–population schedules were taken in conjunction with the 1850–1880 federal censuses, and each of these supplementary schedules went a step beyond the traditional, population census to provide key details about farming and industry, mortality, incarceration and institutionalization, slavery, veterans, and more.
NEW COLLECTION   |   Available to World Deluxe Members
U.S. World War II Fourth Registration Draft Cards, 1942
Ancestry.ca World War II draft registration cards now include two more states, Idaho and Oregon. Covering the fourth registration – the “old man’s” draft – the collection includes men born between 1877 and 1897. While these registrants weren’t called to active duty, their cards are still full of personal details including address, employer, physical description, and more. Note that the old man’s draft is the only WWII draft registration currently available to the public.
NEW COLLECTION   |   Available to World Deluxe Members
1880 United Stated Federal Census – UPDATED
You know what happened to the 1890 census (in case you didn’t know, it was a fire that destroyed more than 99 percent of it), but what if your family was absent from 1880, too? For people with family living in a handful of townships in Tioga County, New York, in 1880, that was exactly the case: their federal census records were missing. Discover how Ancestry.ca found those missing census records and where you can search them today.
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New Site Features
Narrowing Down the Place
Were your ancestors the kind who stayed put, lived in the same house on the same street for generations on end – or did they have a sense of wanderlust? Now your searches at Ancestry.ca can fit your ancestor’s mobile personality. Select Show advanced, then include the place in your search. Opt to either limit the location results to that place only, or go wider to include results from the entire county, state, or even country.
Just the Name You Want
New name–filter options mean you can now search for a name exactly as typed, opt to include names with similar meanings and spellings, or even add people who are listed by initials only. Still prefer to get the whole gamut of names for Great–Aunt Mattie? Choose the default setting. New refining options can be used on both given names and surnames; click Show advanced for options.
Turn Spring Cleaning into Spring Scanning
Snapshots, old instant photos, ruffle–edged sepia prints – too often these treasures are stuck in shoeboxes. Consider spring cleaning a perfect time to scan them all. And once they’re scanned, it won’t take long to post them to your tree at Ancestry.ca — just follow these steps to upload up to 500 scanned photos at a time.

Step 1: Open your family tree at Ancestry.ca. Have more than one tree? Open the one that you want to drop the photos into.

Step 2: Select “Media Gallery” to upload photos into a central location on your family tree – without attaching them to an individual. You can select the person to attach each to later.

Step 3: Choose Select files to select the images on your computer that you’d like to upload. If the folder containing the images you’d like to upload isn’t the one that appears, navigate to the correct one.

Step 4: Click on the files you’d like to upload (hold down the shift key to select large groups of photos) and click Open. Once your images are uploaded, you’ll be given the option to add details (including a person to attach each to) or choose Skip This Step.

Step 5: To attach a photo in your media gallery to a person in your family tree, return to “Media Gallery.” Click on the image you’d like to attach to someone in your family tree. Select Attach to another person to add it to a person in your family tree. Or choose from the other available tools to edit information and other details associated with the image.


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