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October 2010
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My Story – Calgary, AB
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Just Launched on Ancestry.ca
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Canadian Historical postcards – UPDATED
(La Carte Postale du Canada)
Postcards bring history to life and provide an invaluable glimpse into the Canada of yesteryear. With over 26,000 historical postcards in the database, you can go back in time with these illustrations and photos of Canadian landmarks from coast-to-coast. Search now and experience a moment in Canadian history as captured by these beautiful postcards. Canada postcard
Search other Historic Postcards: German and Austria, Italy, Sweden, UK and Ireland
NEW COLLECTION   |   Available to World Deluxe Members
UK, Licenses of Parole for Female Convicts,
1853–1871, 1883–1887
In 1850, Margaret Bannaghan was convicted of robbery in Scotland. Four years into her prison sentence, Margaret was paroled and granted a license to “be at large in the United Kingdom” through the end of her sentence. More than 4,400 female prisoners earned a similar fate in the late 1800s. Find one for your family member and you’ll also land on names, crimes, details – and sometimes a parole revocation.
NEW COLLECTION   |   Available to World Deluxe Members
Bavaria, Germany, WWI Personnel Rosters, 1914–1918
Bavaria had its own military even after Germany’s unification. In this collection of rosters, look for details including rank, birth date and place, religion, occupation, parent names and more. Don’t sprechen sie deutsch? You’ll find a simple translation key to help you through the records on the main page of the collection.
NEW COLLECTION   |   Available to World Deluxe Members
Armorial général de France
Thanks to Louis XIV and the edict requiring all citizens to register their armorial bearings, we have this wonderfully deep collection of over 115,000 family names and their French arms. This collection, now treasured in the Bibliothèque nationale de France, features nearly 130,000 coloured armorial bearings compiled between 1696 and 1709 and documents them not only for families but for cities, occupations and religious orders as well.
New Site Features
Exactly How Are We Related?
Not sure if Jim is your mother’s second cousin, your father’s third cousin, or your own first cousin a couple times removed? Find out quickly from Jim’s profile in your family tree. Just click “View relationship to me” and your tree will return your relationship as well as the trail of people who helped create that connection.

By clicking on "View relationship to me" you can visualize the relationship to your ancestor via a pop-up screen and see exactly how you are connected to that person. This will give you incredible visual insight into your family history relationships and allow you to map your discoveries in an incredible new way.
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My Story
Our Family Discovered Our Military Hero on Ancestry.ca
My family's military hero was Maurice Patrick Shea, who first served in the County Kerry militia and then joined the British Army in time to serve in the Battle of Waterloo. He was decorated in all the campaigns in which he fought. He immigrated to Canada and became known as the Last Survivor of the Battle of Waterloo because he was the last on the British pension rolls to have fought in that battle. He also fought in the Carlist Wars in Spain and later was a lieutenant for the British in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

My family and I had already done research on his military background and traced some of his descendants. Ancestry.ca really helped us add to that! From the Canadian Census records and the Drouin Collection, I was able to confirm the children who survived the voyage, as well as the ones born in Quebec, married, had children and died in Quebec. The Canadian Census records showed the occupation of Shea in Montreal and later his retirement to Sherbrooke.

Xenia Stanford
Calgary, AB



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