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Consumer DNA testing is becoming increasingly popular.

Almost 10 million people have already taken an AncestryDNA® test to learn more about their families’ origins.

Despite its rising popularity, a number of myths persist. Here are 5 myths about taking an AncestryDNA® test.

Myth 1: If your sibling took an AncestryDNA® test, you already know what your results will be

We get 50% of our DNA from each parent, so only identical twins have the exact same DNA.

So unless you’re an identical twin, your AncestryDNA® test results will likely be different to your sibling.

Take the results of sisters, Lisa and Franceen who share the same set of biological parents.

AncestryDNA® test results of two sisters

While Lisa had British ancestry show up in her DNA, her sister Franceen had no British ancestry appear.

So if Lisa hadn’t taken an AncestryDNA® test, she would be missing part of her family origin story.

Myth 2: Like all DNA tests, AncestryDNA® requires a blood sample

Luckily for those wary of needles, an AncestryDNA® test uses a simple saliva sample to test your DNA.

While you might feel a bit silly, prepping your sample is relatively quick, with some serious science behind it.

Myth 3: If you know your family history, an AncestryDNA® test definitely will not surprise you

Some people are very knowledgeable about their family’s past. They’ve got lots of stories and photos and may even have extensive family trees going back centuries.

But even family historians can be surprised.

Elaine places AncestryDNA® test in mail

Elaine did genealogy research for three decades.

She thought she knew everything there was to know about her family story, but she was still surprised by the possibility of having Asian ancestry.

Myth 4: Once you take an AncestryDNA® test, you don’t retain ownership of your DNA

Many people wonder if once you take an AncestryDNA® test, you no longer own your data.

AncestryDNA® does not claim ownership rights in the DNA that is submitted for testing. You own your DNA.

For more information, check out Ancestry’s privacy center.

Myth 5: An AncestryDNA® test will only uncover your ethnic mix

You may have heard stories about people who were surprised to learn where in the world their DNA actually came from. But that’s not all an AncestryDNA® test tells you.

It also shows you “DNA matches,” which are other AncestryDNA® test takers you might be related to.

Example of AncestryDNA® matches

An AncestryDNA® test shows you other test takers who may be related to you.

You could discover that you’re related to your coworker, like Nicka and Crista.

Two coworkers found out the are related through AncestryDNA

Or you might, find a long lost Irish cousin.