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  1. Maximilian Nippert

    Record information.
    Birth9 Oct 1921 Breslau
    Death30 Dec 1986 Velbert, Mettmann, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    Record information.
    FatherAlbrecht Schreyer (Born 1901)
    SpouseMagareta Schurich (1922-2005)
    8 People0 Records0 Sources
  2. Maximilian Waldemar Nippert found in

    Record information.
    Birthx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxKujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
    Residencex xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxKujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
    Deathxxx xxxxPoland
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx (1875-xxxx)
    Record information.
    Motherxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx (1874-xxxx)
    5307 People1 Record3 Sources
  3. Ernst Maximilian Karl Nippert found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx1871 Germany
    DeathxxxxxBerlin, Germany
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxx xxxxxxx (1837-xxxx)
    Motherxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx (1841-xxxx)
    SpouseHelene Hulda Liebold
    596 People2 Records2 Sources
  4. Max Heinrich Nippert found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxKujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
    Residencexxx xxxx xxxxxOldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx (1878-xxxx)
    Record information.
    Motherxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx (1880-xxxx)
    5307 People0 Records3 Sources
  5. Max Rudolf Nippert found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxDolnoslaskie, Poland
    Deathxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxAstrakhan', Russia
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxxx xxxxxxx (1872-xxxx)
    Motherxxxxxx xxxxxxx (1872-xxxx)
    SpouseErika Gertrud Elisabeth Ungelenk (1912-xxxx)
    5421 People0 Records0 Sources
  6. Max Otto Herbert Nippert found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx1896 Slaskie, Poland
    Marriagexx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxDolnoslaskie, Poland
    Record information.
    Fatherxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx (1862-xxxx)
    Motherxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx (1873-xxxx)
    SpouseErna Klara Rauer (Born 1909)
    9559 People1 Record2 Sources
  7. Max Paul Richard Nippert

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxNordsachsen, Saxony, Germany
    Marriagexx xxx xxxx
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx (Born 1858)
    Motherxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx (1859-xxxx)
    SpouseRosa Gertrud Girnth (Born 1890)
    9559 People1 Record1 Source
  8. Max Reinhold Alfred Nippert

    Record information.
    Record information.
    SpouseJuliane Anna Nowack Nowak (Born 1880)
    9923 People0 Records0 Sources
  9. Max Nippert

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxAlb-Donau-Kreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxx xxxxxxx (1840-xxxx)
    Record information.
    Motherxxxxx xxxxx
    9559 People0 Records0 Sources
  10. Max Wilhelm Hugo Nippert found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxVärmland, Sweden
    Marriagexx xxx xxxx xxxxOberbergischer Kreis, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    Deathx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx (1812-xxxx)
    Motherxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx (1824-xxxx)
    SpouseSophie Agnes Emma Appelt (1873-xxxx)
    858 People1 Record2 Sources
  11. Maximilian Neubert

    Record information.
    ResidencexxxxNebraska, USA
    Record information.
    SpouseDorothy Schultz
    4 People0 Records0 Sources
  12. Maximilian Nabrdalik

    Record information.
    Birthx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxHavelland, Brandenburg, Germany
    Deathxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxHavelland, Brandenburg, Germany
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxx xxxxxxxxx (1893-xxxx)
    Motherxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx (1902-xxxx)
    SpouseHanna-Lore Schulz (1926-xxxx)
    764 People0 Records0 Sources
  13. Maximilian Nebert

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxKujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
    Deathxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxBerlin, Berlin, Germany
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx (1830-xxxx)
    Record information.
    Motherxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx (Born 1853)
    2020 People2 Records2 Sources
  14. Maximilian Jules von Nieberding found in

    Record information.
    Deathxx xxx xxxxBelgium
    Record information.
    SpouseMartha Ann Printz (1893-xxxx)
    260376 People1 Record2 Sources
  15. Maximilian NAPIERATA/NAPIERALA found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx1879 Wisconsin, USA
    ResidencexxxxWisconsin, USA
    Deathx xxx xxxxWisconsin, USA
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (1822-xxxx)
    Record information.
    Motherxxxxxxxx xxxxx (1840-xxxx)
    81519 People3 Records3 Sources
  16. Maximilian Knebort

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxPardubicky, Czech Republic
    No publicly available family members
    3 People0 Records0 Sources
  17. Clay Matthew Nippert

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx1993 Ohio, USA
    Residencexxxx xxxxxxxMontgomery, Ohio, USA
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx (Born 1971)
    Record information.
    Motherxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Born 1969)
    6399 People2 Records2 Sources
  18. Anthony Michael Hughes-Nippert found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxClark, Ohio, USA
    Deathxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxMontgomery, Ohio, USA
    No publicly available family members
    9650 People2 Records3 Sources
  19. Morgan Nicole Nippert-Hughes

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx1980 Ohio, USA
    Residencexxxx xxxxxxxxxxLancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx (Born 1958)
    Motherxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Born 1959)
    SpouseBrandon Alexander Hughes
    6399 People2 Records2 Sources
  20. Renni Marie Nippert found in

    Record information.
    Birthxx xxx1977 Ohio, USA
    Marriagexx xxx xxxx
    Residencexxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxBelmont, Ohio, USA
    Record information.
    Fatherxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx (Born 1956)
    Motherxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Born 1957)
    SpouseDaniel Edward Boltz (Born 1974)
    6399 People4 Records4 Sources

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