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The core collections in this category are rich in detail and if you are fortunate enough to locate an ancestor in them, can not only lead to more records, they can give you a look at your ancestor’s financial picture. Other family members’ names are often included, as well as their location and whether or not they were alive at the time. Emigrant Savings Bank records also often included immigration information such as the year of arrival, ship name, and arrival port.

In the records of the U.S. Freedman's Bank, names of spouses, children, parents, siblings, and even aunts and uncles can be found on the signature registers. Other information may include physical description, place of birth, residences, occupation, employer, and some earlier records will even include the names of former slave owners.

Bank and insurance records can be particularly helpful because they frequently contain personal details used to identify the person in question—details that presumably only that person or family members would know.

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Search Tips

  • If you locate an ancestor in the Emigrant Savings Bank collection, search by his or her account number alone to bring up all references to the account.
  • Because these records sometimes include the names of other family members, it is helpful to be familiar with the entire family structure. This will help you to identify your ancestor in the records.
  • Some bank records can contain a wealth of information, including the names of family members, location of a previous home, a date of arrival in the country, occupation, residence, and even a place of birth.
  • If a bank record provides an immigration date or former country of residence, use the information to search in Immigration Records.
  • If you don’t find a record for your ancestor, try searching for a record for another family member such as one of their siblings.