Royalty, Nobility, & Heraldry

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While many people have royal lines, it can be challenging to prove it because for most of us it means going back quite a ways in time, through periods where the records can be a bit sparse. For those fortunate enough to tie into a royal or noble lineage, there are many publications like those included in this collection that can help. Most of the collections in this category are published books and can be browsed. Be sure to read introductory materials to get the most from them.

If your ancestor had noble or royal lineage, you may find a published genealogy within this category, as well as heraldry and coats of arms.

Some publications include images of armorial bearings as well as descriptions and family history information.

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Search Tips

  • When searching non-English collections, remember to translate the names and use surname spellings that your ancestors might have used in their native country.
  • If you’re looking for the meaning of an image in a family crest, look for books on arms and armoury, which may contain images of family crests or explain the meaning of a particular element. Use the keyword field to search for a particular word such as an eagle, feather, or wreath.
  • Even if you have a family tale of royalty, it’s best to start with the present and work your way back through time documenting each generation as you progress. That way you will have a solid connection to any royal forebears you find.