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Source Information U.S., Korean War Casualties, 1950-1957 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2005.
Original data:

Korean Conflict Casualty File, 1/1/1950-2/7/1957; NAID: 1127772; Records of Military Personnel Who Died as a Result of Hostilities During the Korean War, ca. 1977-11/1979; Records of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Record Group 330; National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD.

Korean War Casualty File, 2/13/1950-12/31/1953 [Archival Database]; Records on Korean War Dead and Wounded Army Casualties, 1950-1970; AAD: TAGOKOR AAD; Records of the Adjutant General's Office, Record Group 407; National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD.

About U.S., Korean War Casualties, 1950-1957

This database is an amalgamation of two databases--one that was created by the Department of Defense and one by the Adjutant General's Office. The database that was created by the Department of Defense is a compilation of information related to U.S. military personnel who died as a result of combat during the Korean War. The database compiled by the Adjutant General's Office contains information on U.S. Army personnel who were casualties in the Korean War. About a quarter of these records are for officers and soldiers that died, while the other three-quarters are of personnel who were non-fatal casualties. Information contained in the overall collection includes:

  • Name
  • Military Service Branch
  • Place of Casualty
  • Casualty Group
  • File Reference Number
  • Processing date
  • Service Number
  • Military Grade or Rank
  • Pay Grade
  • Date of casualty or declared dead
  • Service Component
  • Home City or County
  • Home State
  • Birth Date (for deceased casualties only)
  • Cause of Casualty
  • Type of Casualty
  • Detail of Casualty
  • Aircraft Involvement (Air/Non-Air Casualty)
  • Place of Disposition
  • Date of Disposition
  • Military Occupational Specialty
  • Troop Program Sequence Number
  • Unit Number
  • Race (American Indian, Caucasian, Malayan, Mongolian, Negro, Unknown or Not Reported)
  • Sex
  • Citizenship (U.S. Citizen or Alien)
  • Last Record (all are "yes" for deceased individuals)
  • Disposition of Evacuations (Deaths, Returned to Duty, Separated (other than disability), Separated for Disability, Still in Hospital)
  • Source (indicates whether the record is from the Department of Defense (Korean Conflict Casualty File) or the Adjutant General's Office (Korean War Casualty File)

Note: not all of this information will be provided for each record. Information given will vary according to source, availability of info, and whether applicable.