Source Information War of 1812 Papers, 1789-1815 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2007.
Original data: ‘War of 1812 Papers’ of the Department of State, 1789-1815; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M588, 7 rolls); General Records of the Department of State, Record Group 59; National Archives, Washington. D.C.

About War of 1812 Papers, 1789-1815

This database contains the following papers related to the War of 1812:

  • Letters Received Concerning Letters of Marque, 1812-1814

  • Letters Received Regarding Enemy Aliens, 1812-1814

  • U.S. Marshal’s Returns of Enemy Aliens and Prisoners of War, 1812-1815

  • Requests for Permission to Sail from the United States, 1812-1814

  • Passenger Lists of Outgoing Vessels, 1812-1814

  • Correspondence Regarding Passports, 1812-1814

  • Agreements for the Exchange of Prisoners of War, 1812-1813

  • Misc. Letters Received Concerning the Release of Prisoners, 1812-1815

  • Reports of William Lambert, Secret Agent, 1813

  • Misc. Intercepted Correspondence, 1789-1814

Only the ‘U.S. Marshal’s Returns of Enemy Aliens and Prisoners of War’ records have been indexed. Indexed fields from these records include:

  • Name of prisoner or alien

  • Age of prisoner or alien

Additional information about these individuals is available on the actual records and can be obtained by viewing the corresponding record images.

All of the other papers listed above are only searchable by browsing the images.